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    Help calculating planetary postions

    I am searching help to make an excel table that will calculate planetary positions with hourly precision. I need something similar to the printscreen bellow. Input for: start date, number of days, planets, geo or helio. The result first big column: first planet (Sun), second column (Moon), third...
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    Could you direct me toward some class modules (VBA or VB) to calculate the moon ( and planets ) rise set altitude azimuth for locations ( Lat, Lng, Elevation ). Most I can find are about 1998 models using UDF 's on worksheets. Need to graphically present these for high school students.
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    VBA code for Moonrise/Moonset calculation

    Hi, I have been searching around various astronomical websites as well as here without much luck. I'm looking to see if any one has written VBA code to perform moonrise and moonset calculations in excel given the latitude, longitude, and current date for a given location. I have found one that...

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