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    Bill Of Material Forecast Based on Timing of Material Change

    Hi All, I am looking for help regarding forecasting future material requirement from finished goods forecast. I have this set up currently in excel with a few index and sumproduct formulas. However the material code within the finished goods can change depending on promotion etc, at various...
  2. R

    Table formula query

    =IFERROR(IF(INDEX(AIMS[NDC BOM Status],MATCH([WMS Order ID],AIMS[[#All ],[BOM Order'#]],0))=0," ",INDEX(AIMS[NDC BOM Status],MATCH([WMS Order ID],AIMS[[#All ],[BOM Order'#]],0)))," ") What does the #All do?
  3. C

    Vba MsgBox - Question

    Hi guys I am using the below code to import a specific range of data from another spreadsheet into my current workbook I have open. The below code works perfectly. However, what I am trying to achieve is to amend the code so that my current Msg box presents the following: Instead of simply...
  4. P

    another bill of material question

    so i got some great help on a bill of material question a month ago. now that i have been running the new system, the bills of materials are not set up traditionally. Usually the whole bill is exploded with all levels. If i have a bunch of bills in a query that are not exploded in levels, how...
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    vba to add col C value if col A value contains

    Hi guys, i am trying to write a vba to add values of col c (Weight) if the value in column a starts with a "W" and numbers after the "X" is less than 30 then add them all up and put the sum in cell H2(under Light). I've been working on this for a few days and cant quite figure it out, the...
  6. D

    Paste Values Into Next Blank Row

    Hi, I have a workbook with multiple sheets where I'm trying to copy rows where the value in column C > 0. I then want to paste these rows into a another sheet, called BoM. I'm ignoring the BoM sheet, along with a sheet called summary, and another sheet called Packet Storage. I'm got my code...
  7. F

    Resource allocation MACRO

    Hi, I am looking for help on Resource allocation MACRO. Below is the detail and small MACRO someone helped me with. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Statement: 2 Sheets Sheet 'Data file' contains column EA as item # corresponding to Summary tab Col C item# Data file Column EG, EH, EI...
  8. C

    save excel file as copy to current folder VBA issue

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could help me please. I have a code below which saves the excel file as a copy to its current location and renames the file 'customer copy' This works fine the first time, but when a file with the same name exists in the current location and I chose the option 'No' or...
  9. J

    Indexing for BOM

    I am having trouble indexing a Bill of Materials (BOM) to eliminate redundancies. Within the BOM, multiple assemblies use the same parts or components. I am trying to create a new sheet to consolidate/organize a parts list without having to use the VLOOKUP function. I know this may be more...
  10. T

    VBA: For Each wb In Workbooks - doesn't work

    I have a problem with "For Each wb In Workbooks". I want to close all workbooks which haven't met certain condition. Dim wb As Workbook For Each wb In Workbooks wb.Activate If Left(wb.Sheets(1).name, 4) <> "BOM." Then wb.Close SaveChanges:=False ElseIf Left(wb.Sheets(1).name...
  11. E

    Compare Inventory and spit out data

    I have 2 workbooks that I will copy paste into a third (Macro-enabled) sheet for comparisons. Each contains the week/months inventory. Excel examples at the end There are 15 columns with column A being the key (computer name). I want to take February's inventory and compare it to January's...
  12. T

    Problem with macro for positions in SAP BOM

    Hello, I am looking for macro which is able to exchange levels I have in BOM (downloaded to excel). Do you know easy way how to do it? Oryginaly I have: <tbody> .1 ..2 ...3 ....4 ....4 .....5 ....4 ...3 ....4 ...3 ...3 ..2 ..2 .1 ..2 ...3 ..2 ...3 ..2...
  13. B

    VBA needed

    Please allow me to create a new thread, I think I overcomplicated the original. I have a spreadsheet with 4 sheets within it. 1-Coversheet,2-Original BoM,3-New BoM, 4-Dashboard The user will enter some information on the Coversheet, then copy and paste some table information into both the...
  14. C

    Bulk Discount Pricing

    Hi all, I’m currently working on a generic pricing template, where the End user is able to specify the unit cost of an item, the number of units that qualify for a bulk purchase discount and the discount rate at each of these bulk purchase intervals. Example This is an example of the table...
  15. L

    Grouping BOM Components by Unique Column

    I'm looking for a way to group BOM components for an electronics BOM. Currently my program outputs a CSV table like this for example: <tbody> Component Part Number C1 11111111 C2 11111111 R1 22222222 R2 22222222 R3 33333333 U1 44444444 U2 44444444 </tbody> I would like the...
  16. K

    Convert a flat bom to an indented bom

    I'm trying to create a multilevel bom from a flat bom. The flat bom would look similar to the attached with the output indented bom also on the attached. I want to find the assemblies in columns where each part are used and create a waterfalling bom.
  17. J

    Summarising Multiple BOM Tables into one - best solution?

    G'day folks, So I am looking for multiple/best solution(s) to summarise/consolidate multiple tables into one. These tables are Bill of Materials (BOM's), on each worksheet will be a table summarising the materials required for each product assembly. The tables are made up of Part Numbers...
  18. V

    VBA - Recursive Find

    Hi, I adapted that code from the Excel help example for the Find function and from a guy from a forum somewhere. I want to transform that kind of BOM to a multi level BOM. 'This is from a guy looking for the same thing on another forum. FG1|SA1|1 FG2|SA2|1 FG1|CO1|4 SA1|SA3|2 SA1|CO2|3...
  19. R

    SORT as per BOM structure

    Dear All, I have a huge data base is the format as per 1st table i.e. Current dat. I want it in the format as per table 2 i.e. Desired data. You may be having Idea about Bill of Material (BOM). I want to sort the data as per Desired sequence. Logics of BOM in desired sequence: 1. Level 1...
  20. R

    I Have a BOM

    Actually, I have a bunch of BOMs (Bills of Material) of very large, very complex machines that we make here at work. There are typically over 10,000 parts in each machine. The machine is broken down into assemblies and sub-assemblies by what we call Levels. There are typically 6 to 10 main...

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