1. rjbinney

    The Mystery of the Resized Macro Button

    I have a sheet with a button tied to a macro that runs various Save As routines. Today, I noticed the gray, bordered part of the button is a fraction of what it was. The text is the same size - and if I hover my mouse over the "phantom" areas where the button was last night, the cursor turns to...
  2. R

    Lost relationships between tables

    I was trying to use the Query Wizard and it said that my tables weren't related so I looked at the relationships and there are no longer any lines connecting my tables. I'm checking back through backups and they are missing there too until I get to backups I made in February 2017. However, I've...
  3. D

    Backup Active Workbook Using a Macro

    Hello, I'm using Excel 2013. I want to backup my active workbook to another destination. I'm trying to use the following code but it says <b>Runtime Error 70 permission denied</b>. Is there any other way to to backup my active workbook without having to use SaveAs? Thank. My code: Sub...
  4. C

    Cause/fix for extra .TMP files generated

    I have a problem where several users since they upgraded from Windows Vista with Excel 2007 to Windows 7 with Excel 2007 now get 2 temporary (.TMP) files generated each time after modifying an Excel document (.xlsx) and they DON'T GO AWAY! As an example. You have test.xlsx saved on 10-29-11...
  5. A

    Needing to track daily backups with excel!!

    Is there a template or something out there that will help me track my daily tape backups? I just need something that will list the date, the 3 backup jobs, successful/failed and a notes section. Anything out there like this?
  6. M

    AutoSave abruptly stopped working

    XP Pro SP3 Excel 2003 SP3 Hi, After a very unusual forced shutdown (it took 20 minutes to be able to figure out why both browsers no longer opened!). I found no sign of the latest sheet I had added to workbook. When I checked the autorecovery function I found it was no longer working (set to...

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