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    Sheet 2 skipping

    I'm building a workbook for work, I have very limited excel knowledge (YouTube has been a great friend lol). Anyways my question is on sheet 1 column A every cell may not end up filled out so on sheet 2 row b I want it to not skip rows if sheet 1 does. Sheet 1 is my input sheet where sheet 2...
  2. P


    Dear Mrexcelians. When I look back at where I was before I discovered Mrexcel, IT WAS TOTAL DARKNESS .....LITERALLY!! Am ready to market this site FOR ITS SUPER-EXCEL EXPERTISE, ITS AWESOME READING OTHER USERS' QUIZZES & ASNWERS. God Bless Mrexce Regards Patrick Nyaga
  3. A

    MrR or equivalent of MrExel but for R

    Is there a forum that is as awesome as MrExcel but for R?
  4. M

    VBA Macro calling different workbooks

    Whats up fellow excelians, I am somewhat new to VBA and excel and have a question that may test the mite and knowledge of every member to this site. My end result goal is to write a macro that will take the contents of a cell in one workbook and uses that input to find a file name matching...

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