1. E

    Formula Range referencing another formula

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to replace these bolded numbers... =SUMPRODUCT(1/COUNTIF('Monthly Bills Rec''d'!F2:F5000,'Monthly Bills Rec''d'!F2:F5000)) With the COUNTA result from this formula... COUNTA('Monthly Bills Rec''d'!A:A) Any help on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I

    How to deduct from a cell until 0 then deduct from next cell?

    Hi. I'm trying to create a spreadsheet to help keep track of bills. I'd like the spreadsheet to calculate how much money I'll have left after paying bills per month. Example: <tbody> A B C D E 1 Checking account #1 balance $10000.00 Water bill $100.00 2 Minimum balance $1500.00 Gas...
  3. J

    Beyond my skill

    Hi all, I need some help with a complex function. I am looking for bipartisanship in legislative bills. I have: column A, Legislators name column B, Party affiliation for legislator column C, Sponsor names of an individual bill An example: For legislator Wilkins, a Democrat, I want to know...
  4. J

    Varied rates of commission spreadsheet, please help!

    Hi, First time i have signed up to a forum, I can't seem to find an answer online, and have spent hours trying to figure this out. I need a spreadsheet that calculates varied rates of commission. If a sales person bills £45,000 (above a target threshold), they will be paid on the following...
  5. M

    DAX: How can I calculate MODE for a Reference Table?

    Hi everyone, Thanks to anyone who can help. I hope this makes sense since I'm not very skilled at technical communication. SCENARIO I'm looking to get the MODE of each item on a reference table in Power Pivot. The scenario is that I have a list of vendors on a reference table. Then I have a...
  6. M

    Calculating Drop For A Restaurant In Excel

    Hello everyone, I have a very specific excel question in regards to calculating the daily cash drop for a restaurant. Every day at my restaurant we start with $300 in the cash drawer across all amounts of change and bills. At the end of the day, the person closing counts the total amount of...
  7. C

    Totaling Paper Bills and Coins?

    If I have a column of numbers (money amounts) is it possible that I could get a sum of all the paper bills and all the coins? For example: 12.75 22.50 56.10 Can I have two separate cells with one showing me the paper bills I have collected along with the actual amount of coins? Bills 90.00...
  8. O

    Making Change with Limited and Changing Funds - Dynamic Change Maker

    I'm not sure what to call this really but we are trying to find the best way to make change with limited numbers of bills / coins. I've created a change maker using the MROUND and FLOOR as found in this example and it works well to make change but what happens if we run out of $100 bills or...
  9. O

    Monthly/Yearly Bills workbook

    Hello, I wanted to keep track of bills for each year in excel like the attached by month for each year but I don’t know how I can go about setting the sheets/ cells up for it.I wanted a row for bills then amount owed and its due date and a total owed and its balance. Next when I enter the paid...
  10. G

    Trouble with macro and formula

    Hi all and i appreciate taking the time just read this, i have a fairly simple understanding of excel but have taken it upon myself to set a new detailed family budget and run sheet, what i'm after is some help working out what formula/coding i need. what i'm trying to do is sheet 1 (bills) has...
  11. B

    Annual Bills Overviewer Year Planner Project

    Good evening All, I have spent several days searching for the first step to begin my A3 printable sheet which will provide me a yearly overview of all bill payments and remaining funds at the end of each wage cycle I have used a tangible Year Planner but I now want to attempt to automate the...
  12. B

    Trying to find the next closest date, only if the other column is "NO"

    It's had to word exactly what I am trying to do, but in short I have billers in the I column, and each biller has a due date in column N, and I have whether or not the biller is paid ("YES", or "NO") in column H. I simply want to use today's date and tell me what biller is due next, but only if...
  13. H

    Formula to forecast bill payment dates based on bi-weekly pay-checks.

    Hi, I am working on a spreadsheet (attached) that will automatically add the bill amount due for the appropriate (rows) to the appropriate (column) of the bi-weekly pay-date. I have the formulas added already to calculate the bi-weekly paydate. I also started adding formulas to insert the...
  14. G

    Cell phone bill analyisis

    I am hoping to see if it is possible to create a spreadsheet to compare cell phone costs on a monthly basis. The info I would like to input is minutes used, text used, overage minutes, overage texts, and even data packages. In the end I would like to create a graph that shows a rage of plans...

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