1. Johnny C

    Chart series disappear in XL2016 when secondary axis changed

    Help! I've got a large model with 30+ charts. They were created in XL2013 32bit, I've now got 2016 64bit. When I try and amend the bounds (upper or lower) for the secondary axes, all the chart elements (series, axes, legend) disappear and I get left with a blank chart. I tried deleting the...
  2. O

    Two Bar Graphs with Two Different Y Axes

    How can I graph two lines of data into bars that share the same x axis, but different Y axes and are not stacked. The alternate is to make one of them a line graph, but in the case I need them both as independent bar graphs next to each other and referencing different y axes. Thanks in advance...
  3. K

    Line Chart with with two different x and y axis

    How do I create a line chart with two different sets of x and y axes ? i.e I have data set 1 with data on x1 and y1, and data set 2 with data on y1 and y2. Currently excel seems to ignore the distinct x axes ? thanks kind regards Kaps
  4. S

    Lock Charts But Still Allow them To Work When Filter Changes?

    Hello I am using Excel 2010. I have a worksheet with a pull down list of hospitals. I've locked up all objects and charts on the worksheet but when I select a new hospital, I get a run time error of "method maximumscale of object axes failed". I should point out that I have two sites on one...
  5. rjbinney

    What's This Graph Called (Not Really an Excel Question)

    So most charts plot a positive X and positive Y and look kinda like this: Others have negatives - so the zero point is in the center, where the X and Y axes intersect: Do these two different graphs have different names? Like, if I said I wanted a "transgential interspecular graph", a...
  6. J

    Display range of numbers as horizontal lines

    Hi, I have a list of children names in A1:A20, and their heights in B1:B20 - 0.8, 1.24, 1.3, 1.47, 1.56 etc.. I would like to create a chart (or other visual option) that will draw horizontal lines on Y axes to represent the heights proportionally: 1.56------------------...
  7. nancmadi

    How Do I Get Help VBA Error

    Hi... I am new to this site.. and posted a question back in June.. I haven't gotten a single response... how do you get help on these Forums? My thread was called "Method Axes of object Chart Failed" There were 49 views.. maybe others have the same issue and looked for resolutions, I don't...
  8. J

    How does Excel choose the lower bound for chart axes?

    Hi, I've got a spreadsheet connected to a tabular model running on SQL Server Analysis Services. I am creating pivot tables / pivot charts with the row field as months. I've defined two measures - billed orders per day and quoted orders per day. Both measures are similar in magnitude (i.e...
  9. M

    VBA Axes ScaleType Error

    Hello All, I deal with sending data to customers so I need my graphs to look similar. I wrote a routine to make a chart page look consistent starting back in Excel 2007. I am now at Excel 2016 and I needed to update my macros for compatibility. All charts must be XY Scatter. The code works...
  10. N

    Horizontal Bar Chart Axis Question

    I have a simple bar chart in excel 2010. Sorry I can't post a picture of the chart at the moment. The data included in my chart comes from the below table : <tbody> Supplied Data Levels Forename Surname D.O.B House Num Postcode Valid Phone Number Benchmark 0% 100% 0% 100% 100%...
  11. P

    5 dimensional Chart in Excel?

    Hi there, I have 2500 unique location rows in the first column with 5 additional columns. Each additional column contains a different metric value. Is there any current excel technique which could be applied to plot all 2500 locations in a graph containing 5 different axes? Looking for a way...
  12. M

    One series chart with two y axis values

    Hi, I have a single data series (one set of x values) that I want to plot with two sets of y values (two axes). I've tried creating a second series with the same x values and new y values, then setting the series to a second y axis, but even with scales that have the same number of...
  13. R

    How to display just first and last values on axis?

    Greetings, I'm trying to condense some charts, and I'd like to show just the first/last (beginning/ending) axis labels, not the values at each tick mark. For instance, if my axis now reads 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, I want it to just have 0, 25 (keeping the tick marks). Can anyone tell me a way...
  14. M

    creating and formating charts in vba

    i want to write a code that generates data and add a chart. i tried recording a macro (subroutine) but i read that excl2007 has problems. so the x values go from 1-100 on column A and y=(2*x)+7 on column B. then from this data i want to add an xy scatter with smooth lines. then i want to format...
  15. J

    Using VBA to Set Axes Color

    I can change the color, size, etc. of the axes colors manually - can this be done via VBA? I see how to set the value where it crosses, tick marks, etc. I am using Excel 2007 Thank you.
  16. A

    Changing chart axis names with VB based on a value in a cell?

    I am trying to format a chart in excel using VB. I would like to be able to format the axes of the chart based on a cell value -- the X-axis value is in cell "chart1info!$B$4" and the Y-axis value is in "chart1info!$C$4" for instance. I tried recording a macro for formatting the axes and got...

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