1. D

    Charting Data

    I am trying to take data with random dates 9/5, 9/12, 9/19, 9/26 on the X axis and graph them and when I do the axis with the dates is reading all dates in between is there a way to only have the dates specified show up on the graph rather then all dates in between?
  2. T

    Excel 2010 Charts Question

    Hi, I a trying to create a 2-d column chart that has a secondary axis on the right hand side to show percentages using the data below Sales Success Rate Pre Launch 20000 15% Post Launch 30000 20% I want to see...
  3. B

    Dynamic date range on x axis

    I am struggling to create an x axis which covers a date range that changes. The attached image shows my data, the bar graph and the date range I want to use on the x axis.
  4. P

    Auto-Range and Scaling of Chart Axes

    I have two charts taking data from large ranges. Because there's no way for me to know what each user will face in their individual circumstance, I can't reliably set the Y-axis minimum or maximum to a fixed value. I want the charts to automatically determine the Y-axis as the users input their...
  5. L

    Excel: Dynamic plot with specific variable on x-axis

    I have a variable Y Y = RANDBETWEEN(2,15) And a variable X X = NOW() I am using the following VBA code to refresh the date; to simulate a real time data flow: Sub Calculate_range() Range("A1:A7").Calculate Application.OnTime DateAdd("s", 2, Now), "Calculate_range"...
  6. I

    make chart axis labels hyperlink to other pages

    I have an Excel bar chart I would like to make the chart axis labels hyperlink to other other charts that contain additional details about the specific tag of interest. Is this possible?
  7. Johnny C

    XL2016 When I delete a series that series stays and the rest disappear?

    Different issue to the previous one but vaguely related. I have charts set up in XL2013 32 bit, I've now got XL2016 64 bit with secondary axis. When I select a series and click (or press) delete, that series stays but all the others disappear. Doesn't matter which axis they are on. When I...
  8. Johnny C

    Chart series disappear in XL2016 when secondary axis changed

    Help! I've got a large model with 30+ charts. They were created in XL2013 32bit, I've now got 2016 64bit. When I try and amend the bounds (upper or lower) for the secondary axes, all the chart elements (series, axes, legend) disappear and I get left with a blank chart. I tried deleting the...
  9. D

    I am trying to match the exchanged rate based on the date of the sales data and convert the currency to GBP, Then make a pivot table to show sales fro

    Attached is a set of sales data. The task is to produce a graph showing the total paid orders in GBP, with the months across the horizontal axis and sales volume (including postage) on the vertical axis. The graph should aim to compare year on year performance and I need a slicer to be able to...
  10. C

    Bar graph with two different scalas on the Y-axis

    I have a table with two data columns: the first column contains naming values, the second column contains values from 0 to 1, the third - values from 1.000 to 100.000. I want to display them on the same (bar) graph. I've seen such graphs, where on the X axis are naming values (from column A)...
  11. C

    Gradient Y Axis

    Hello, I'm wondering if there is a weigh to "weight" my y axis on an excel chart. I have many points that fall in between $0 and $1,000,000, fewer that fall between $1,000,001 and $10,000,000 and very few greater than $10,000,000. So, I would like the points that fall in between $0 and...
  12. S

    Bring axis to front on excel chart

    Hi. I've got a chart with several thousand data points (all of which must be plotted). The problem is that the data with a zero value (for either the x or y axis) are being displayed in front of the axis line, whereas I would like it the other way round. Is there some way I can select the axis...
  13. C

    Moving Axis Cross Points automatically within Excel 2010

    Hi everyone, I am hoping that somebody will be able to help me as I haven't been able to figure this out on my own or find the answer anywhere on the net yet. I am in the process of creating a data dashboard for data reporting at work. As part of this I have created a document that allows...
  14. I

    Clustered bar chart

    I have clustered bar chart. I have one array of values where the values can go from -5 to 5. The y-axis is a 0 which is good but the y-axis labels are also in the 0 range.Since the axis value is positive or negative, some bars actually overwrite that y-axis labels. If I move the axis to one...
  15. JackDanIce

    Add vertical line to chart

    Hi, I have a graph based on a 3-column data table where x- axis is time (months, Jun 2019 to Dec 2020) Primary y-axis is account balance ($0 to $3.5m) Secondary y-axis is PnL (-$300k to $200k) August 2020 is first month PnL > $0 (Aug 2020 as the answer is calculated in a different cell) How...
  16. V

    MACRO to build a graph - y axis not shown

    Hi all I managed to create a macro to build a graph which updates each time the lenght of the columns change. When I try to put the name of the horizontal axis, it work. When I try to do the same with the vertical axis it doesn't. Anyone willing to help? I am very grateful Thanks a lot valentina
  17. G

    Advanced Graph options.

    Hi, I'd like to be able to plot multiple data series on the same graph with the same horizontal axis. I have sets of data including metrics like temperature, pressure, distance, height, speed etc etc all of which have the same horizontal axis (time). The problem is that all of the metrics...
  18. S

    Charting Trouble

    So I don't know how to set up a chart properly. Column A is Time in 10ths of seconds. Column B is the data at each tenth of a second. I want the time in seconds (1 through 80) on the X axis. And Column B is the line with data ranging from 0 to 1700. I can't get the time in the X axis. I get row...
  19. H


    I need to add two horizontal lines at 60% and 90% to a bar graph. I also need to change the text color for one of the items in the Y axis. They are survey responses and the text of the word is in the Y axis. I need to differentiate one of them that is reverse coded by font color or italics. I...
  20. J

    Excel chart - Changing Axis Format number/format to 01-mmm-yy

    Hi, I am wondering if it's possible to change the axis labels of my date range from MMM-YY to the date of 01-MMM-YY ? This is because I have gridlines and as an example one of my bars starts on the 1st July 2019 but my bar will start before the gridline of "Jul-19" because the axis date is...

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