1. S

    Extract AutoCAD SHX Text in PDF to excel

    Is there a way to extract revision number as in the attached, (which is in AutoCAD SHX Text) to excel. Exactly what I need is doc no and revision number. I am getting all file names through VBA, but dont know how to extract this AutoCAD SHX text to excel. I have nearly 100 docs to do like...
  2. D

    Changing colors

    I am running Excel 2016 with the latest updates, as is everyone else in my office. I created a spreadsheet for another engineer that will automatically calculate payment penalties for asphalt that does not meet the contract specifications per Michigan DOT standards. All of the macros and...
  3. M

    Macro button for copying and saving column data as .scr file

    I have created excel workbook to support my work with autocad. This workbook creates certain count of ready to use command lines for autocad script file. I would like to add button which copies these command lines and saves them to .scr file to current users desktop. The area for the commands to...
  4. F

    Excel VBA to open AutoCad LT

    Hi hope someone can help I am trying to open AutoCad LT from excel but not having much luck. anyone kind enough to give me a hand? thanks
  5. C

    I need a VBA code to extract block attributes from AutoCAD.

    Hello again guys, I need a VBA code that will extract the Block Attributes from a specified AutoCAD file or multiple AutoCAD files at once. Is this even possible? I have tried googling a few codes but none seem to work correctly and with my basic VBA knowledge I cant possiblly figure this one...
  6. W

    DWG in EXCEL

    Our company uses excel to do calculations of dimensions for our AutoCAD drawings. I would like to insert a template drawing from AutoCAD into excel and be able to have the calculated cells from another sheet to appear on the drawing. My hope is to be able to enter the information once into excel...
  7. T

    Improve VBA Macro

    I have written 2 macros in VBA which prompt the user to select a value from a "combo box", and based on that value, it generates some Autocad drawings. It works OK, but it's not ideal because: 1. The Combobox list values are taken from an Excel file, and the For... loop populates the list...
  8. H

    extract AutoCAD dimensions into Excel Table

    Hi everyone, I have a question but I don't know if it is possible. If I have an AutoCAD drawing with its dimensions can I write a code in excel to copy the dimensions from AutoCAD into excel? If it is possible can you please give an idea or some resources where I can search
  9. S

    print any file using vba and excel

    I have a program that looks for 3 different types of file. A spreadsheet, a word document, and a .dwg file for autocad all with the same die number. I need to have the program auto print them. I have a couple loops that find the correct paths etc. for them, but the problem is printing them...
  10. M

    Object won't convert to an image

    Hello, I insert an AutoCad object like I always do and it simply won't let me convert it to an image and resizee and/or rotate the image. There is another computer with Office 2007 (the 1 prior to 2010) and it works perfectly. Your help is appreciate. Thank you, Mr. Alexander
  11. B

    excel/autocad link

    does anyone know how to set up a link between an excel spreadsheet and an autocad civil 3d file? civil 3d is .net capable, and somewhat with VBA. If a link is not possible, is there a way to get the data off the civil 3d file with a VBA or .net?
  12. j.collyer

    .CopyFromRecordset With Excel as Object in Other app's VBA

    So it appears that .CopyFromRecordset works very well from within Excel's VBA. I am calling a recordset against a .mdb file and get a return of 739 records. If .CopyFromRecordset is used in Excel's VBA, Bam! there is all my data I expected from the recordset. I am trying to create a class...

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