blp error application

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    Excel VBA based Error - "run-time error '-2147221231 (80040111)':

    Every time I try to run the Macro that i have inherited from previous employees here, i get this new run time error. run-time error '-2147221231 (80040111)': automation error ClassFactory Cannot supply requested class when i hit debug it takes me to the following line Dim objDataControl As...
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    "Application Defined or Object-defined Error"

    I am getting an error in the debugging for this code, and cannot for the life of my figure out why. The part that is giving an error is Range(Cells(2, DEAL_TYPE), Cells(NUM_POS, DEAL_TYPE)).Formula = "=BLP(RC""&"" MTGE"",""MTG_DEAL_TYP"")" This is supposed to put a formula into cells 9,2 to...

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