balance sheet

  1. K

    Translation reserve - balance sheet

    Hi my problem is Translation reserve in balance sheet and how to put it in powerpivot. I am consolidating a group of 10 subsidiaries and some have different functional currencies. I need to translate the balance sheet accounts to FX rate at the last day of the month and the P&L accounts to...
  2. M

    Counting: Imbalances two columns

    Hi all. New to the forum - thanks for existing. Looking forward to sharing my knowledge too. Now - I have two individual sheets of 19.000 rows in one column. Sheet one is ingoing payments. (Positive numbers) Sheet two is (similar) outgoing payments. (Negative numbers) The sum of a sheet's...
  3. J

    Trying to make an equation and an "IF" logic test only occur after a date, help

    " "*Image of print screen of my situation Hi i am trying to create a dynamic personal accounts table in which to account for all of my inflows and out flows on my from my bank account, at the bottom i have created a simple balance checker which checks...
  4. D

    Pivot Table running total from >01/03/2011

    I have a pivot table with all my accouts transactions. I am trying create a month by month balance sheet. I can get the running total to work month 1 (ie March 2011) onwards but I need it to pick up the opening balance which sits at >01/03/2011. Can anybody help?
  5. M

    Drop-down list exception

    I posted a thread earlier about a balance sheet and now I have another question. I have an expenses table that dispalys all the expenses that happened during a given year, the year is displayed on the formula as a reference to a cell that contains a drop down list where you pick the year. So...
  6. M

    SUMIFS formula help

    I'm working on a balance sheet. It basically works around one main transaction table where I classify each transaction according to its value, the currency in which it was paid, the month in which it happened and the type of transaction. The following is a formula for a table that is derived...
  7. A

    Progressive Sub Totals

    The following is a simplified version of a spreadsheet using Microsoft query to populate columns A and B. I need a formula that can be copied down column C that will recognise if the row is a Sub Total and apply the relevant total using the rules below: <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...

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