1. J

    Unique ID field based on other fields entered in a record

    Hi, Firstly, thanks for taking the time. I am extremely new to Access, so hopefully this makes some sense. I have a table with some address details and I want to generate a Unique ID (either in the ID field or a new field) which relates back to the initials entered into the "State" field...
  2. K

    help with customer AutoNumber

    I need help with how to setup a custom AutoNumber in Access. I want to be able to enter a starting number with up to eight digits and then have it increment by one. So, for example I want my starting number to be 30064889 and increment from there. Is this possible?
  3. gheyman

    Add AutoNumber firld to a Table using VBA

    I a MakeTable Query. I want to add an AutoNumber field to that table after the query is run. Is there a way to do that using VBA? tbl_vluVendor_MakeTable FOUND THE ANSWER: CurrentDb.Execute "ALTER TABLE tbl_vluVendor_MakeTable ADD COLUMN ColumnName COUNTER" Thanks!
  4. LxQ

    Autonumber not in order

    I have a table that was generated from an update query. The table is just one column containing either numbers or just being empty. They are also sorted, so the empty cells are on top, numbers are sorted. Numbers range from 1 digit to 5 digit numbers. I open the table in Design View mode...
  5. L

    Autonumber Column

    Hello, I have a Customer table that I would like the first column to autonumber to the next higher number. When sorting the table can that number remain with the Customer? What I have tried so far doesn't keep that ID with the Customer when sorting the table columns. Thank you
  6. R

    Autonumber Payments

    Good day, Tried searching for this, but was unable to come up with anything that solved my problem. I am trying to write a formula to autonumber the payments received from each customer. <TBODY> ID Payment # 1001 1 1001 2 2001 1 3001 1 1001 3 2001 2 </TBODY> Having...
  7. S

    Rounding down to nearest 100

    I have a calculated field with the following Expression: Round([RecNo],-2) The RecNo field is a regular autonumber field. I want the new calculated field to round the autonumber down to the nearest 100. E.g. <tbody> AutoNumber Calculated Field 78 0 150 100 399 300 1542 1500...
  8. S

    Access - AutoNumber Help

    Is it possible to set a table up so that records are sorted into batch numbers automatically... maybe using AutoNumber? E.g. I want the first 100 records to be Batch 1 and then the next 200 records to be Batch 2 and so on...
  9. J

    Autonumber ID field in table when new row added (VBA) PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hello. I have been struggling for the past week to find a way in VBA to autonumber an ID field in an Excel table when a new row is inserted. I want to avoid using a cell formula (which I can do) as there risks with that solution. I have a table with fields "TaskID", "Task","Resource". The ID...
  10. F

    Copy/Paste and AutoNumbering

    I am copy some data from one worksheet into a master worksheet (same workbook). The master worksheet has a unique ID (next number). After I copy the data over the master worksheet, I would like to fill in the ID. What I need the macro to do is fill in the missing ID numbers to the end of the...
  11. M

    Custom Serial Number Format Based Upon Julian Date.

    Hello: I need to create a serial number that auto increments based upon the following format: Last two digits of the year + Julian day of the year + two digit unique incremented number. 1610604 would be 2016 on the 106th day and the 4th unit and the next number would be 1610605. I do not...
  12. T

    Need Help with VBA code

    Hello, I am trying to set up an order sheet and I am trying to figure out how to get a command button to do all the functions I want it to. So far I only have it inserting new line relative to the position of the command button. Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()...
  13. N

    Formula to create custom Autonumber

    Hello All, I need some help in creating a custom autonumber in excel. The autonumber will be based on the value of another cell's value. So for eg, in cell A1 will look at B1, if B1 has the number 1, A1 will take B1 and add the autonumber to it, eg a, b, c. If within, b5 the number is 2. So...
  14. T

    Automatically number newly added Rows (Insert Shift:=xlDown)

    Hello People! I hope someone here can help me... I have made a macro that copies a row into a new sheet: Sheets("Datasheet").Select Range("A2").Select ActiveCell.EntireRow.Insert Shift:=xlDown Sheets("MailMerge").Select Range("A7:G7").Select Selection.Copy Sheets("Datasheet").Select...
  15. J

    Autonumber a form

    I have a basic spreadsheet I want to use as an invice form. Can I print multiple copies and have each copy incrementally number itself, so the first one is 100, the second copy is 101 etc and then save that so that the next time I print a bunch I do not duplicate an invoice already printed...
  16. N

    Autonumber and grouping

    In MS EXcel 2003, I need a formula that could fill autonumber in column B depending on what is in column A. Notice that the numbering will go back to 1 if a new group is encountered. For example... Group autonumber a 1 a 2 a 3 a 4 b...

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