1. K

    Automated conversion from TXT

    I have a txt file that needs to be converted from txt to csv with excel. Process needs to be automated and I am not sure how to do this at all. Any input would be a big help. The deliminator is a | Thanks Keith
  2. B

    Clean up code

    Hi guys, bit of a novice at VBA and I have pieced together a workbook combing code I have recorded, sourced on the web and with help from this board. The code seems slow and clunky and I've now started to get 1004 errors. Is anyone willing to take a look and try and clean up the code for me? i...
  3. L

    copy a text from internet to excel

    Hi I want to copy a text from internet to Excel. I ctrl+C the text from the internet, then in Excel, I clicked on Paste-->Special -- then select text. Everything copied fine only one issue, some lines are so long. It looks like taking the whole row. I know it is only in one cell A1 for example...
  4. J

    line graph

    Hello All I was wondering how do I change the dot size (plot points) on a line graph Mine are too big Thank you Jason
  5. S

    Excel not responding

    I created a workbook 3 years ago and since then each month I have been adding a new tab. I currently have about 36 tabs. All tabs are identical size which they are from A1 to AP69. Not every cell has data but most of cells has something in it so I don't think it is necessarily a big file. Every...
  6. A

    Best PC for calculating huge data?

    Hey Dear community, I use VBA to calculate very big files, with my pc ( 6gb ram ) it takes 35 - 40 minutes for calculation. I wanna know what if i make same calculation with server? ( 125gbram etc ) will there be very big difference in calculation time? or is there calculation time limit...
  7. K

    Microsoft Visual Basic Error 400

    I am using the following code to automate goal seek with an assigned button. Each time I tried to run it I get an error with big red X with 400. Any idea how to fix this? Sub GoalSeek1_Click() Range("E22").GoalSeek Goal:=Range("6000").Value, ChangingCell:=Range("D6") End Sub
  8. P

    How do you calculate the size of an array?

    Here's an array I'm using: Dim Array (1 to 4, 1 to 400000, 1 to 12) as long How big is this array? How big would it be as a double or string array?
  9. L

    msgbox question

    Hi I can write msgbox with ( ) or without like the code below? Why I can do that? This function is not returning any value then I thought it should not take ( ), Also I noticed that, I defined X as Int. Then whenever I type x as small letter, excel change it to big X. Does that mean variable...
  10. T

    Ideas on how to make a big tick apear in a cell when i click on it?

    Hi Everyone, I'm open to ideas here but I very stuck. Well have a Sheet that has a range in it that I made look like a big Graph of squares, It Range is G15:Z45 Each cell is about 3 cm square so nice and big, I want to be able to click on a cell and have it make a Tick appear or Disappear and...
  11. F

    Turn on Auto Calculation to Workbooks.Add

    Hi Guru, I'm currently working on a pretty big workbook that is set on Manual Workbook Calculation (Application.Calculation = xlManual). Q: How can I add a new workbook and set that workbook to Automatic Workbook calculation (Application.Calculation = xlAutomatic) and still keep my big...
  12. K

    formula or macro to analyze dimensions

    Can any one help me with a formula or macro to analyze dimensions? My column has many sizes listed, but I need to change it or mark in another column that it's too big fit in my area of 12.375x18.375. For instance, I have these sizes below, they would be marked too big cause they don't...
  13. S

    2 Dimensional Arrays VBA

    I would like to be able to loop through arrays to do a test. I have one big array. It is two dimensional and has 2000 objects. From this array I would like to test every consecutive set of 20 objects to compare to another array. What kind of structure am I looking for here? In other words...
  14. J

    condition format

    Hello to all, I have a calendar and I am looking for help to show stat holidays I have a list of days and what I am looking to do is highlight the cell to show the holiday on the calendarcan so one show me the way it would be a big help thanks
  15. L

    table and chart in vba

    Hi I want to create a table like the one below then fill it with random number and then draw a chart. All in VBA. Is the possible? I just want to learn this using VBA. I did it manually and then recorded the macro but it is too big to understand. Can the code be simple just to understand the...
  16. S

    HELP, Need to trim down clunky workbook.

    Good Morning all I'm not usually one for posting on forums bit I'm at my Wits end. I'm a relative noob, well not noob ive got the basics of Vlookup and formatting etc and up to now I have got by. My live file is huge and I cannot seem to delete empty cells which I belive is the reason why...
  17. I

    Why is the table not populating correctly?

    I can fix the #N/A errors later. Im trying to match the row header and column header in the big table with the table on the left. But is not pasting the correct value where it should be at.
  18. B

    Change the shape size based on the number of characters

    Dears, Supposing I have a rectangle shape... is it possible to change its X size based on a string's number of characters. So, if it's a big text,it should be a big rectangle. And how can I write this string's name into the rectangle? Thank you
  19. H

    Rounding and Precision Errors

    Hello, In Excel/VBA, I have variables: Q and R. They are both a function of x (complicated formula - but no need to describe it here). D = Q^3 + R^2 So I have: x in column A Q in column B R in column C D in column D At one point, Q^3 so small that D = R^2. I am adding a small number (Q^3)...
  20. P

    Circular referencing

    The good people at has been super helpful in other problems I've come across (alternating shady rows, copying sheets within a workbook, for example), and now I have a big one. Currently I'm updating 3 columns manually, and it's a total waste of time. I have columns A, B, and C. B...

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