1. R

    How can I post attachments here?

    Hi, It seems like theres no button where I can click on to attach a file. Can anyone tell me how can I do that?
  2. G

    array formula

    I have used array formulas successfully but only when the result is a single value. It was my impression that excel could list out the results when there are multiple resuls. I don't see where I can attach an excel file. =IFERROR(INDEX('All GK Data'!I:I, MATCH(0,COUNTIF($M$19:M19, 'All GK...
  3. S

    Help with conditions in formula

    Hi, i'm looking to find the sum of two columns (that are not next to each other) based on the conditions of a third column. I am trying to do a final report of finances based on cost centres (in the third column), and the amounts are in two columns, cash and bank. I'm not sure how to attach...
  4. H

    How to attach file on newpost

    Hi everyone! I'm new mem :) How to attach file on the new topic Thanks you so much!
  5. A

    How to attach an email on EXCEL?

    I was wondering how to attach an email to an Excel program?
  6. S

    .HTMLBody VBA code to attach a picture (PNG)

    Hi, I’m trying to attach a picture/PNG file to An email via VBAcode using .HTMLBody but want to set the location of picture not within theHTML statement: Currently: .HTMLBODY = "<HTML>******><imgalign=baseline border=0 hspace=0 src='C:\Users\ documents\Reporting\MacroTest\New...
  7. T

    Hide Row if "H" found

    Hi. I would like to create a toggle button that hides all rows if the letter "H" in found in the "A" column. Any help with a formula that I can attach to a text box button would be great. Thanks Stephen
  8. 1

    Attachments - how do i change my permissions to allow me to attach a document please?

    Sorry i am very new, thank you for your time.
  9. M


    I have a user form with twelve command buttons on 8, 12, 14, 16 etc up to 30. Now I have 12 workbooks I wish to attach to each Command Button. Try as I might I cannot attach the workbook to the command button. If I can get one to connect when pressed then I can just copy the code for all the...
  10. Y

    Problems using Outlook from Excel via macro

    I have two macros, that are very similar, using VBA to create an invoice and attach it to an email. One works, one does not and I cannot see what I've done wrong. The macro that works steps through a table of customer data, writing and invoice, creating a pdf and emailing it one by one until it...
  11. S

    if statement not working

    I have some problem in my excel formula. how can i upload excel file in my thread. please help. where is attach file option
  12. B

    Attach File For Query

    i am having some doubt so i cant explain , so i want to attach file so anyone can please help me out
  13. P


    Hi gang, New I have to post a certain number of times before I'm allowed to attach something? If not, how do I attach file to a post? Thanks, PC
  14. S

    Simulation Test

    Dear All, Need your urgent support in solving this simulation test. Cannot figure out the formula construction. Can someone please tell me how to attach the file as well.
  15. C

    Unable to attach multiple embedded PDF from excel into Outlook

    Hi, I am unable to attach multiple embedded PDF from excel into Outlook. To attach single embedded PDF is working fine if the PDF size is no more than 20 KB. For the multiple embedded PDF, my end result will be taking the last embedded PDF. My questions has 2: How to reduce the PDF size...
  16. K

    Populate a cell with a description when a code is entered in another cell

    Hi. I have engineers that complete mechanical checks. To standardise the terminology I want them to enter a 2 letter code which in turn displays a description in another cell. The codes and descriptions are on another sheet. I can’t attach the file but here are a couple of pics that are colour...
  17. A

    How to attach PDF file in excel thru VBA code

    Hi all, Just wondering how you can attach PDF file in email and send to the desire person via VBA ? I want to automate the remittance advice process. Much appreciated if anyone can help me with the issue. AZ
  18. N

    Categorize items by matching keywords in descriptions and names using VBA

    Dear all Excel masters, I just started learning VBA so this project seems out of my league. I was able to use formulas to get the result I want; however, I was wonder if I can get some directions or pointers to use VBA instead of formulas so that Excel doesn't take too long to calculate. I...
  19. D

    Macro Error

    I have been working on a spreadsheet for a while and I am getting an error on one of my macros. "Can't do that to a merged cell". I do not have any merged cells. Is there any way for me to attach a file so someone can help me figure this out? I'm sure it is something simple, but I am pulling...
  20. L

    attach a screen capture picture

    How do I attach a screen capture image of a worksheet? it might help in explaining problems encountered. many thanks
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