1. J

    Dropdown in vba userform

    how to avoid a user to input text in my dropdown.. all I want is to let the user choose on my items in dropdown list and avoid the user to input text that are not belong to my items in dropdown list
  2. J

    Trying to Avoid Select, Selection, ActiveCell

    Hello: I'm trying to avoid using the Select method, so I'm trying ActiveCell. But I've heard I should try to avoid using ActiveCell as well. :confused: Any ideas on firming up this code? Here's what I have: Using Select Range(Selection.End(xlToRight), Selection.Offset(0, 7)).Select...
  3. A

    avoid login to microsoft site popup

    I am processing thousands of xls files and randomly I will get a popup that halts my processing. It is a login window (https://login.microsoftonline.com). Why does that come up and how do I avoid this so it does not halt my execution of my code? thanks
  4. 8

    Sheet1 Not running

    So I have a lot of ComboBox on my sheet1, I cant seem to activate it execpt if I go to sheet2, and then back to Sheet1. Then they function as intended. Is it possible to avoid this process, for it to function properly ??? Thanks in advance
  5. S

    How to avoid using SELECT and ACTIVATE?

    i have written this piece of code below, but a friend suggested i avoid using activate and select. i tried re-writing by using WITH but it is not working. what can you guys suggest? thanks. wb2.Activate ws1.Activate rngA.Select Range(rngA, ActiveCell.End(xlDown)).Select...
  6. S

    Avoid workbook recalculation (?) when copying & pasting.

    I use Microsoft Excel 2011 on a MacBook Pro. I have a large workbook with hundreds of thousands of values & related formulas in a handful of tabs referencing each other. Working in manual mode is very helpful. When I hit 'recalculating', it usually takes a few seconds, but not a very long time...
  7. K

    excel unable to set the formulaarray property of the range class

    how can i break the below array formula to two when loading macro to avoid the limitation of 255 characters? thanks guys. Selection.FormulaArray = _...
  8. R

    Extracting data direct from the clipboard, to avoid Select and Paste

    I want to avoid Copy and Paste, but I have to pick up a string from a third-party website. I am trying to do this by taking a value directly off the clipboard, using this procedure. Public tfrString As String Public dataObj As New MSForms.DataObject Function clipIt() Dim jString As String...
  9. K

    Run macro one after another

    Is there a way to use a macro to run a macro from another worksheet. For example, I want the macro to run in "worksheet A" then go to "worksheet B" to run a different macro and so on and so forth. What I want to avoid is going from sheet after sheet and clicking.
  10. B

    Vlookup with #ref! Error

    In column b from b6 to b11 i have some dates and in column c from c6 to c11 i have some amount. I have a date from column b in e6 and i use in f6 the formula =vlookup(e6,b6:b11,2,0) but the result it gives #ref ! How to avoid this? Please help.
  11. D

    Locking Cells

    So I currently have 2 excel files that are identical and file 1 is where data gets entered and it feeds file 2. What I am wondering is it possible to lock a cell in either file once the data has been entered and saved? I am trying to avoid any potential for data in file 1 being deleted by...
  12. M

    How to avoid listbox blank row

    Please help me,i want to avoid blank row my code is, Set sh = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Transaction") vntList = Sheets("Transaction").Range("m6:m10000") ListBox2.List = vntList
  13. S

    Using Index and Match and trying to avoid blank cells

    Hi all, I am currently developing a terrain generation system for gaming. I am using Index and Match combined to determine the 'features' in a given zone of the board. The problem I am running into is that the array I am calling on has blank cells and when a blank cell is returned I get a 0...
  14. T

    Close just one userform

    Is it somehow possible to close just one userform if I have had two opened? I have a button in userform1 which is calling userform2 but if I close userform 2 both are gone. I know that I can call/show again userform1 but I want to avoid doing it. If I did so I wouldn't keep the chnges I had made.
  15. Q

    Check backwards comparability of macro enabled spreadsheet?

    I have a 2016 macro enabled Excel file that is causing compile errors when run on 2013 Excel. What is the best way to avoid error like that? Is there a compatibility checker? Or a 2013 emulator? Thank you! Matt
  16. M

    How to avoid double , , when combining cell contents?

    Hello, I am using this formula to join address details in one cell: =J2&", "&K2&", "&L2&"" When there is no data in column k or l, what is the technique to avoid having double commas in their place? I do want the comma to appear when there is data in those columns though, so removing it from...
  17. I

    If the Second Character in A3 is _ then use X formula if not use Y formula

    Sample data set below shows two separate text options within the column if the data has the _ within the cell I need to run a different formula than the ones without a _. And to avoid mistake the _ should only appear in the second character position. <colgroup><col width="65"...
  18. R

    Lookup/Array Formula

    Hi, Would anyone be able to help with the following? I've attached a screenshot for ease. My aim is to return the project codes 101 & 102 - this is because they have values against them in the three Q3 fields. Please note that I also want to avoid duplication ... so if there was two lines...
  19. B

    Using array formula to 'vlookup' the lowest value in a list, avoiding blanks

    Hi all, I've been trying to set up a formula to see vlookup the lowest value for a data set that will have multiple numeric values associated with a descriptor. I've found this array formula on this forum: {=MIN(IF($A$2:$A$20=A2,$B$2:$B$20))} That works great, except there are blanks in my...
  20. D

    Convert negative numbers to positive within an existing formula

    Hi All, I'm summing a total value, which I know will always be a negative number. Trying to avoid hidden helper cells if possible The current formula is: =SUMIFS('Advance Bill Rec'!T$3:T$2000,'Advance Bill Rec'!K$3:K$2000,D21,'Advance Bill Rec'!U$3:U$2000,">=" & $I$1,'Advance Bill...

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