blank cell

  1. B

    Weighted Averages ignoring blanks and unrelated columns. For Google Sheets

    Hi! I am having a lot of trouble calculating a weighted average and ignoring blank cells. I understand what to do if the data is in an array, but I am working on a scorecard that will be printed out. The odd formatting is making it very difficult for me to use the sumproduct function and...
  2. K

    Need formula to return the earliest Date with the first blank "$ Amount" field that matches a specific ID

    Hi! I have a spreadsheet that we use to track contracts, Purchase orders, and Invoices/payments. I am trying to create a field that will show me the next soonest invoice date that doesn't yet have a dollar amount populated (because that date is the next invoice that we haven't yet paid... the...
  3. S

    If cell is blank, go to next right one.

    Hi everyone, I have a workbook with 4 sheets. In cell B16 of sheet "RBB" I want to create a formula to output the first value (from left to right) found between the columns L to AY of sheet "Belegerfassung" in the row related to the ID in column A. In sheet "RBB" this ID is reflected in cell...
  4. D

    VBA Sort Blanks

    I am trying to sort a sheet by blanks in 2 columns. For example, any row that has blanks in both key columns will be deleted. However, if either or both columns have information, it should be left alone. I'm struggling to get this to work with both columns rather than just one.
  5. E

    Filter Pivot Table Column

    Hello, I am trying hide the rows in Pivot Table where color Blue has no QTY/ empty cell. Any suggestion please? Thank you.
  6. E

    Sum Cells and IF Statement to add times

    I have a table where I record the start time and end time for Frac and Wireline operations on a well, and that process is repeated for each stage of the well. Sometimes we skip stages and no times are entered indicating that skip which messed up the Total Time calculation. I left "Stage 3" (Row...
  7. M

    Formula-Generated Blank Cell is Not Recognized by Formula

    Can someone please tell me why the following formula does NOT work correctly when used to process cells that contain a formula-generated value but works fine when the data in the cells are entered "manually"? So I don't have to enter data manually in all the cells, I decided to use a simple...
  8. S

    How do I write an IF statement for number sequencing?

    How do I write a formula that achieves Column B? When a blank cell appears in Column A, Column B must also leave the cell blank. But on the next cell if there is a filled cell in Column A, it must continue the number sequence from where it was last left in Column B.
  9. T

    Blank cell cant make calculations !

    Hello Forum! I have this data and I would like to calculate the profit loss,( entry value - exit value) or the other way around it depend if is a long or a short. The problem I am facing is that I can't make the calculation because the data in not linear but shifted, what's the best solution ...
  10. D

    VBA code or other solution to color cells white if they contain no data

    Hello everybody, I am currently facing an issue. I would like to create a code that colors my cells with a complete white background and no borders if they contain no data (numbers, letters, signs or anything else). Please see the following snip: For the blank cells from Cell A135-D135 and...
  11. B

    Create blank cells from drop down menu

    Hi All, I'm trying to create a diet plan as i go through the weeks and I would like to stick to one table where if I select the next week, all the cells would go blank and if I switch back to the previous week. I have my data still there. I would like to create a drop down menu of weeks where...
  12. F

    Formula to blank to formula

    Hi I have the following formula in a cell, which works great, and turns what is in the cell blank, if a 0) is subsequently put into cell a23. However there are times when I then need to then change cell a23 back to a different number, so I then want the formula to kick back in ...... Problem...
  13. S

    VBA - Empty Cells Show With Custom Text

    Hi all, Im a total newbie at VBA And as a result, I’ve tried following various tutorials to achieve the below outcome, but no avail. Not sure of what to do beyond the point of pasting the VBA code into the workbook. I need a VBA code that will work in such a way that whenever a cell is empty...
  14. G

    Delete "Empty" Cells in Excel

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to delete all the empty cells in my excel document, for sorting purposes. Everyday an excel document is generated with data from one of our systems. The system is capable of storing up to 20,000 values per day and inputs all the data into the file, even "blank"...
  15. S

    Sort Blank cells to bottom in a descending sort in VBA

    I am sorting the following columns independently and in descending order, i.e. the largest value in each column will always be in the top row. However, I have several blank cells in the table. These are not actually blank, but rather the formula e.g. IFERROR(H2/I2,"") gives a blank answer. I...
  16. D

    Ensure that no blanks are left in Date column

    Hi Guys, I have a couple of sheets that are accessed my one other person. I have dashboards with pivot tables that are all based around grouped dates. My colleague is in the habit of not filling the info out correctly and has been know to leave a date blank and refresh the workbook, hence...
  17. T

    VBA Look for blank cells in columns and highlight the header of the column

    Hi, thank you in advance for you help! Here's what the VBA is trying to do but not successful :) Look for blank cells in columns D and J, if there are blank cells then highlight the header cell in the same column and if no blank then do nothing. This will let me know there are blank cells to...
  18. C

    Dynamic Name Range (Blank Cells) / OFFSET & COUNTA #VALUE! Error

    Good afternoonall, First off, apologies in advance for the long post and maybe long windedexplanation. I have asummary which was created using a combination of SUMPRODUCT, MATCH & ROWfunctions with the good help of Marcelo Branco - This works fine and theresults are as expected. However, I...
  19. T

    Find blank cells in column and put in VLookup formula, but only if there is a value in another cell in a different column

    Hi, thank you in advance for any help on this! Here's what I'm trying to accomplish: On Sheet1, look for blank cells in columns O, Q, Z, AC, and put in a Vlookup formula (referencing sheet2). But only put in the Vlookup formula if there is a value (name) in column B (in the same row and on...
  20. Y

    OFFSET and Blank Spaces.

    Hi, I've only recently started exploring excel functions and i need help with my daily logging chart. Im trying to generate a dynamic chart with the following data using OFFSET and COUNT functions for the recent 7 days. My data is as follows: <colgroup><col width="64" span="15"...
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