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    Formula to blank to formula

    Hi I have the following formula in a cell, which works great, and turns what is in the cell blank, if a 0) is subsequently put into cell a23. However there are times when I then need to then change cell a23 back to a different number, so I then want the formula to kick back in ...... Problem...
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    VBA - Empty Cells Show With Custom Text

    Hi all, Im a total newbie at VBA And as a result, I’ve tried following various tutorials to achieve the below outcome, but no avail. Not sure of what to do beyond the point of pasting the VBA code into the workbook. I need a VBA code that will work in such a way that whenever a cell is empty...
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    Delete "Empty" Cells in Excel

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to delete all the empty cells in my excel document, for sorting purposes. Everyday an excel document is generated with data from one of our systems. The system is capable of storing up to 20,000 values per day and inputs all the data into the file, even "blank"...
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    Sort Blank cells to bottom in a descending sort in VBA

    I am sorting the following columns independently and in descending order, i.e. the largest value in each column will always be in the top row. However, I have several blank cells in the table. These are not actually blank, but rather the formula e.g. IFERROR(H2/I2,"") gives a blank answer. I...
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    Ensure that no blanks are left in Date column

    Hi Guys, I have a couple of sheets that are accessed my one other person. I have dashboards with pivot tables that are all based around grouped dates. My colleague is in the habit of not filling the info out correctly and has been know to leave a date blank and refresh the workbook, hence...
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    VBA Look for blank cells in columns and highlight the header of the column

    Hi, thank you in advance for you help! Here's what the VBA is trying to do but not successful :) Look for blank cells in columns D and J, if there are blank cells then highlight the header cell in the same column and if no blank then do nothing. This will let me know there are blank cells to...
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    Dynamic Name Range (Blank Cells) / OFFSET & COUNTA #VALUE! Error

    Good afternoonall, First off, apologies in advance for the long post and maybe long windedexplanation. I have asummary which was created using a combination of SUMPRODUCT, MATCH & ROWfunctions with the good help of Marcelo Branco - This works fine and theresults are as expected. However, I...
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    Find blank cells in column and put in VLookup formula, but only if there is a value in another cell in a different column

    Hi, thank you in advance for any help on this! Here's what I'm trying to accomplish: On Sheet1, look for blank cells in columns O, Q, Z, AC, and put in a Vlookup formula (referencing sheet2). But only put in the Vlookup formula if there is a value (name) in column B (in the same row and on...
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    OFFSET and Blank Spaces.

    Hi, I've only recently started exploring excel functions and i need help with my daily logging chart. Im trying to generate a dynamic chart with the following data using OFFSET and COUNT functions for the recent 7 days. My data is as follows: <colgroup><col width="64" span="15"...
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    VBA Sort Till Last Blank Cell and Put Blanks on Top

    Hello Gurus, Can you possibly help me on the codes by how to sort below and put those blanks data (Day) on top and maybe put some light yellow highlight for easy reference? Before <tbody> No Code Name Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 1 001 Jen 50 25 10 5 1 2 002 Sean 3 003 Meg...
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    VBA delete rows

    I have an Oracle report that is converted to delimited text. I need to delete the entire row if column A is blank. I need the VBA to start on row 30. Does anyone have a VBA code for this? Thank you.
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    Pivot table show items with no data when group filter applied

    I created a Pivot Table. Table serves two purposes: 1. To list employees (by pay grade) who have completed X, Y, and Z training courses 2. To list employees (by pay grade) who have not completed X, Y, and Z training courses To do this, I merged two Excel worksheets. Worksheet 1 contains a list...
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    Blank values accepted in a list validated field

    I have a named range without blanks in it. I have configured cells in a column to be validated against this list. If I type in a value that is not in the list and tab out of it, I get the expected error message, but if I leave the cell blank I get no error at all when leaving the cell. I have...
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    populate column k with most recent populated cell

    I have been racking my brain and google for a few days now and cannot figure this out. Column K is sparsely populated and I cannot figure out a formula to copy down the data from the most recently populated cell in that column whenever the adjacent cell in column L is populated. can anyone...
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    Highlight Blank Cells Based on a Date in a Different Column

    I have a spreadsheet which has due date in column AB, and a completed date in column AC. If today's date is = to AB and AC is blank, I'd like AC to turn orange. If today's date is +1 day greater than AB and AC is blank, I'd like AC to turn red. If a date is entered in AC which is either equal...
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    I am interested in using Sumifs function on blank criterion. i.e. =SUMIFS(F10:F66,D10:D66,"MANUAL ADJUSTMENT (SET)"+SUMIFS(F10:F66,D10:D66,"BLANK CELL")). Thank you in advance
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    VBA BeforeCLose

    Hi all, I have the below code and this is what I want to achieve: IF L1=1 AND B1="" AND C1="" then I want to prevent the file from saving. In all the other scenarios, the file should be saved. I need to also be able to specific Sheet name. Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As...
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    Selecting a range above the blank - macro

    Is there a simple way to select a range from the currently selected cell down to the cell directly above a blank? I'm writing a macro where I've found the first cell in a column that I need, but I haven't figured out how to do a "Shift + Select" down to the cell above the next blank cell. It...
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    Add blank cells

    Good afternoon, I am trying to create a Macro to add a blank cell in-between line. Every month when we do this there is no way to know how many lines we will have. Manually doing these I do the following: Number the cells next to the date and auto fill all the way down. Copy the numbers. Paste...
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    Line chart, plot only data, not blank, and label x axis only with plotted data - Help, please

    Greetings all - I have looked high and low and can see that a lot of people have asked about how to keep a line chart from plotting blank cells, but I seem not to be able to nail it down in any effective manner. I have a column that is 25k rows. Each cell has a formula that produces a...

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