autofilter hiding

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    Check AutoFilter

    Hi, I'm setup AutoFilter as below: ws_22.Range("F72:H72").Select Selection.AutoFilter How can I check, if the AutoFilter is currently setup? If it's setup I can miss above code.
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    Filtering out specific rows

    Excel 2007 running Winxp I have a huge spread sheet and need to filter out times. Example below: what i am trying to do is filter out all times except between xx:55 thru xx:05 10 minute window. Really 1 entry per hour around the top of the hour. This program creates an entry every 10 minutes...
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    Autofilter overshooting range

    I have searched through the Excel message board, but was unable to find a similar post, so I will post this thread and hope some kind-hearted soul can help. I have a large spreadsheet (150+ columns, 1000 rows) The rough format is: headers (rows 1-7) detail data (rows 8-990) sums & analysis...

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