1. S

    Averaging Letters for Marksbook

    Hi there, I realise it has been asked before but I could not wrap my head around how to average out letters for a marks book. My spreadsheet is for athletics and each grade cell is reliant on an IF function eg. =IF(C2<15,"A",IF(C2<17,"B",IF(C2<21,"C",IF(C2>21,"D")))). I am hoping that I can...
  2. C

    Average calculations within userform

    I am working a a data entry user form that needs to calculate the Days shift Data and the night shift data to create an average. I have 20 averages that needs to be calculated and i have a button set up to execute the averaging function. Currently the code i am using for the averaging is as...
  3. J

    Averaging non-contiguous columns, while excluding certain cells or rows (Excel 2010)

    While it sounds relatively easy, I am experiencing difficultycreating a formula to validate the actual result. Within the range to be calculated, data includes 0’s, nonumbers at all and/or text. For this calculation, I started with =AVERAGEIFS(D4:H48,D4:H48,">0",D4:H48,"<>"""),but noticed it...
  4. M

    Cannot develop the correct formula to solve for X

    I'm trying to write a formula to solve for X in the image below. I want to know how many 5-star reveiws a client would need to get to an average of 4.5 stars if they already have 6 reviews averaging 4 stars. Any suggestions? It's driving me crazy because I was never too good at algebra.
  5. Sunline

    Average before whilst filtering .

    Hello all , I wanting to get the results I havr in col E . They are simply averaging col B . Result in cell E11 comes from averaging cells B2:B10 Result in cell E10 comes from averaging cells B2:B9 Result in cell E9 comes from averaging cells B2:B8 and so on . Also I need to filter three...
  6. V

    Averaging logarithmic values

    I have a 2 sets of logarithmic values, of which I want to find the average. Would using the arithmetic average be correct, or is it more complex than that? Please, help me with some guidance. Forgot to mention: the second set is shorter, but if extended no values woud have been recorded.
  7. J

    Averaging time over multiple cells and YTD

    I have a spreadsheet to track employee efficiency over 16 different tasks. I am currently using formulas to determine their overall efficiency for the month by multiplying their time spent on each task (variable) by the amount of time it takes to do each task (constant). One of the issues is I...
  8. B

    Averaging Liquid Inventory Price on a 1st in 1st out basis

    I am trying to build a spreadsheet that would average the inventory that we currently have stored. As our inventory is constantly changing, I need to know at any given time the cost of what is in inventory based on a percentage (liquid). Ideally I would like to enter a percentage of what we have...
  9. M

    Averaging values of a column (with possible empty/blank cells) corresponded to row number of satisfied condition in another column

    Hi there, To declare my problem I'd use a simple example here. On the table below, I want to have the average of values in column "B" which are corresponded to the cells on column "A" with a value equal to cell "C2" or "101". As it can be seen in the table, some corresponded cells are empty...
  10. M

    Reducing a set of data points through averaging

    Hi, I have had an extensive search of the net but am having trouble solving my predicament. I am running into a dilemma with my research. Its regarding gait analysis. I want to be able to present joint angles at a percentage of gait cycle in increments of 1 or 2%. Right now, through...
  11. M

    averaging the last n numbers with date and year criteria

    Hi! Here's what i want to do explained in steps: Step 1 if we are at the day of 2011-05-02 (just for example), I want to average the last 15 historical sale-values that occured at a Monday in year 2011 after 2011-05-02. Step 2 Then I want to average the 15 sale-values for the same days (here I...
  12. andrewb90

    averaging formula help

    I have to average K10:K15 but sometimes K15 will not have any data totaled to it and therefore will result in zero, how do I average all the other numbers except for the zeros? Thanks, Andrew
  13. B

    Filling Down formulas

    In cell N9 I am averaging a set of data from another tab in the workbook: =AVERAGE('Daily Actual Data'!F21:F27) In cell N10 I am averaging another set of data from another tab in the workbook: =AVERAGE('Daily Actual Data'!F28:F34) In cell N11:N100 I would like the formula to continue...
  14. S

    Need help! Average based upon criteria

    I have two different columns as shown below: Column A Column B $1,200,000 0.45 $2,500,000 0.35 $1,350,000 0.43 $4,500,000 0.25 $5,250,000 0.20 I am trying to find the average column B figure limited to greater than $1,000,000 and less than $1,499,999. I only need it to calculate those...

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