1. R

    Copy Specified Columns from Multiple Workbooks to one Workbook

    Hi i have more than 50 workbooks with same data but i need specified columns in one workbook example sharing for your Reference [Crazy Mart]-Workbook1 <tbody> Item Name Price Oranges 50 Apples 35 Banana 25 Pomegranate 60 </tbody> [Trail Mart]-Workbook2 <tbody> Item Name Price...
  2. H

    Getting Unique Values from List without VBA

    Hi, I'm using Excel (Microsoft 365 on a Mac) I'm using the formula =IFERROR(INDEX($B$2:$B$9, MATCH(0,COUNTIF($D$1:D1, $B$2:$B$9), 0)),"") B1 = Fruit, B2 etc = Apple, Orange, Apple, Banana, Banana, Apple, Pineapple, Peach D1 = Unique, D2 has the above formula I copied the example from...
  3. K

    SUMIF where range and sum_range are in every nth column

    Hello! I would like to get result of 19 in B7 for sum up values where criteria is always banana (A7) but there are multiple ranges(A,E,I) and sum_ranges(C,G,K) which are in every nth column. A B C D E F G H I J K 1 apple n/a 1 cherry n/a 1 banana n/a 10 2 banana n/a...
  4. T

    Nested dynamic range conditional formatting based on merged cells? I think??

    This one is giving me a headache. I've been learning a lot about excel lately through googling and such but I can't figure this one out myself. I feel like what I want is simple. I want conditional formatting, 3-color scale, with the midpoint based on the average value in the range. The...
  5. T

    Copy data on sheet2 to sheet1 base on column data.

    Please help me out. I want a vba that can automate this process that copy sheet2 to sheet1. For example on sheet2. Column D4 fruit column separate by a blank line with a new fruit with dates, purchase orders and quantity. There's six types of fruit that I need to keep track. What I want to do...
  6. O

    Combining 2 lists (for each cell in first list assign all cells in second list)

    Hello all, Would like some help with an issue and i hope i won't be much of the trouble. I would like to combine 2 tables into one with 2 columns, where each cell in table 1 would get all cell values from table 2. <tbody> </tbody> table1 <tbody> austin justin paul mary...
  7. K

    SUMIFS Question

    Hello, I have a table that contains 5 different groups of items. Each of those items have a price, on a separate reference table. I am trying to determine the total price of each group using a formula. <tbody> A B C D E 1 ITEM 1 ITEM 2 ITEM 3 ITEM 4 TOTAL PRICE 2 apple...
  8. P

    Index match vlookup

    Please help, I’m trying to accomplish the same result in this table with a formula when looking for thousands of data. Year Fruit Jan Feb March 2018 Banana. 1. 2. 3 2019 Banana 2. 3. 1 2018 Apple 4. 4. 4 2019 Apple. 2. 5. 3 Thanks
  9. P

    sum ifs + index match

    Hi, I'm trying to accomplish the following results: <tbody> #8cb5df[/URL] "]January #8cb5df[/URL] , colspan: 3"]Publix #8cb5df[/URL] "]2019 #8cb5df[/URL] "]2018 #8cb5df[/URL] "]2017 #8cb5df[/URL] "]Fruits Pear 6 10 2 Mango - 1 3 Banana 4...
  10. S

    VBA macro to paste in last row of A,B etc column by finding used row in multiple columns

    Hi, I need a macro code to paste the values as below of last used rows by finding in given 6 columns. For example: Here banana columns used more rows so based on more used i need your support to paste apple columns values on below. Please help me to get VBA code for below scenario...
  11. N

    Values only once when multiple values

    <tbody> Current Desired Result A B 1 Apple Apple 2 Apple Banana 3 Mango Mango 4 Mango Peach 5 Mango 6 Peach 7 Banana 8 Banana </tbody> I need the value only listed once (preferably in Alpha Order) from a data set column that lists that value...
  12. T

    VBA - If C2 = x, Move D2 to Next Available

    Hi all, I'm really sorry as I'm struggling to even describe what I'm asking help for here. I basically have a list of 30,000 rows of data where Column C is the unique number relating to a customer and Column D is a product they hold. I'm looking for some code to do something like run down...
  13. K

    Removing blanks from data set populated with formulas

    Hi, can you help please? I have a data set that is populated with data from a set of formulas. There are multiple rows and multiple columns. The data set contains blank cells where the formula returns no results. What i want to do is to create a single list in one column that will be the...
  14. D

    VBA Delete duplicate cells from a range then highlight original

    Hi, Is it possible to Delete all duplicate cells from a varied range but keeping the original string and highlight it? I will have up to 10 Columns and up to 30000 rows of data which will contain multiple duplicates strings that need removing, There will also be headers. Can anyone Help? Thanks...
  15. R

    Need to improve formula or VBA.

    Hi all! I am using this formula (below) to return a result based on a number in the example below. Sheet1, Column A is an ID start number and B is an item. Sheet 1 data entry A...............B 1............Apple 50..........Banana 201........Orange Sheet 2, column A is where I enter a number...
  16. J

    Transpose and group? How do i transpose one column into multiple rows base on value in another column

    Hello, this seems like it should be easy but I can't find ananswer. I have tried the native pivot function,transpose, etc. I have two columns likethis: (sorry for the bad formatting) Column 1 / Column 2 A / Apple B / Banana C / Carrot A / Airplane B / Boat C / Car A / Anything So I need...
  17. N

    Sort Contents Within 1 Cell

    I have a list of values that is seperated by a return. How do I sort each cell in alphabetical order without moving the row? EXAMPLE. CURRENT DATA <tbody> 1 APPLES GRAPES WATERMELON BANANA CHEERY 2 PINK BLUE GREEN YELLOW 3 APRIL AUGUST JULY DECEMBER JUNE </tbody> WANTED RESULTS <tbody>...
  18. O

    VLOOKUP: Percentage Breakdown

    Hi guys, I have a spreadsheet with multiple customers and price they paid for different items. I am trying to find what percentage they spent on each items Can it be done with vlookup? Here is an example: <tbody> Name Item Price Percentage Breakdown John apple 2 Tom apple 3 Amy apple...
  19. O

    match and index to return same value for multiple occurances.

    Hey excel gurus, I would like my match and index formula to output me values that are reoccurring in my column A and not just for the first instance. for example my data looks like this <tbody> column A column B column C column D apple apple sweet banana banana yellow apple...
  20. E

    Noob question - Excel queries

    Hi all, I'm very new to excel queries and was wondering if i'd better off using VBA for what I'm trying to achieve? Also are queries the same as power query? Is power query an add in? (Like I say I'm very new) Essentially, I'm trying to combine worksheets into one Master workbook and then...

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