1. P

    Format Cells

    Hello. I have cells that contain dates in the following formats: "9/13-" "9/13-9/14" "-9/14" What I am trying to determine is if I can force the "hyphen" into the cell. So if I type: "9/13" The format will auto-update to: "9/13-" I formulas that are based on that "-" being there. How can...
  2. M

    Auto-update the cell when another cell(Drop Down list) is changed

    Hi, How this vlookup formula result will auto update with the changes? Below coding explanation - I want to update Cell G4 when selection is done from drop down list in F4 and data from A2:B6. Sub vlookup() Range("G4") = Application.WorksheetFunction.vlookup(Range("F4"), Range("A2:B6"), 2...
  3. P

    Auto-update row numbers

    I have a two columns spreadsheet listing 1000+ items subjected to multiple revisions. The first column (A) contains ID showing the numbering and the second column (B) contains the item description. In the case when a certain item is to be removed, instead of deleting the entire row, I would...
  4. O

    Macro link to Excel in Powerpoint

    Hi there, I am looking to have a powerpoint presentation duplicate information on an excel spreadsheet. I basically have a 12 team fantasy football draft and I want a powerpoint presentation to cycle through 12 slides (1 per team) and automatically update as I update the teams on my excel...
  5. J

    Formula to auto-update a due date of a recurring bill

    Excel 2007 Windows 7 I'm making a budget in Excel (and also making use of macros) One section allows the user to enter "non-weekly" bills - bills/expenses that occur regularly but NOT on a weekly basis, for example, electricity bill which is billed (in Western Australia) every 3 months. Upon...
  6. W

    Date Issue

    Hi, and thank you for reading. Billing frequency (B1) is either quarterly (4), semi-annual(2), or yearly(1) from drop-down list. I have a cell (A1) for the date when my contract begins and C1 would be the first bill date, in another cell (D1) I would like to display the next bill due for each...
  7. R

    Smart Text for Power point?

    Hi, I was wondering whether there is a smart text option in powerpoint (or named something else) where you can link a heading in one slide to auto-update to text in another slide, liek in excel when you can set a cell to =a1 etc. Thanks
  8. V

    Vba - auto update date

    Hi all, This is my first time posting on here on this forum. I am completely new to VBA and Macros but have done a bit of reading on forums across the web but am still struggling with figuring out all the VBA verbiage. I am looking to write a code that will auto update the cell in column A...
  9. H

    Auto-updating Macro that can pull data from several files in a folder

    Hi, I am trying to make a Macro for excel 2003 that pulls data from different files in a folder, and it runs/updates whenever the file is opened so that if the files that it is referencing are updated, the values it has pulled are also updated. The macro would auto populate a column by taking...
  10. B

    Auto-update external images

    Hi, I am producing tables and images outside Excel 2003 and want to auto-update them in a Excel file. The file names stay the same but the images themselves change (they're graphs created by an external software). I found instructions on auto-updating external tables but I cannot find any...

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