1. J

    Return Blank with an IF Formula

    Hello sorry if this has been posted before but struggling with this as I am not 100% Tech Savvy. I am trying to work out the formula to add to the below where I want the cell to remain blank if nothing is in the requested formula cell but every time I do this is it either enters the word...
  2. R


    MATCHES is a powerful enhancement to the Excel's built-in MATCH function and returns the relative positions of all items in a one-dimensional array that match a specified value Excel's built-in MATCH function returns the relative position of the first matching item in a one-dimensional array...
  3. R


    ISXTYPE, companion to XTYPE, is a powerful alternative to Excel's built-in type-based conditional functions such as ISNUMBER, ISTEXT, etc., while packing other useful features as well ISXTYPE was designed to provide conditional output after assessing the precise and high-resolution data type of...
  4. R


    XTYPE outputs the precise data type of a cell/range or the elements of an array beyond the resolution of Excel's TYPE() or CELL("type",) XTYPE was designed to provide detailed and high-resolution information about the data type that a cell or cells of a range/array contain. Thus, it is...
  5. J

    Trying to count multiple columns IFBLANK or Not

    I am attempting to count multiple columns that will be filled with different information/values/text. If all of the Columns are not blank, I want the column to report out as "Done" otherwise, the column can stay blank or report out as "Not Done". Every IF or BLANK formula I try seems not to work...
  6. E

    Loop trough two ranges

    I need help in looping the code below trough my named range or just skip blank rows. Below code works fine until it should skip rows which should not contain textbox value. My textboxes for this code starts at 58 and runs trough 66. But the value from theese textboxes should be pasted to cells...
  7. A

    If filtered range is blank, message box

    I filter my data based on entries in field 8 and once I have that filtered I want a message box to pop up to let me know if there are any new entries. The filtering works, and I know that the message box criteria is wrong since cell H2 won't be blank. It's just not in the filtered range, but...
  8. C

    Count Words in cell and ignore blanks

    Hello, I am trying to create a word/phrase counter where it counts the contents of the cell (regardless of how many words are in there), and shows how many times it appears in the range. I apologize if it sounds confusing, but here is the example: Source: Genre Number Historical...
  9. U

    If a cell in column A is not blank then column B equals

    Hello, I'm having trouble with something that seems pretty straight forward. I have a worksheet with Dates and Blank cells in column A and would like to put "Open" if column A has a Date and "Closed" if column A has a Blank in column B. I'm using the following code but am getting a 400 error...
  10. Jyggalag

    IFBLANK formula but with specific text as well

    Hi all! I have this formula: But for some reason, my formula does not work? I want my formula to return "NOT BLANK AND NOT 1" if the cell contains a value that is not = 1 and not a blank cell. If the cell contains the value 1 or is blank, i want my formula to return a blank cell. Can...
  11. V

    Checking if a row is blank on every worksheet

    I have a excel workbook having 70 worksheets. Now, I want to check if Row 13 on every worksheet is blank or not. If not blank, then I want name of that worksheet. Is there any excel formulae to get that detail without checking every worksheet separately?
  12. J

    VBA macro: Copy to clipboard table range up to 0 in first column as criteria

    Hello everyone:) Maybe someone can share with an idea of macro, which will copy specific cell range to clipboard based on criteria of one column (if cell value is 0, copy to clipboard up to that 0) Basically small example below, i need to copy all range from A4 to C12, so 12 rows, because row 13...
  13. J

    Dynamically move linked pictures, to avoid overlaps / blank gaps between them

    Hey everyone, I was hoping someone could help with some ideas. I have an Excel report with multiple linked pictures, one after another in a vertical layout. Each of these linked pictures points to a named range, and each of these named ranges points to a specific pivot table. Some of these...
  14. S

    Pivot auto-update w/o "blank"

    I have a Timesheet data table of 100 rows in a worksheet linked to a pivot table on another sheet. When the user completes the timesheet and refreshes the pivot "blank" appears and so there are no totals. The amount of data entered will be different each week. How can I set the pivot to refresh...
  15. V

    Combining ISBLANK and NOT(ISBLANK() to calculate dates..(or other suggestions)

    Hello, For a document at work I need to calculate the total days that we have had someone stay at our property. Something that should look like below. Room Room (per person) Date in Planned Date Out Actual Date Out Total Nights 1511 1511 25/09/2020 9/10/2020 7 1511 25/09/2020...
  16. M

    Keep IF formula but be able to change quantity if value is true

    Hi, I have a cell that has an IF formula and a Form Control linked to it. If I click the up arrow, the cell input goes up one increment however the IF formula is removed. How do I keep the rule in place but be able to manually enter quantity if value is true? OR Can I get the Form Control to...
  17. J

    Formula help, counting unique occurences.

    I am looking for a formula that will count unique occurrences that start with W81UTH, ignoring duplicates and blank cells. Also looking for a formula that will count unique occurrences that does NOT start with W81UTH, ignoring duplicates and blank cells. I want to achieve the desired results...
  18. A

    Get the Dates

    Hi Experts! I need to get the deadline of the following client: Client Deadlines A B C D E The source data looks like this: Deadline 10th-15th 16th-20th 21st-25th Blank ClientA ClientB ClientC Blank ClientD blank ClientE What...
  19. B

    Combo box

    Hi I created a combo box in the form to select the record and export to excel (I created a button). Please advise how to make the combo box with one blank at the top of the list so that I select the blank, then all record can be exported to excel. Regards
  20. M

    Please help!! Need help with specialized formula.

    Hi everyone, Thank you in advance for your help! <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style> <colgroup><col style="width: 142px"><col width="142"><col width="142"></colgroup><tbody> A B 1 10/24/19 =A1+10 2 #b7e1cd[/URL] , align...

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