1. slave1spectre

    Scan against X in cell when matched...automated

    <a href="" target="_blank"> Hi All, Please bear with me as I am not a programmer and therefore aren't fully competent with the terminology or...
  2. kelly mort

    QR code to load a static barcode control on a worksheet

    I have this code here, to create qr code. It's doing well getting the code. But I am thinking of having a pre-created barcode control, where I only run the code to load the control instead of creating new one each time. Maybe, the sheet change event will do the job. But since this object is...
  3. N

    VBA Code to insert the same data for many clients!!

    Hi, I have a userform with many controls, and below are some of them txtBarCode (TextBox) [where I insert the needed Item's Barcode] cmbNum (ComboBox) [(List from 1 to 8) to Identify the clients number] txt_Name1, txt_Name2 ...txt_Name8 (TextBox) [To insert the client names, (if cmbNum = 3...
  4. HappyChappy

    Barcodes in Excel

    Hi having great problems with bar codes currently using a web based site to generate barcodes then cutting and pasting them into excel as a picture. The site uses Code 128b for the fonts. I downloaded said font and thought it must be better to do...
  5. H

    Problem scanning data from a barcode reader into excel

    Hi all, I have a vexing problem. I have a Toughbook CF-H2 Toughbook running Windows 7 pro with service pack 1. The unit has a built in barcode scanner. It scans a barcode perfectly and inputs the number into Word, Word Pad, or a text document but when I try to scan the barcode directly into...
  6. A

    Auto Print after scanning in 7 digit barcode

    Hey guys, I am wanting to print a label automatically after user scans in barcode in A1. The code I am using is If Intersect(Target, Sheets("Sheet2").Range("A1")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub Else Application.EnableEvents = False If Len(Target.Value) = 7 Then...
  7. G

    BarCode Scanner

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to scan the barcode and that barcode value should display/print in excel column 'C' , can this be done using excel Can anyone suggest me, how this can be done. Regards, Dhruva.
  8. N

    Search manually from sub_Change

    Hello, I have a userform with a lot of textboxes, one of these textboxes is "txtBarCode" that allows me to enter any Barcode to check if the item is exist or not and lookup values for "txtItemName" & "txtPrice" and I have the code below that works very well But, sometimes I need to enter the...
  9. N

    Userform Textboxes values passing to a listbox

    Hello, Please I need your help. I have the link below for my shop workbook "example workbook" that contains a userform to manage my invoices I'm stuck in the following steps and don't know how to solve them, and need your help if you may In TextBox "txtBarCode", If I search for an item by...
  10. U

    Scan All Product Data into Excel Using the Barcode

    I would like to know if this is possible. You can use Excel to scan in a Barcode from various products, it scans into a cell and either you autotab or click to the next cell to get the next barcode. When you sell a product like books you notice that certain data is consistant accross related...
  11. N

    Simple String question

    I'm currently using a barcode scanner to input values into an excel sheet. the barcode contains values such as: C000111254|HPSSF2517|14NIZE C000098567|HSCF21|22BRSS etc. The beginning and end string length will always be the same. 10 characters and 6. the middle set will vary in length. I...
  12. B

    barcode and description

    hi im scanning barcodes into A column and want b column to put description of item in column in B I am trying to create a inventory sign out, sign in page for search and rescue Thanks Barry
  13. T

    Excel Barcodes substract or add number

    Hello, Curently I have this: <tbody> Item Stock Barcode ADD BARCODE SUBSTRACT Samsung Galaxy TAB s3 5 Datalogic PBT930 2 </tbody> So I have created barcodes and inserted them in the barcode add and barcode substract field. Each barcode has a different value. What I want to do is...
  14. N

    Barcode System for Checking In and Out

    I am writing a macro in VBA for an excel spreadsheet to manage barcode sign ins for a summer camp program. Column A is Last Name Column B is First Name Column C is ID Number All other columns will be alternating between AM check-in and PM check-in This issue I am having that, upon scanning...
  15. N

    VBA for Macro Button

    I'm not overly knowledgeable when it comes to VBA so I'm hoping someone can write me a quick VBA for this purpose. I have a long list of items in a tracking file, each line-item has a barcode in column D and a macro button beside each barcode in column E. I need a VBA code so if I click on the...
  16. N

    Creating a Macro Button to Print Specific Cells

    I need to create a "print" button using ActiveX (Our company blocks the other macro button) to print off a specific cell containing a barcode. The document is a tracking file so when each line item is filled out, it generates a barcode. Beside each barcode, I want a macro button of some sort...
  17. M

    Window / GUI lookup

    Hello - How can I get a window or GUI lookup in Excel? Sheet1 will have the lookup windows - Sheet2 the data table Also, for the input of the lookup, it would be great if it could conduct a fuzzy search. For example, 0346 is the input of the search and the output = the barcode for item #...
  18. M

    Calculate Check Digit

    Hi All, I think this should be fairly easy but I am just a bit of an issue getting a formula to work. I need to calculate a check digit for a bar code. The # is 3910037276 The instructions to figure check digit are as follows: Work with the leftmost 10 digits. Starting from the left take...
  19. D

    Excel help on testing an inventory

    I have an inventory of 550 emergency exit lights that must be tested every month. I'm finding my testers are not actually testing the lights but just checking them off on a printed spreadsheet. I want to install barcode stickers on the lights so they have to go to each light to verify...
  20. G

    EXCEL 2013 Sheet and blocks barcode

    Barcode scanner, 60 sheets. I need the active block to be A1 on a specific sheet . So if Paul scans his barcode i need the active block to go to his sheet, and if john scans his barcode i need the active block to go to John s sheet A1 ?

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