1. fnijkampnl

    properties of tab greyed out when closing

    Hi, I didn't do a search for this problem because I do not know how to make a correct search argument. That is all answers were about something else. This is the case. In my BeforeClose procedure I did a VeryHidden on all tabs and a show on a tab with a warning. The warning stated that the...
  2. E

    How to use personal macros that will work each time any excel file closes

    I've writtenamacro in my whose purpose is to ask me, when I try to close thefile, whetheror not all tasks have been completed within that specificfile. Rather than addthis to the numerous excel files I get into each day, I'dlike to add it to mypersonal workbook. The problem I’m having is that...
  3. J

    Beforeclose does not work

    Hello all, I have the following code in a module and it does not display the message or save the workbook before closing it.What i am doing wrong?! Thank you in advance. Public Sub Workbook_BeforeClose() MsgBox "Save" ThisWorkbook.Save End Sub
  4. A

    Excel 2013 vba

    Hiya, So im pretty new too excel and im trying to create a document that if mandatory fields are not filled out then you cannot close the document and a POP UP will appear saying *Please fill out this mandatory field* . However I want it for a range off cell but not necessary in the same...
  5. L

    enable cutcopy

    Hi good people!, my friend's pc just suddenly gave a problem. He was opening files and everything worked, until he opened another. Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, "drag and drop", everything is greyed out. I wrote the "application cutcopymode=true" in the workbook beforeclose event, but even with...
  6. C

    BeforeClose optional message box

    I have a workbook setup to not close if certain cell(s) are not filled out to prevent error (code below). However, it has become rather annoying if we need to open a sheet just for reference as we have to fill in all of the cells to before excel will close. Instead of preventing the worksheet to...
  7. S

    BeforeClose event fires and runs code but does not cleanup

    When the user opens my application, some tidying up is done: Private Sub Workbook_Open() shtMain.Activate ExcelLockDown End Sub Sub ExcelLockDown() With Application .CellDragAndDrop = False .CutCopyMode = False .OnKey "^c", "" .OnKey "^v", ""...
  8. T

    BeforeClose not running

    Good afternoon All, My first post to MrExcel B) I want a macro that password protects all sheets in the workbook called 'Potato' when the workbook is closed. For some reason it doesn't work and I can't figure our why :s Can anyone help me? This is what I've written: Option Explicit Sub...
  9. Mississippi Girl

    Backup works for some users, not for others...

    We have a workbook that is shared by a lot of people. It's saved on a network drive and users of the workbook go in and make updates as needed. We've been having problems with folks forgetting to save their work, so I included this bit of code to save a "back up" before the file is closed...
  10. A

    Closing secondary files

    I am looking for a line of VBA code to use after I execute code to go into a secondary file to make an update and then “save (as new file) and close” the secondary file without having to get the exit message that asks me if I want to save the file. I am currently using the following lines in a...
  11. Maximus Tatius

    Adding a BeforeClose event to a Workbook created using Workbooks.Add

    I have a fairly complex workbook which contains a worksheet I use as a template for a new workbook - I populate this as part of a long script which fires when I click a command button on a form, then copy this sheet to a new workbook which I create and save in the same script. This works fine...
  12. K

    Saved = True not working in BeforeClose due to charts updating

    Hi. I have a seemingly strange problem with a macro enabled workbook. In the BeforeClose sub i force the workbook to save with Me.Save However, when I try to close the workbook Excel always shows the standard Save dialogue. I've doubled checked that Me.Saved = True when running BeforeClose...
  13. D

    VBA Excel Crashes when .saveas called inside beforeClose on Mac

    Hey folks, interesting problem here. I have an order form that users fill out and send in using VBA. I must avoid the original file being saved over and prompt the user to saveas if they haven't saved a copy of the workbook since they opened it. I want to be able to give the user the option...
  14. T

    BeforeClose/ BeforeSave - required fields

    Hi all! I would like to add a script that forces the user to edit certain fields upon saving/closing the workbook. In the "Revision history" sheet, I've added a script that populates the date and author columns automatically, when Description and revision fields are edited. Se code below...
  15. M

    BeforeClose event

    Hi, Does anyone know if there's a BeforeClose Application event, rather than a BeforeClose Workbook event? Or some way to disable the main Application Close button when more than one workbook is open? I'm having a problem with some workbooks that rely heavily on event macros. The workbooks...
  16. J

    Minor issue with BeforeClose functionality

    First of all, I apologise for the lack of, or incorrect, terminology for this query. Is there any way to bypass code that exists under Workbook 'BeforeClose' event, when required? Here's what's happening... I have an "On Error Goto GenErr" in various locations in the project incase there is a...
  17. P

    Stop Msg Box if process completed

    I have a Workbook with links to a second Workbook - at the end of each week the user needs to run a Macro to break the links (I have this one) As a reminder I'm currently showing a Msg Box anytime the file is closed reminding them to run the Macro if they have completed processing for the week...
  18. S

    How Do I Designate a Column in My Macro

    I am using the following 2 macros to change the font color from Black to White before printing and then back again once I save the file. I never could get Lenze's solution from Feb 2002 to work. Just for the record, Lenze has helped me plenty (directly and indirectly), so I'm not hating...
  19. B

    Before Close Multiple Inactive Workbook Close

    Hi I wrote a simple function to open 3 workbooks upon opening a workbook, Then i wrote a simple one to close the 3 workbooks, this works fine as a sub, However when placed as a Private Sub in the BeforeClose section it doesn't work and tells me subscript is out of range any ideas? Private...
  20. T

    Use workbook_beforeclose without loosing the question "do you want to save your changes"

    All, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I wish to update the workbook each time it's being closed, and I do it by using workbook_beforeclose, and then ThisWorkbook.Save<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> When working like that, I'm losing...

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