1. C

    Excel - VBA - Autosum Selected cell

    Sub Try() 'select cell B 10,000 ActiveSheet.Range("B10000").Select ' goes up to last drawer posted if cell is empty in B Selection.End(xlUp).Select Selection.End(xlUp).Select ' highlights cells below for sorting Rows(ActiveCell.Row).Select Range(Selection...
  2. N

    Have sum total at the bottom of a column regardless of the number of rows

    Hi all, I am not sure if this is possible the way I want it, but figured it was at least worth picking the much smarter brains in this forum. I want to put a sum total at the bottom of a column. But, the number of rows in that column will change daily. Lets say it's in column A. One day there...
  3. F

    Time stamp VBa does not work with AutoSum.. can i make it work?

    Hi everyone. Please help me understand why my VBa does not work with AutoSum but it works when i put in figures manually in the field. The VBa is as following Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) ' Adds Date when Status changes in Column G21 If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub...
  4. M

    Excel Formula help

    The data on the left are the invoices Data on right side are the receipts I need to allocate the receipt against invoices and where there is partial payment the adjustment will come from second payment Secondly I also need to identify the invoices are adjusted against which receipt so each...
  5. K

    Sum formula does not provide the same outcome as AutoSum

    Hello, I have time formatted as hh:mm, when I highlight all of it, the AUTOSUM in the bottom right corner of Excel is correct. The total is 61:46 or 61 hours and 46 mins. However, when I try to use a formula to do the same outcome =SUM, the end result is 13:46, my time format in that cell is the...
  6. M

    Dynamic AutoSum

    Hello, I am looking to do a Dynamic AutoSum function in VBA. Here is my code: Rows(1).Find(what:="Qty $", lookat:=xlWhole).Select LstRow = Cells(Rows.Count, ActiveCell.Column).End(xlUp).Row + 1 Cells(LstRow, ActiveCell.Column).Formula = "=SUM(ActiveCell:ActiveCell.Column" & LstRow - 1 & ")"...
  7. C

    Cycle multiple Excel functions in single macro

    I am trying to create two macros and would really appreciate some help on this, as not sure where to begin. 1. AutoSum Min on first execute then AutoSum Max on second execute (if the macro is executed in the same cell). Then beyond the second execute, the macro should cycle through these two...
  8. A

    Automated Autosum

    Hi I would like to seek some advice on how I can do the following. I have a macro(I use a do while loop to check and insert the extra row) that sorts out data in a certain format by inserting a line(row) in between 2 rows effectively separating the data set. After running my macro, I am...
  9. I

    Autosum & Msgbox

    Hi, I have this code supplied below in place but need advice please. I would like to include the autosum shown below into it. Worksheet is called DATABASE The range would be O5:O179 As info is added to the DATABASE worksheet the 179 then becomes 180,181,182 etc etc Many thanks. Private...
  10. A

    A Little Help with AutoSum

    I'm not the most proficient with Excel, so please be patient. In a nutshell, I have inserted an IF statement in a cell like this: =IF(E64="Resize","5","10") As a result, if I type in "Resize" into one cell, it autogenerates a 5 in the adjacent cell. If I type anything else, it places a 10. So...
  11. K

    Macro/VBA help. Insert Sum() to bottom of numbers, continuously in column, till end.

    Hi Everyone, I need some help to try to overcome this time consuming task in excel. I hope someone here can help. I have a worksheet that I'm working on, which I have to insert a Sum() Function to the bottom of some numbers in a column to give me the total. (Im working on a single...
  12. J

    Autosum using the last row from another column vba

    Hi all, I'm looking to place an autosum function via vba into my worksheet. I am wanting the values to select all cells from F3 down to the last row of data that appears in the A column. For example if the last cell containing data in column A was A6 then I would want the autosum function to...
  13. M

    Autosum every certain rows

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a way to run this macro on a determined starting point not only on "m3137" but for example if I am in "A3194". It may be worth to mention that I added blank rows to make navigation easier and to have a cell to do the sum. This is the code I used: Sub...
  14. M

    Autosum at an empty cell in column. Only autosum for visible cells!

    Hi guys. I have a data sheet which is attached here. I get a new data sheet like this every day, and that is why i need it to autosum where the red arrows are pointing in the attached picture. I've used filter so i only need it for the visible cells. I have this macro; Sub AutoSum() Dim Area...
  15. C

    AutoSum Error

    Hey everyone, I'm having an issue and I have no idea why it's happening. I currently have a pretty large macro running, but at one part it's supposed to find the last row, autosum the contents, add the word "Total" to the first column and delete anything in the second column. Here's the...
  16. S

    autosum and find percentage

    I am in need of some help with this one. I need a macro that will autosum column I, and then multiple by 5%. The tricky part is not every row has data. I am using this sheet copy/pasting data into a estimated price excel. Not every item has a predefined price, and comes up as N/A. When I...
  17. J

    VBA AutoFill formula to adjacent cells

    I have a report that returns a variable amount of rows depending on the number of transactions returned. I have my cursor located in the last occupied cell in Col. "F", which contains an AutoSum formula. This formula needs to be copied to the next 5 cells to the right (along with the...
  18. J

    Sum dynamic number of rows using vba

    Sometimes the easiest problem is hard to solve. I have a report that returns a dynamic number of rows depending on the volume of transactions. I already have code that takes me to the first blank cell in Col. "F": Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 5).Select Now i need to basically...
  19. A

    Autosum table column

    Hi... My current activecell is one of the cells in the Totals row in a table, i have so many tables with different row count so the "FormulaR1C1" method is not working for me cause each time the values are different, i am looking for a code to enable me to autosum the whole column of the table...
  20. A

    Autosum Current column in a table

    Hi everyone... I selected a specific range in the Totals Row in a table and i need to either: 1. Autosum this column without reference to cell maybe something like application.activecell.autosum or 2. Autosum current table column Thank you...:)

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