1. B

    Sumifs and array question

    <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L 1 Project Value x x x Title Hours Title Hours Title Hours 2 15 Bob 3 14 Justin Bob 4 15 Bob Justin 5 18 Justin </tbody> Can someone help? I know this should be fairly easy, but I am struggling with it. I am...
  2. J

    Find, remove matching text from string

    In column C, i have a Text string spanning several hundred rows. In columns ("H:M") are a list of names, that are repeated down. I'm in need of a VBA script that will search through the text string, for key words from ("H:M") and remove all except those matching words. As an example to go from...
  3. K

    imported comma seperated data

    I have a sheet that i want to import data to (sheet1 B2) this data is seperated by a comma i want to seperate and create it listed in a single column on (sheet 2 B2, B3, B4 etc) can someone please help with a formula thanks in advance
  4. H

    Index Match

    <tbody> 1 MIKE HAT JIM BAT JAMES BAT BOB HAT 2 BOB BAT JAMES HAT BILL HAT 3 JIM HAT 4 MIKE BAT JAMES HAT BOB BAT 5 BILL HAT MIKE HAT </tbody> above table Column A is day of month column followed by names than code to the right for each person. on another sheet I have the...
  5. T

    Exporting Excel Workbook to Multiple Text Files Based on Formula

    Hello! I would like to design a macro that will split and Excel workbook with 3 columns (Name, Account Number, Occurrence) into multiple text files. The first column (named Occurrence) contains a formula which assigns a number (an occurrence) to each row of data depending on how many times the...
  6. A

    Retrieve correct data in a table with formulas

    Hello everyone, Thanks again for your help so far. I have a new problem below : I have a big data table like this: <tbody> Name Status Shift Date Hour Min Sec Bob C/Out S2 23/08/2019 2 4 8 Bob C/In S1 23/08/2019 10 42 14 Bob C/Out SC 23/08/2019 23 59 26 Jim C/In S1 22/08/2019 9 9 23...
  7. S

    Yuck. Time in increments problem

    I have thousands or rows of data that include a start time and a duration. Something like this: A2 = Bob B2 = 8/15/2019 6:25:19 AM C2 = 12:38:13 AM (This appears on the screen as 0:38:13, the actual duration, and has a format of h:mm:ss) To that raw data, a formula in Column D takes the time...
  8. X

    Trying Again... Seeking assistance with criteria based sort and filter.

    I posted prior. However, I could not get the solution I was looking for. I have a spreadsheet w/ approximately 40K lines of data. The data is formatted into 3 columns – employee name; week ending; avg. hours worked. Is there a way for me to filter this data in such a way that it omits...
  9. X

    Seeking assistance with criteria based sort and filter.

    I have a spreadsheet w/ approximately 40K lines of data. The data is formatted into 3 columns – employee name; week ending; avg. hours worked. Is there a way for me to filter this data in such a way that it omits employees who do not have any hours or entries for the prior two weeks? In the...
  10. B

    If a name shows up in a range more than twice I need to display the name

    I have a lists of names in the range A8:F35. Each column A through F has a different set of names, but they may appear more than once. How do I display the names of those in the range more than 2 times in a different column? Ex. below: A.......B........C...................... D(Appears...
  11. K

    Filtering Summed Values

    <tbody> Date Name Amount June 1 Bob 5 June 1 Bob 6 June 1 Doug 5 June 2 Bob 5 June 2 Doug 7 June 2 Doug 4 June 3 Bob 5 June 3 Bob 3 June 3 Doug 8 June 3 Doug 4 </tbody> I'd like to pivot the above data with Names in the rows, Dates in the...
  12. leopardhawk

    Need help with IF statement

    Cell C1 has the name 'Bob' in it and cell D1 has the name 'Sue' in it (without quotes). The formula below is returning 'Bob combined net income (before retirement)' just as it should and if C1 is blank, it is returning 'Name & Spouse/Partner combined net income (before retirement)'. This is...
  13. P

    How many names have a duplicate in a date range

    Hi guys, Can someone please help with a formula? I have a list of names in column A, and some dates in column B. I need to work out how many names appear more than once between certain dates. E.g. I want to use the date range from 01 to 10 June. I have those dates in separate cells (e.g...
  14. T

    auto sort

    this will be a major help but i'm not sure if anybody can help me. I have a massive data sheet that i would like to sort out. I dump the raw data on sheet two and would like to type in the item i want to see the history on in sheet one. example below sheet two then sheet one. <tbody> ticket...
  15. K

    Hlookup, offset, sum

    Hello all! It's my first post, so please be nice :-) I'm trying to create a "dashboard" which looks up a value (hlookup) in the top row of the data set and returns back a sum of its "scores" from the column to the right. I tried and failed at nesting hlookup, sumproduct, and wrapping them in an...
  16. K

    simple comparing 2 columns of data

    hi guys Data as follows <tbody> a b c d e 1 john amy 2 bob bob 3 tim keith 4 amy emma 5 becky lisa 6 keith john 7 george lisa 8 dan dan 9 lisa tim 10 emma becky </tbody> What I need is a formula (preferably, I don't like macro's!) in e that...
  17. P

    Auto-Populate Columns Based on Cell-Lookup Result?

    STARTING POINT: <tbody> Name Beginning Change #1 Change #2 Change #3 Ending Bob Sarah </tbody> Data will be manually populated into the "Name" column above. After populating into the name column, my goal is to have the subsequent columns automatically populated based on whether...
  18. T

    Macro to fill in my caledar sheet with my dates adding extra rows when we get duplicates apointments

    Hi Everyone, I have 2 sheets 1 is "Data" 2 is "Cale" Data has a list of my appointments with my cliennts and their departments Cale is a calendar Showing dates in row10 one day at a time Starting 01/03/2019 in column S10 Column D holds the client names In "Data" I have A Client Name B...
  19. S

    sumproduct and rank

    Hi there looking to count all values that are of the same account as well as same names and then rank them by balance. I believe this is a two step process but I can not figure out how to get started. In column D I have the account numbers In column H I have names In column R I have balances...
  20. M

    Determining the first & last timestamp per day, per user

    Hi I have data that displays employees entering a security location (timestamp) and after the security process, exits the security location (timestamp) and enters the work area. Employees will then enter & exit the security area again after their shift ends. Employees can also move in and out of...

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