auto filter

  1. Y

    Applying auto filter to A8 on existing code(Wild card unable to use in autofilter array answered by RickXL)

    Hi Experts, I found below code in forums while I was looking for way to use wild card to filter. Currently, it works fine but I want to switch the filtered row to A8 instead of A1. With my lack of knowledge, I thought I could change .Columns("A:A") to .Columns("A8:A"). But I get debug.. is...
  2. B

    Filter by Cell Color

    Trying to auto filter sheet2 by color for cells with no fill then change the color of the filtered cells with no fill to green range for sheet 2 column A is variable so it needs to incorporate an xlDown/up so that if the range changes it'll still select all the values.
  3. C

    Clear contents in table based on certain words in last column

    Hello all! I am extremely new to VBA, so my question may be dumb or simple, but I haven't been able to find the answer anywhere... I am trying to make a sales tracker with a table range from A2:G103 including headers. Column G in that table will include a dropdown to select options such as offer...
  4. N

    Filter a Pivot like AutoFiltering non-pivot data via VBA

    I have tricked a pivot-table to search in value fields and item-fields like a manual auto-filter. I did this by applying a manual Autofilter on the Pivot Table by using this solution. Now I can filter all columns like a regular AutoFilter which simply hides the rows during a filter instead of...
  5. J

    Copy and paste from a sheet to different sheet with matching sheet name

    I have a Excel file with Header from A1 to H1 in sheet "RAW DATA" In the Column E of RAW DATA sheet I need to filter the data and paste into different sheet. There are 25 type of data in column E and I have 25 sheets with that matching Text as sheet name Presently I am copying data from Raw Data...
  6. E

    Autofilter, copy & paste vba not working

    Hi can someone have a look at the below and help with why it's not working? Warning it's messy! Sub Searchproper() ' ' copyandpaste Macro ' ' Sheets("HR Advice & Admin").Select FilterString = Sheets("Offer Received").Range("G5").Value ActiveSheet.Range("$A$1:$AS$286").AutoFilter...
  7. B

    Imitating Auto Filter

    I have a table of data that I need to then auto filter to return a subtotal across 11 columns and the works fine, however what I would really love is a front page to this data that automatically displays set criteria I would normally select to auto filter by. For example when I auto filter to a...
  8. K

    Defined Names contain autofilter ranges?

    I want to loop through all of the defined names pertaining to my sheet. That's the easy part, the issue i am encountering is that the workbook's many auto filter ranges must be stored as a defined name, which is not want i want. None of those filters were named intentionally. And the code i'm...
  9. C

    How to have one Pivot data update based on cell in another pivot table?

    Greetings all... I'm in a pickle jar... Let's say I am looking at 4 different store locations. In those locations I have several lines of products that we sell. I have 5 pivot charts setup all associated to the same data sheet. I am using a slicer to auto filter all the pivots depending on...
  10. S

    AutoFilter isn't working it goes to another row

    Thank you in advance! I have two issues with Autofilter 1. Autofilter is going to the first row instead of row 8 2. Is not filtering out blanks and/ or cells with formula that results in a "-" o dash Code: Sub hideemptyrows2() Worksheets("Indirect Cost Forecast").Activate Sheets("Indirect...
  11. P

    Auto Filter Causing Blank Hidden Pages to Print out

    In Excel 2013 -- I have created a worksheet that uses the auto filter function to hide rows (which are full pages when printed) of line items I don’t want to include in the final printout. In order to get the format to look good when printed, I have to use manual page breaks throughout the...
  12. B

    Auto Filtering Issues with VBA

    Essentially I am trying to filter Column Z by the months shown in cells B2:B4 upon the click of a button. So let's say that I have May through July showing in Cells B2:B4, once I click a button I want to Auto Filter Column Z to show only the rows that have dates between May and July. I know I...
  13. A

    Excel VBA - Filter, Copy and Paste to New Sheet

    Greetings, I am new to VBA and have the following query. I have a sheet with data in range A1:CL94. Row 1, 2 and 3 are headers. Row 4 is the filter header. A:A are the data to be filtered. Below table shows what it looks like. I need a macro that would Copy all 4 headers, filter the data by...
  14. R

    filtering names into a summary sheet

    Hi guys, I have the attached billing template. Now, I need to make a summary sheet for it. This summary sheet would have a name filter. For example, if I filter "Joe's" name, it would show data for Joe from all other worksheets. Can you please help me with this? By the way, I can't post the...
  15. P

    Filtering text strings containing multiple asterisks

    I am filtering a list of 400 text strings ( I have posted a subset below), some of which have anywhere from 1 to 4 asterisks. I know how to use the ~ to filter (both advanced filter and auto filter) for ANY number of asterisks: *~*. I also know how to use the ~ to advanced filter for more than...
  16. J

    Auto-Filter or Loop?

    I have been working on this macro for a little and got stuck, wondering if anybody has any suggestions. Ill post the code and the output below for reference. Excel Output & Code - Album on Imgur Everything under the last row with a category name in all caps ("CONTINGENCY" in this case) needs...
  17. G

    Able to uncheck item in column B's filter based on value found in column C with Excel VBA?

    I'm using Excel 2013 and I have a spreadsheet where the Filter setting is on. I am working on code that will uncheck an item in column B's filter if a certain value like, "Cat", is in column C. In the case below, it should just leave the Tree and Bark rows. <tbody> Fruit Filter Animal...
  18. 9

    Adding with Autofilters for YTD numbers from different worksheet

    I have two worksheets. One called Job Log with all the data and the summary report called YTD Summary. The Job Lob sheet has the following columns that need to be auto filtered: Business Division (column 2), Job Status (column 3), Units (column 9), Canada/US (column 17), Dollars (column 18)...
  19. R

    VBA Auto Filter on Server Connection

    Hi All I have created a VBA for filtering a table of values (see below) which works great, the reference used to filter the table is coming from another tab on the sheet. When i try and apply the same type of VBA filter on data table on another tab which is a connection to a SQL server it fails...
  20. P

    Autofilter for not equal to

    Hello All, I have a range of data in sheet 1 that I want to filter by column one. Column one contains cells like "BCX" and "DUV". I want to filter out rows that in column 1, start with the letters: B, X, N, C, V, M, L, H, and D. I then want to copy the remaining values to a new sheet. I have...

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