1. J

    Nurse looking for help!

    So just a quick tidbit, during surgery we do something called a "Time Out" where we all pause to verify we have the right patient, procedure, and anatomic location. We have a surgeon that is a "little" superstitious and also like us to list the patients zodiac sign, Chinese Zodiac year (pig...
  2. B

    Age formula: Year / Month / Day

    Hello Everyone, I am working on an excel sheet for a birthday calendar to show how old someone is in Years, Months, and Days. Right now for testing purposes I am using consecutive days. Photo shows the consecutive days. This is the Formula I have so far, but I cant seem to get the days to...
  3. A

    Using Index/Match with an IF Statement???

    I don't know if it is possible, but is there a way to use index/match in an IF statement? Or maybe something else will work. I have a range of A5:F250 with a list of events for different entries. Column A = First Names Column B = Last Names Column D = Name of Events (Birthday, Deceased...
  4. O

    Looking for an If formula

    I am looking to use a IF formula but not sure how to write it so it returns the value i want. I have a list of SKU's that have a location by them, i also have a separate list of locations. I want the If formula to return a value of 1, if the SKU's location appears in my 2nd list...
  5. W

    Months and Days Until Next Birthday - 2019 update

    Hi, I was looking for a formula to calculate Months and Days Until Next Birthday. I found this thread It works well, unless the birthday month and day are the same as today. In that case (e.g. birthday...
  6. N

    Un-flatten Survey Data

    I have survey data that requests responses from parents about the number of kids they would like registered for an activity. <tbody> Parent Name Child 1 Name Child 1 T-Shirt Size Child 1 Birthday Child 2 Name Child 2 T-Shirt Size Child 2 Birthday Child 3 Name Child 3 T-Shirt Size Child 3...
  7. C

    Automatic birthday emails

    Can you advise in very simple terms, how I can get a spreadsheet with our colleagues birthdays to automatically generate a personal birthday email please?
  8. K

    Happy birthday bill jelen!

    Happy birthday Bill Jelen!!
  9. R

    Using Gmail to Send Excel Grades Home to Students and Their Parents

    Dear Sir or Madam: My name is Markus, and today is my birthday. Therefore, I am hoping Mr. Excel can provide me with a very special birthday gift. I am a teacher who is trying to send Excel student grades via Gmail to students and their parents. I don't want to involve a another component such...
  10. M

    Birthday Spreadsheet

    Hi Need some help building a simple formula. I would like A1 to be populated with the name of the person when it's 3 weeks before their birthday, I've created a table array called Birthday, see below <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Name Birthday Bert Smith 09-Jun Roger Rooster...
  11. B

    How to create birthday alert/warnings?

    With this code i take out the birthday date from a socialnumber (personnummer in sweden) Sub GetBirthdayDate() Application.Echo False On Error GoTo PROC_ERR Dim dat Dim year Dim mounth Dim day Dim age year = Left(Form_Profile_Form.txtProfilePersonnummer, 2) mounth =...
  12. S

    Need to send Email to whole team for Birthday Wishes using VBA

    Hi All, Need help on below requirement: I need to send email's to whole team for Birthday wishes Need to have a Macro I wanted to embed an image below the birthday wishes text. Regards, Sajith
  13. S

    Auto send birthday email

    dear friends, I have my team birthday list in excel sheet I am send greeting to manually in outlook. Now I want to send the greeting automatically when the date will come and send the copy with my all team members also is there any VBA code please provide me i will attached the sample sheet
  14. S

    Calculate days since last birthday

    I want to calculate the days since someone's last birthday. In cell A1 I have today's date and in cell B1 I have their date of birth. In cell C1 I want a formula that calculates the days since their birthday (not the days since their date of birth). Any suggestions?:confused:
  15. melissarose

    How to calculate a person's NEXT age rather than current age?

    I wanted to make a table alongside my personal budget showing me when each person's birthday is and how old they are next going to be, since I always forget. I can get their current age by using the formula =DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"y") I tried just changing it to =DATEDIF(A18,TODAY(),"y")+1 but it...
  16. I

    Find all birthdays from all worksheets

    Hello. This is my first post in here so excuse me for my complicated explanation. I have a workbook where I have about hundred worksheets. First worksheet is so called frontpage and the others are clients/companies. Worksheets are named accordig to the clients and companies. In cli/com...
  17. M

    Advanced age display from birthday

    Hi I work on a paediatric ward in a hospital and my boss has set me a challenge for our handover sheet. If I enter the birthday of a child, I can have the age displayed as 1y10m6d for eg. What we want is if the child is younger than 1 to have just 2m5d displayed for eg. If aged 1-3 have 1y4m...
  18. repairman615

    Happy Birthday VoG

    I find your posts very helpful in beginning to understand VBA. I cannot return the gift you have extended here, so I will Just say, Thank You.
  19. Goldfield

    Data or Formula in Same cell

    Hi everybody I have two cells A1: Birthday) and A2: Age) Using VBA I want A2 to display the age if i type the birthday in A1 using a formula like this one...
  20. D

    Birthdate Calculations w/Set Stop Date

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a formula that calculates an individuals exact age given their date of birth, that shows their age in years (possibly with two decimal points.) I have seen the formulas using the TODAY() option, however I will need the stop date to be effective 05-JAN-08...

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