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    Assignment of a value to a entry in a big dataset

    Hi everyone! I have a sheet with thousand of records and I have to run a specific function on one of the columns. The latter contains a large number of duplicates. I set up a new function with VB, but I cannot run it on all the data due to the required computational effort. Therefore I thought...
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    How do I assign a value to an option in a drop down list?

    Hello I am trying to make a "Customize your new computer" spread sheet. I want the user to be able to select hardware upgrades from a drop down list which will automatically be added or subtracted from the total price of the computer at the bottom. I understand how to make the drop down list but...
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    How can I populate a public array with static text values.

    I understand how to create an array within a routine: CurOptions = Array("M1", "M3", "M3 DSR", "L1", "L2", "CSA") But I need the array to be public as the array can hold one of 6 different sets of values so I will declare the array to be only used within the module as: Dim CurOptions(30)...
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    Public variable question

    Hi all, I have several macros in a personal folder that all need to reference the same variables located in a single file. So I declared these variables as public. But I don't know the syntax for assigning a cell value to these. Something like: Public Price as Double. And then: Price =...
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    Assigning a value from hidden cell

    I am attempting to run the following line of code: ActiveSheet.Range("AI18").Value = ActiveSheet.Range("A2").TextThe only catch is that both "AI18" and "A2" are hidden cells. When I run this code the values don't translate unless the reference cells are not hidden. Is there a workaround to...
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    YES/NO with values assigned

    Sorry that my first post should be so obvious, but I've tried searching the forum and can't find exactly what I'm looking for. Here goes: I'm working in Excel 2007 and have a cell with a defined name, that I use elsewhere in a formula. All I want to be able to do is to have a YES/NO drop down...
  7. L

    Assign a value to the second highest

    I have the following data going across columns: 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 I want to use a function or statement that will pick out the second highest value (15) and assign a value of one in a cell. I need to do this for several rows. I used an If/And statement to pick out the highest and...
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    Shorter VBA version to do the same thing?

    HI, I have the code I'm using now which works but was wondering if someone can help me condense it to do the same thing: THANKS! Sub Modify_Instr_Tab() Dim ws As Worksheet 'Assigns a due date to cell D10 Worksheets("Instructions").Range("D10").Select ActiveCell.Formula = "5/28/2010"...
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    assigning value to a cell from a cell on another sheet

    Hello, I am in sheet5.cells(737,1) and i need to have in that cell the value of sheet1.cells(3,2). I would like to use a formula, not a macro. Any suggestions? Thanks

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