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    Using a variable in a formula

    I've seen a similar question to the append with the heading of "Using a variable in a formula", but I can't fine the correct syntax for my particular problem which is as follows: =DATE(YEAR(summary_start_date)+1,MONTH(summary_start_date),DAY(summary_start_date)) I want to change the + part...
  2. B

    Unusual VBA Not Responding Issue

    Hi, I have a VBA program that has multiple modules and basically it starts a userform on workbook_open event. Then it goes to a log on screen in the userform. Once a userlogs in the code checks credentials against database to make sure its legit then it goes through a subroutine which basically...
  3. D

    Excel Question in regards to formulas

    Okay, so question i have is this, i have a budget sheet that has the monthly bills in their own cell and my net on top and the leftover on the bottom. so basically the leftover formula is the sum of the positive currency minus the bills. so what i am trying to do is once the payment is...
  4. T

    Multiple Routes on Single Map

    Good Afternoon, I know this isn't an Excel question, but I was hoping someone on this board could help. I need to create mutiple routes on a map and was wondering if anyone new of a free service to do this task. Basically ill have 41 distinct across the US and the software my company uses you...
  5. M

    Formula to find possible combinations to a target amount

    Hello! I'm trying to find what possible combination of numbers is causing a variance. I saw someone do a formula once to find this but I don't have that formula. We have a statement with close to 500 lines and I wanted to be able to find which combination of those number would make $$$ amount...
  6. B

    average ifs/ percentile

    all having some issues with average ifs logic. my formula of "average if" / "percentile" works fine {=AVERAGE(IF('Data sample'!$E$11:$E$211>PERCENTILE('Data sample'!$E$11:$E$211,0.9),'Data sample'!$E$11:$E$211))} HOWEVER, when i try to add "averageifs", i cant seem to make it work...
  7. M

    Auto Sort VBA

    I am a hopeless Excel User and need help with sorting Columns H,P,X,AF and AN. Each Row the data begins on Row 9 and goes to Row 26 Only. Basically, if i change the Dropdown to say "Yes" I want that Data to sort at the top of the list. Sorry if this makes no sense :)
  8. R

    excel Formula - sum only visible cells with multiple criteria

    I found the following thread: which is great and I love it, but I need to basically do a SUMIFS on visible cells. so How would I put that together? Thanks,
  9. A

    Adding date range criteria

    Hello everyone, I have a quick question, how can I add a date range to the fllowing formula? =SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(IF('Master expense sheet '!C:C=Summary!D2,'Master expense sheet '!J:J),'Master expense sheet '!J:J)>0,1)) basically i just want it to do the same thing but just for anything less...
  10. B

    Auto Generate Data-Sheets

    I'm fairly new to VBS, but have done lots of work in C, and C++. I'm having a hard time figuring out if what I want to do is even possible. Basically I have a lit of equipment that needs servicing each with a unique ID. The equipment can be broken down into two main categories. Each of these...
  11. B

    Using either vlookup or IF function

    Hi, I have a query. I have a 2 tables of data, similar to below and basically I need to analyse how many pallets move in and out in a month, the raw data is inputted on the the bottom table but I want to know if there is a way to do a vlookup or IF function to basically add in the total number...
  12. P

    Multiple if statements to have a percentage

    Hi, I'm not even sure how to title this and as such unable to find a solution which i'm sure is out there. Basically I'm looking to do a formula that says Basically i have 5 cells at as each gets filled out cell a1 would increase by 20 % so if A1 is "" then "" else 20% unless b1 is filled then...
  13. C

    Copy and Paste to another sheet on an empty cell

    hi guys, new to the forum.... im trying to code up in VBA but stuck at the moment hoping to find answers... basically i have this worksheet tab call "Fruits", with a column header starting at cell A4 call "Fruit Types", and subsequently A5, A6 onwards have different names of fruits. Basically I...
  14. S

    Elapsed Time - working with the data in the field

    Hi. I've created an elapsed time (formatted as [h]) from this formula:-...
  15. G

    Formula for Comparisons and Subtraction

    Good Morning, I've posted a photo so you can see what I'm doing but basically... I want to compare two columns and then subtract the numbers next to them if they match. I want to compare column K and column N, find the matches and then subtract column L from column O to paste into column Q...
  16. S

    Data required to be compiled and added up, maybe INDEX?

    Hi there! Sorry I'm not very good at Excel and have been struggling on this for a while - I've tried so many methods and tried hard to search for an answer.. Basically I'm creating a document to help me to do my job better and I am very limited to what I can do. The report I require the data...
  17. P


    I am so close with my macro... This is my last error. I am using the ActiveSheet.Range("").Select method, and it is doing the following: ActiveSheet.Range("A6").Select 'works like a charm for exactly what I need. I am copy/pasting between files, and using this works. I would like to use the...
  18. N

    VBA To Ignore Filter If Selection not found instead of Looping

    Hi, I have what I think is a simple problem, but can't figure it out: Basically, some of my sheets may have a filtered selection included, some may not, but if the selection is not found the code seems to loop forever. How do I prevent this? Here is my code: Worksheets("Services...
  19. C

    Object defined error?

    Hi there, I'm baffled by a seemingly trivial problem in VBA, maybe I didn't define something? I was hoping ya'll can help shed light on this. :) Basically, this code works: Dim roster As Worksheet With ThisWorkbook Set roster = .Sheets.Add(After:=.Sheets(.Sheets.Count))...
  20. T

    Formula to split out cell

    Hi, Is there formula to split out contents of cell Basically say in a1 the value is 99999991 ..basically the formula needs to select first 7 figures from left then input a "-" and then have the remaining characters. So in B1 it would be 9999999-1 Other results would be 999999912 would be...

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