average if

  1. Z

    AVERAGEIF with division

    Good morning, I am using average if =AVERAGEIF(AT177:AY177,"<>0"), to get the average of a series of data (similar to the one in the fist raw I have pasted here) I am using if because I need to exclude the "0" from the calculation. The complicated things for me now is that I need to divide each...
  2. D

    Calculated Average by Fee Level

    Hello - I'm trying to calcuate a measure where I can see the average number of hours by fee level based on the 'individual'. As an example based on the data below, the average for Person A would be 4 within the 20K fee level. <colgroup><col><col><col span="5"></colgroup><tbody> Fee...
  3. A

    Average If only picking up 1st of two criterias

    Hello .. Been struggling with this formula =AVERAGEIFS(Tasks!$G:$G,Tasks!$A:$A,{"Northeast","NYC"},Tasks!$I:$I,"*Charter Legal*",Tasks!$H:$H,"Completed") The formula is averaging correctly but only for Northeast not NYC :confused: any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. I

    Averageif, error, formula not working with errors

    Hi, I want to average a column (column v) based on a cell criteria of 'm' in column D. I want to exclude any cell in column V that contains N/A. I have this formula that works if all contain numbers but doesn't when N/A appears =AVERAGEIF('TRACKER'!$D$4:$D$214,"m",'TRACKER'!$V$4:$V$214)
  5. S

    Averageif Formula Help

    Hi Experts.... I am trying to get Region wise "Script Accuracy" for the following transactions. I am using the following formula for extracting overall accuracy =(COUNTIF(D3:D50,"Yes"))/((COUNTIF(D3:D50,"Yes")+(COUNTIF(D3:D50,"No")))). But I need Region wise accuracy as well. I know using...
  6. J

    Calculated field that references a cell in that row, and the entire field

    Is it possible to reference a *cell* in a calculated field of access? I want to add a column that takes the average of the "price" column, if the "product ID" column matches the "product ID" of that row, and the "date" column is less than the date in that row. <tbody> No. Product ID Date...
  7. R

    How to quickly change criteria with AVERAGEIF

    Hello. This is my first time posting so I am hoping that my explanation is clear enough. I have two columns (see below). I want the average number of column B for each month so have used the following formula: =AVERAGEIF(A2:A2604, "*01/1966", F2:F2604) This works but my problem is that my data...
  8. L

    MAX IF is working, but my MIN IF is not...on the SAME data! Help!

    I am really stumped on this one. I am trying to find the min and max piece of data for particular months. To do that I am using MAX IF and MIN IF: =MAX(IF(B:B=F,G:G) =MIN(IF(B:B=F,G:G) Literally the only difference is the MIN and MAX part. And to add insult to injury, I have just realized...
  9. I

    Average if returns a negative value when expanding over blank selections

    Hey all, I am trying to make a formula that will average the networkday difference between the values in two different columns. Comparing Column C to Column N. Here is my formula so far... =AVERAGE(IF(N5<>"",NETWORKDAYS('JUL 2014'!C5,'JUL 2014'!N5),""),IF(N6<>"",NETWORKDAYS('JUL 2014'!C6,'JUL...
  10. A

    Sum Specific cells if match criteria in another cell

    Hi, I have over 8000 line excel report which lists all items in a quotes. I need to add column for "Extended List Price" only for the lines that are for the same quote Example: I need for the code to be able to scan my report and average the discount % but only for the same quotes . Currently...
  11. L

    Average while ignoring zeros and errors

    Hello! I'm trying to return the average, min and max values of a range that will have errors, be blank or have zeros. I have already found an array formula that works getting rid of the errors but the zeros are now a problem. {=AVERAGE(IF(NOT(ISERROR(D27:G27)),D27:G27))} I was thinking that...
  12. K

    Moving Data + Filling In Where Data Is Missing (sum if, match, average if, offset)

    Hi all - having difficulty with the following. I've read all the related posts I can find and tried many different formulas, but can't figure this out. We have Sheet 1 that consists of unique rows of data with columns that are as follows: ID, Original Price, Date, Price, Date, Price .... Price...
  13. K

    Average number of days in facility

    I am using excel 2007. I work in a jail. I need to calculate the AVERAGE number of days an inmate is in our facility. The problem is that inmates come and go and come back again. Here's an example: Inmate A: IN 1/1/11 OUT 1/31/11 Total days=30 days Inmate B: IN 1/1/11 OUT 1/11/11 Back IN...
  14. G

    AVERAGE IF ABS(Range)>x

    Hi all, I've been struggling with the COUNTIFS and AVERAGEIFS functions when dealing with the ABS function. What I want to do is: =COUNTIFS(Criteria_range1,criteria1,Criteria_range2,criteria2, etc...) Which is working fine until I want to use the ABS function within this function, for...
  15. T

    Formula: Result Differences in average formula condition by year

    Hi, I've tried the following formulas to average a set of numbers if the corresponding date cell in another column's year equals 2001. All four formulas work on a small subset of the original but when I apply it to the whole some of them don't work and can give me wildly different results...
  16. P

    AVERAGE formula question

    I have numbers in 7 columns looking like this: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 336pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=448><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt" span=7 width=64><TBODY><TR style="HEIGHT: 15pt" height=20><TD style="BORDER-BOTTOM: windowtext 0.5pt solid...
  17. mattrx731


    I'm looking for a formula in C2 through C8. C2 needs to look at A2 and if that matches a cell in D2:D40 I need it to average the adjacent cell in column E. So in this example C2 would match D2:D6 and need to find the average of E2:E6 (600,585,80,380,380) C2 should = 405 Thansk <TABLE...
  18. LaurenHancy

    Using IF and AVERAGE statement - PLEASE HELP! :)

    Hello, So here it goes: I have a list of customers in column A and a number for how long the call has been open in colum Z. I want to search a particular customer and average how long thier calls have been open. But i dont want to use piviot tables. E.g. Column 1.A................Z...
  19. A

    average(if()) question

    I have a list similar to the following in column A: A 98 15 0 315 223 145 62 0 329 216 101 98 0 310 198 96 As you can see, the numbers jump and wane cyclically. I want to find the averages of all the "jumps." In this case, the average of 315, 329, and 310. Is there a way I can write an...
  20. J

    time and stats

    hi, i have a performance utilization report that exports as an excel file. i have excel 2007. the excel file has two columns of data with column headers. the first column is time. the second column is cpu utilization. the time column cells are in 5 minute increments that include both the date...

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