1. J

    Getting an exact match in a search

    Hello, new to VBA, so forgive my ignorance. I created a spreadsheet which I am adding data and assigning a number to the data. I have a search setup to make sure the number I am assigning is not already used. It works great except it cannot differentiate between say 75 and 175 or 1075, which...
  2. V

    Lookup between a group of text values and assigning numbers to it

    Hello, So I have a group of text values for Sizes like twins, Small, Medium, Large etc. in a sheet and I'm assigning values to those sizes. I'm using the formula as below and it always gives me error. Please help. Here is the formula I'm trying to use, =LOOKUP('Prepaid Customer'!Y2,{"Twins"...
  3. T

    Assigning a Macro to a Control

    I am working with Form buttons and assigning macros to the buttons. When I first create a button, I can easily assign a macro by selecting Assign Macro from the shortcut menu. If I want to change the macro assigned to a button, or assign it after I have renamed the button, I cannot for the life...
  4. B

    How to get randomly assigned groups into equal amounts?

    Hi everyone, I am using =CHOOSE(RANDBETWEEN(1,2),"A","B") to randomly assign data into two groups A & B. But when I do for 120 contacts does not group them into two equal groups of 60, which is what I want. Instead, it will have one group with 68 and the other with 52. Does anyone know a...
  5. C

    Difference between assigning an array to another, and not assigning

    Hi, New to VBA. I'm trying to understand the difference between assigning an array to another and not - the difference syntax and advantages/disadvantages etc I have two lots of code, as seen below. The first seems to work correctly, and does not rely on assigning parameters to an array...
  6. E

    Create label dynamically

    I need assign the Click event of a label that was created programmatically. My code is working, but still can not assign the Click event dynamically: Public Sub Create_Label() Dim ctl As Control Dim pic2 As String pic2 = "C:\Documents\Pictures\Convert 24 bits.bmp" Set ctl =...
  7. L

    Probelm with macros assigned to a custom toolbar

    I am having a probelm with macros assigned to a custom toolbar. I am using excel 2003. 1. I have created several macros in a workbook named "PLAN" 2. I then created a custom toolbar. 3. Through the customize dialog box, I assign the Macros to the custom tool bar button. Everything work fine...
  8. R

    Assigning an "N" to blank cells within a table

    Hi all please may you help me with a formula to assign an "N" where a cell is blank eg. Column A = Grades A1 = B A2 = c A3 = d A4 = A5 = f A6 = G I would like A4 to return an N I know its an IF but I have been playing around with no joy! many thanks Rameses

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