1. J

    Save outlook attachment without file extensions

    Hi all, Hoping this is a simple fix. I have the below script that I found on another forum that runs as a rule in Outlook to save .pdf email attachments with a timestamp that come from my printer. That part all works fine. The problem I'm having is that it will save the file with the .pdf as...
  2. A

    Outlook email autosave to Excel and folder

    Dear All, It would be highly appreciated if you could show me how to automate my outlook email to as per the below flow chart: Thank you,
  3. R

    Disable AutoSave after 'Enable Content' but Before 'WorkbookOpen'

    Hi all You probably all know the AutoSave in Excel. And probably a lot will know how to disable it with VBA. Sub Workbook_Open() ActiveWorkbook.AutoSaveOn = False End If Situation: When a user is opening this file for the first time, Excel will ask to 'Enable Content' for security...
  4. T

    Autosave Macro when doc is not read only

    Hi there, I am somewhat new to macros but getting better each day, much thanks to this forum. I have been fighting a macro for a while so I thought I should ask. I would like a macro that autosaves the current workbook every 5 minutes without opening a dialog box or whatnot. Just as if they...
  5. J

    Excel 365 Version Saving

    Hi I would like to disable version saving in the current Excel product. This feature has caused me issues. For instance: If I want to open an Excel spreadsheet and work within it without altering the file, I do not want to have to search through versions/dates to find where I started to revert...
  6. T

    AutoSaveOn issue with Excel 2013 and 2016

    Sorry if this is in the wrong location, this is the first time I am posting on this forum. My issue is a regarding a "Compile Error: Method or data member not found" that happens when an excel file is opened by some users. These users have either excel 2013 or 2016 installed. The compile error...
  7. R

    VBA Macro record data + Auto saving multiple sheets into 1 every hour

    Hello, I have a few small things I need help with. So, I have 3 pc's each with a workbook; Station1, Station2 & Station3 and each work book has 2 sheets. Sheet 1 has 3 cells which can be edited by the user the rest of the sheet is protected. I have set up a macro linked to a command button...
  8. T

    Enabling autosave when starting Excel

    It can be enabled manually with tools - autosave and then clicking the appropriate radio buttons. But you have to remember to do it, and it lasts only until you quit Excel. Is there a way of having it turned on permanently, or of enabling it by using VBA? I tried recording a macro but it gave me...
  9. A

    Display live(ish) excel data in webpage

    Hi I have created some reports in excel and have various pivots and graphs that I can view/refresh. What I would ultimately like to do is have the contents of the excel page displayed via a web browser so this can be seen by people across the business with out them using the excel spreadsheet...
  10. L

    Excel 2016 - Missing Excel work with no explanation (no crash, etc.). WHAT HAPPENED?

    First, let me start by saying for thelast 10 years I have worked primarily in Excel. I have literally spentthousands of hours in Excel and never had anything like this happen before... Yesterday, I was working in Excel and had 3 files open. I was no longer using file A so I wanted to save and...
  11. D

    How to turn off an autosave macro once it's been started? - VBA

    I have a person that gave me their spreadsheet which they use for manufacturing production. At the start of a shift, the shift supervisor presses a "Start of Shift" button. They asked me to place an autosave macro in there so it backs up throughout the day. I put the following macro in: Sub...
  12. A

    worksheet reopening

    I am using the code at the end of this post to make the sheet autosave every x minutes. The autosave function works perfectly. The issue is if there is another excel file open at the time of close the autosave sheet reopens at the time it would have saved. There is another excel file that...
  13. E

    Macro for Autosaving excel file once a day to a different directory with name + date

    Hi, I'm looking for a macro code which autosaves excel file once a day while it's open. I have found a code which would suit me but doesn't always work, maybe somebody could help me ? Code: Option Explicit Private Sub Workbook_Open() AutoSave 'Start Autosaving End Sub Private Sub...
  14. R

    Save file x minutes after a value is entered

    Hi, I have created a spreadsheet for uses to record production testing results ad this forum has been essential in automating some of the task. But now if find that users are not saving the results. I know I can use the OnTime application to autosave the file but I only want this to kick in...
  15. B

    Autosave messes with my VBA solution

    With AutoSave ON: I must close the active workbook after saving as .xlsx Then, copy the active workbook again, Delete the unnecessary columns and SaveAs the .cvs Otherwise, AutoSave performs the deletion and Autofit on the original copied worksheet. This code works, but seems kind of...
  16. J

    Help with Autosave macro when multiple workbooks open

    Hi, i have the following code which works great with just the one open workbook. But it runs into problems if other excel workbooks are open Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean) Application.OnTime dTime, "autoSave", False End Sub Private Sub Workbook_Open() dTime = Now +...
  17. W

    VBA to end a autosave macro

    Hi! I have a macro (in a module) that saves the workbook. In the startup script i have another macro that loads this macro every 5 mins (This is a macro that "activates" every time i open that workbook) If I close this workbook, and continue to work in other workbooks, it will "open" it again...
  18. D

    Auto Save question

    hy i'm presently working in a code that takes a few minutes to run, can go easily to 20/30 minutes depending on what the user wants i already disable cancel key so the user may not stop the completion of the code but a potencial problem come to mind what if the user force a crash of excel...
  19. D

    how to use autosave in excel 2016

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how to use autosave with excel 2016. I have an excel file on my pc, and would like to autosave any changes back to the local file system where it lives (not the cloud, or onedrive) every 3 minutes. I need to distribute this file to several people, can I set it up so it...
  20. rjbinney

    VBA to Turn OFF 'AutoSave'

    I have a pretty hefty file with a macro that does a couple of "Save As" (for backup, mobile-friendly, etc.). The final step of the macro is to open up the original file, which is stored in OneDrive. In the last few weeks, when it opens the original file, it flips the AutoSave option to ON...

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