auto date

  1. F

    Store Date in Cell When Another Cell Changed

    Boy am I glad I found this forum. I'm hoping some of you can help a novice out... I have a file that tracks supplies and therefore has a sheet for each of our office locations (a total of 30 or so tabs/sheets). Every Monday the Admin for each office needs to review their sheet and adjust the...
  2. bobby786

    EXCEL SHEET auto enter Dates

    Hi All , I am came to this forum after a long time , this is the great platform and with awesome people , where stranger of no where will help each other. I am father of 3 , and my JOB requires me to data entry on daily basis. Let me explain the situation . I have a daily work sheet on excel...
  3. B

    Time stamps below the cell with entered text

    For now i have 2 spots that have a time stamp when text is entered/changed C19 changes text C20 is date stamp, same with C30 and C31 getting date stamp. C19 pulls its cell value from another place and updates (to the same value) every time the document is opened so i don't want that to change...
  4. V

    enter date in cell

    Sub date_for_month() Dim startdate as date Dim enddate as date Startdate =#01 Feb 2017 # Enddate =#01 Mar 3017# Do while startdate < enddate Activecell = startdate Startdate = startdate + 1 Activecell.offset(0,1), range ("A1").select Loop End sub Still need some fine tunes 1. Date enter...
  5. S

    Excel 07 - Barcode Scanning with auto entry of current date and a constant number - Please Help

    Hi - I am looking to create a record log in Excel 07 by scanning in various barcodes with one of the scans triggering an auto entry of current date in column A and a constant data in column F. Seven columns total with indefinite amount of rows. My current setup: I can scan six columns with...
  6. M

    Number being converted into a date by Excel

    Hello, I have a product number 11-3560 that, when exported into a .csv file from a website, gets automatically converted into a date. When I change the format back to Number, it changes the value to 606609.00 (the numerical date equivalent of the incorrectly used date). Does anyone know how...
  7. M

    Complex (to me) sorting / ranking problem

    Hello - I suffer from ADHD and even with medication, I have a hard time thinking through complex problems like this. I'm hoping this is easier for someone than it has been for me. Thank you in advance for your assistance! I would like to sort a list of items automatically and...
  8. B

    auto date into a cell

    Is there away for lets say. If A2 contains data then TODAYS date is entered into P4. Thanks as always....
  9. J

    Automatic Date and Time

    I want the date and time to automatically populate when I enter something into cell C5 I want the Date to auto update in C6 and the time to auto update in C7 as soon as i enter something into C5 Is there a formula for this?
  10. D

    VB code update a cell with date when data changed

    Hi I am looking for code to update the date cell for each entry if any data is changed within the spreadsheet eg I have a sheet with details of work on it. Each row is a new item of work with an 'Updated' entry at the end of each row. I need the date for each individual workstream to...
  11. D

    Inconsistency concerning Excels auto format function

    Hi guys, I work with Excel to process and correct data files and I have developed a macro to reduce the work load in this area. I have found that using macros don't always replicate the actions performed using the manual controls in Excel. Doing a 'find and replace' on "-" to "/" on a cell...
  12. D

    Need Help Adding Auto Changing Year.

    I have a over 150 reports that I create weekly and would like the year to change automatically in the cell where I have my copyright info. Don't want to chenge them all by hand each year. :) Should read: Copyright © 2009 Thanks!

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