blank lines

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    Macro to sort ranges in column

    Hello all, I'm looking for a macro to sort ranges based on a recurring word in column W. In column W I have a word ("Wave 4") and every time I see that word, I want to sort the range based on the values in column W from big to small. And then it has to look for the next Wave 4 word and do it all...
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    Deleting blank rows and shifting rows up

    Okay, this is my very first post and I might not be asking the right question but here is what i'm trying to accomplish. I'm creating a master list of projects according to employees. So I created a drop down box with employee names and then used the code:=IF('worksheet'!C:C="employee...
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    Blank Lines

    :eeek: I have a report that has everyother line blank. I want to delete the blank ones. I attempted to filter it and deselect "blank" but it dosen't work. Any ideas on how I can achieve this? :eeek: :confused:

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