1. N

    Extracting rows to new tabs by column VBA

    Hi everyone, I'm an educator who is having trouble with some code to write for a task I need to do. I have a spreadsheet with column headings and a first row of data as such: A B C D E F G H I...
  2. A

    Unable to copy sheets to another workbook

    In the last 24 hours, since updating to build 8625.2127, I have notice a bizarre behaviour. In the past, when I wanted to copy or move a sheet from one workbook to another by right clicking on its tab, I used to be offered a drop down menu of all the open books, headed by "(new book)". Now...
  3. L

    array formula behavior changed?!

    Hi guys! I have a weird little problem with an array formula. I've been using this for a couple of years now and it always worked perfect but I just noticed something strange. This is the formula...
  4. I

    Copy/Paste, Special, Values (almost) freezes Excel 2010

    Hi all, This had me scratching my head: at work, we're using a large-ish .xlsx file, with about 20K rows, with a lot of look-ups and so on. A messy job, but it's being kept in use due to, well, user reluctance to switch to an Access solution. You know the drill. There is a manual operation...
  5. Qete_ARG

    Odd behaviour in cell!!!

    Hello guys/gals: I am having a really, reaaallyyyy strange behaviour in some cells. I had a formula there adding 2 to another cell which had a date. eg: =A1+2, where A1 had a value of 01/01/2009. When I open the book again (this book is stored in the server, so it is shared and 3 people work on...

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