1. D

    Auto refresh table in other tab based on a filter

    Hello all, I'd like to know how to have a table be automatically refreshed based on a filter. The thing is that I have 1 tab, where I paste some data (its a table), and then i have in other tab, another table which is populated taking values of specific columns from first mentioned table. And...
  2. I

    Update Data Automatically

    I have an excel worksheet that when I run the code, it enters the cell data based on the number I place in Column 1 or item column. In order to retrieve the data, I have to run the code using a macro-assigned button. My objective is to have the data populated in Columns 2 and 3 automatically...
  3. P

    VBA open excel workbooks (without them popping up), and then copying one line item to a master sheet.

    Good Afternoon, Hoping for some help here, I clearly don't know what I am doing. Here is the goal: To update my master spread sheet. I am trying to implement a new project tracker, this will be an excel sheet, named exactly the same thing, for EVERY job. It has a table in it on a hidden...
  4. P

    Send an email when a cell says something specific

    Hey! This forum has been a huge help thus far, and I am coming here again with a potentially tough one. Here's what I would like to do: When a cell says the word "Active" or "Service Active" it sends my coworker an email letting them know to add it to quick books. Here is what it looks...
  5. T

    Automatically Add Sheet from Different Workbook from Specified Folder

    I have a master file and a Data Folder that contains workbooks with the same format. I also have a VBA code inside the master file that is able to copy the first sheet of all the selected workbook Sub Merge_Files_First_Sheet_Only() 'Merges all files in a folder to a main file...
  6. P

    Excel VBA New Folder and copy an existing folder based on a cell.

    Good Afternoon, This seems to be a pretty common request, and I have tried other codes in other threads, but none of them are exactly what I am looking for. Heres the Goal: Create a new folder in a particular part of my server (This changes based on the information they put into the...
  7. P

    Creating automatic invoices

    Hi Members, I want to create about 100 invoices each month using a single button. So my sales are being recorded at a day level in excel. At the end of the month, I want to create the invoice for the sales without much effort. Currently, my team copies the data for each client one by one. Is...
  8. T

    How to create and email an Excel Copy automatically (daily or real time)

    Hey guys, I am new here, and not an excel "expert" whatsoever, so I don't really have much knowledge of the code itself. I currently have a master file that is saved to our company's One Drive. This file contains 8 sheets in the workbook and at maximum goes from column A to column V. At the...
  9. J

    Automatic Macro to send a Reminder during a given time frame

    Hello everyone, this is going to take a bit of background to explain the issue in detail. I've been working on this project for so long I'm going cross-eyed. It wouldn't surprise me if there's obvious problems that I can't see because my nose is too close to it - y'know? Anyway. The purpose...
  10. V

    Shipment Tracking of sale orders

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to make a sheet for an automatic sales follow up. I've integrate the systems with PQ, but the problem is : We have the sales order.csv where is refreshed every day, and I need to do an analysis with the Purchase Requests and Inventory. The logic basically is : If the...
  11. G

    Need help with automatic importing of Data every x minute

    Hi all, I currently have an automatic code that can open up the MOST recent (date modified) file in a folder. It works great BUT my concern is: Lets say i set a timer of 10 mins to execute this macro, However the macro takes 15 mins to run and inside that space of 15 mins another 2 files are...
  12. Jyggalag

    Embed fonts in the file - PowerPoint (automatic function available?9

    Hello everybody, Whenever I open a PowerPoint document, the function "Embed fonts in the file" is turned off: Is there any way in which I can make it so this is automatically turned on? Thank you! :) Best regards, Jyggalag
  13. A

    Titus classification pop up in VBA (outlook item)

    Hello, I am currently trying to send automatic emails in an excel workbook, but every time an email is sent, since my company is subject to TITUS classification, I have to manually select it in a pop up. I use a regular outlook protocol to send emails I have not been able to find anything to...
  14. A

    Automatically ran macro

    Hello, I am looking to have a macro ran periodically on a spreadsheet. In order to achieve such a goal, I based myself on a post I saw from The Spreadsheet Guru (link below)...
  15. A

    Application.Ontime switching workbooks

    This is a continuation of a post that is now buried. Application.OnTime continuously opening my workbook The Code @AlphaFrog helped with is working perfectly. Each instance of save, the workbook comes to the foreground and then to the background again after the save is completed. While this is...
  16. T

    Is possible to shuffle answers in multiple choice test in EXCEL?

    I have a lot of questions and I need to quickly shuffle answers in Multiple Choice Test. (1 question has 4 answers, A,B,C, or D). For example: Is possible to do that by using VBA or with some formula? Thanks for the help.
  17. O

    Automatic Rolling Months

    Hello Guys, I am actually having an issue where i am using dependant drop down with excel and i want to add to my existing formula data for 24 and 36 months planning, can someone help me please as my actual formula is as per below: =INDEX(ListeMois,MOD($AB$29+COLUMNS($E$54:E54),12)+1) in fact...
  18. G

    Automaticly sort rows by date

    I cant figure out a code, to make the rows sort based on the date, given in column B (From B5). Our Company cannot use Automatic macros (Do to Citrix), so would prefer a module that I can connect to an icon or a button click. The colums from A to V are in use, so the entire row needs to be...
  19. K

    Default to Automatic calculation

    Recently and inexplicably any new workbooks that I open default to manual calculation. I read a few message boards and they said that the solution is to put a workbook in the XLSTART folder that s set to automatic calculation. This works, however any time I open an existing workbook it opens...
  20. L

    Automatic counter based on changes to a cell (inventory usage tracking)

    I am a librarian interested in tracking book checkouts over time. I only need to track how often an item has been used, not when or by whom it was used. My library is too small to justify the purchase of an ILS (circulation software), so I am looking for a simpler solution using what I already...
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