bar charts

  1. C

    Cell-in-cell bar charts

    Hi, I have this days column that changes with a formula involving TODAY(), but I would like the closest dates to have the longest bar, and vice versa. I want the bars to be inverted. Columns have playbill font.
  2. M

    Is it possible to separate multiple answers in one column and make it into a bar graph?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post so I'm sorry if I've made a mistake: I'm trying to create some bar/line/pie charts within Excel using data from a survey. However, one of the questions that was imported over has multiple answers within the same category (see column E in fake sample...
  3. A

    Timeline bar with same colour for same activity

    I have some data I want to present as a horisontal stacked bar Its a time serie. Hours in decimal as first column, time elapsed in second and activity in third. I want to present it as a horisontal stacked bar chart where each group of activity has its own colour (so the two talking categories...
  4. X

    Horizontal bar chart alignment with rows

    Hello everyone, I have been facing this issue for a long time now. I'm trying to align my horizontal bar charts with my data in a particular cell range. Following pictures correctly explain what I want to achieve. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] Would be great if anyone can suggest a possible...
  5. rachellashley

    graphs, need to change bar to a % of sum

    I have a bar chart. Each Bar represents a year of total suvs, cars vs motorcycles sold at a dealership. So 2014 has 50suvs, 100 cars and 15 motorcycles. 2013 has 40, 70 and 10 and etc. Like a PIE chart, I want to show the number sold and also as a %. How can I do this with BAR charts?
  6. O

    Bar Chart where target is a central line and bars appear above and below

    Hi, I think this is probably a very easy question but have had a look around the charts and can't find the one I am looking for. I am wanting to create a simple bar chart showing % profit for different jobs but instead of starting at 0% I want the X axis to link to the Y axis at the target...
  7. S

    Need bar chart to ignore entries with blank or #n/a labels

    Hello, I'm trying to build a chart that will ignore any rows of data that have a data label that is either blank or an error. I would use a pivot chart, but I need to be able to select from various metrics that are represented on the chart using a slicer. I've attached a link to sample of...
  8. L

    Stacked bar chart/normal bar chart with text values

    My company gets leads from its website. We give leads different Lead sources depending on where someone came from. Some come from adverts (PPC), others from search engines (Organic search) and so on. We give leads different Lead values, depending on what someone was interested in. So for...
  9. D

    Bar chart make columns different widths from one another

    My goal is to create something similar to a bullet chart. I have two data points with different values - 2011 & 2012. These points are on a bar chart with overlain series. I'd like to make 2012 thin and dark and 2011 light grey and wide so as to compare the two periods. As it stands, because...
  10. R

    Chart with a columns

    Hi, I have the chart below that I am very happy with except for one thing: . I would like each column to be in two colors or shades using the type of order (EDI or FAX) to determine how much of the column is one color/shade and how much is the other color/shade. I don't know how to add...
  11. K

    OPEX and CAPEX in Bar Graph

    I have a question on drawing bar graphs. I have calculated CAPEX and OPEX prices with a max point and a min point. Now I want Excel to produce a graph that shows the min point as the minimum and than a bar up to the max point with a point for normal CAPEX/OPEX. Is this possible?
  12. J

    Steal This Chart - Creating quantcast style bar charts in excel

    I am trying to create similar demographic bar charts in excel seen here.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> But I am having trouble with the...
  13. B

    Charts-Data Table

    I'm making mixed Bar/Line chart.Amongst the three data elements,Two are Contant and are representated by line chart, The variable value is represented by Bar for different dates for entire month. for example that share value of a commodity changes every day (Bars) and govt regulatory caps on the...
  14. M

    Clustered Column Chart - moving legend data under bars?

    Hi all, Firstly, thanks for having this forum dedicated to Excel. I've searched around this forum, and via google, and haven't been able to find out if what I want to do is actually possible. Let's start with the first graph on this page, as it's a perfect example of what I'm dealing with...
  15. O

    Markers in Horizontal Bar Charts

    With column bar charts, you can plot a second series with a line graph (minus the line) to show markers on top of the bars (for example you might want to show say 2005 figures on the bars and have the markers showing the corresponding 2000 value). However, is is possible to do something similar...
  16. X

    Exel Bar Chart - Quarter report

    Hi all, I am writing a quarter report and Excel tries to "help" me by filling in the missing months. Therefore the graph will show blanks that I do not want... Sample Data: <table x:str="" style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 243pt;" width="325" border="0" cellpadding="0"...
  17. Z

    Help with Stacked Multi Axis Bar Chart

    I'm creating a bar chart where I'm plotting two series one above the other. I've set the chart to plot the second series on the Secondary Y axis which is what I want. The problem is the two charts are overlapping on one another. How can I move the secondary axis down so that they are above and...

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