1. P

    Look Up BOM Hierarchy using Level field

    Hi all, I am trying to come up with a method of looking up the BOM structure below, using the level column, to replicate the manual output i have created in the column 'IDEAL'. The logic here is 1) If 'ISCONF' = 'N' then it remains 'N' 2) If 'IsConf' is 'Y' then look up at its parent, which...
  2. M

    Bill Of Material Forecast Based on Timing of Material Change

    Hi All, I am looking for help regarding forecasting future material requirement from finished goods forecast. I have this set up currently in excel with a few index and sumproduct formulas. However the material code within the finished goods can change depending on promotion etc, at various...
  3. R

    Table formula query

    =IFERROR(IF(INDEX(AIMS[NDC BOM Status],MATCH([WMS Order ID],AIMS[[#All ],[BOM Order'#]],0))=0," ",INDEX(AIMS[NDC BOM Status],MATCH([WMS Order ID],AIMS[[#All ],[BOM Order'#]],0)))," ") What does the #All do?
  4. C

    Vba MsgBox - Question

    Hi guys I am using the below code to import a specific range of data from another spreadsheet into my current workbook I have open. The below code works perfectly. However, what I am trying to achieve is to amend the code so that my current Msg box presents the following: Instead of simply...
  5. P

    another bill of material question

    so i got some great help on a bill of material question a month ago. now that i have been running the new system, the bills of materials are not set up traditionally. Usually the whole bill is exploded with all levels. If i have a bunch of bills in a query that are not exploded in levels, how...
  6. C

    vba to add col C value if col A value contains

    Hi guys, i am trying to write a vba to add values of col c (Weight) if the value in column a starts with a "W" and numbers after the "X" is less than 30 then add them all up and put the sum in cell H2(under Light). I've been working on this for a few days and cant quite figure it out, the...
  7. D

    Paste Values Into Next Blank Row

    Hi, I have a workbook with multiple sheets where I'm trying to copy rows where the value in column C > 0. I then want to paste these rows into a another sheet, called BoM. I'm ignoring the BoM sheet, along with a sheet called summary, and another sheet called Packet Storage. I'm got my code...
  8. F

    Resource allocation MACRO

    Hi, I am looking for help on Resource allocation MACRO. Below is the detail and small MACRO someone helped me with. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Statement: 2 Sheets Sheet 'Data file' contains column EA as item # corresponding to Summary tab Col C item# Data file Column EG, EH, EI...
  9. C

    save excel file as copy to current folder VBA issue

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could help me please. I have a code below which saves the excel file as a copy to its current location and renames the file 'customer copy' This works fine the first time, but when a file with the same name exists in the current location and I chose the option 'No' or...
  10. J

    Indexing for BOM

    I am having trouble indexing a Bill of Materials (BOM) to eliminate redundancies. Within the BOM, multiple assemblies use the same parts or components. I am trying to create a new sheet to consolidate/organize a parts list without having to use the VLOOKUP function. I know this may be more...
  11. T

    VBA: For Each wb In Workbooks - doesn't work

    I have a problem with "For Each wb In Workbooks". I want to close all workbooks which haven't met certain condition. Dim wb As Workbook For Each wb In Workbooks wb.Activate If Left(wb.Sheets(1).name, 4) <> "BOM." Then wb.Close SaveChanges:=False ElseIf Left(wb.Sheets(1).name...
  12. E

    Compare Inventory and spit out data

    I have 2 workbooks that I will copy paste into a third (Macro-enabled) sheet for comparisons. Each contains the week/months inventory. Excel examples at the end There are 15 columns with column A being the key (computer name). I want to take February's inventory and compare it to January's...
  13. T

    Problem with macro for positions in SAP BOM

    Hello, I am looking for macro which is able to exchange levels I have in BOM (downloaded to excel). Do you know easy way how to do it? Oryginaly I have: <tbody> .1 ..2 ...3 ....4 ....4 .....5 ....4 ...3 ....4 ...3 ...3 ..2 ..2 .1 ..2 ...3 ..2 ...3 ..2...
  14. B

    VBA needed

    Please allow me to create a new thread, I think I overcomplicated the original. I have a spreadsheet with 4 sheets within it. 1-Coversheet,2-Original BoM,3-New BoM, 4-Dashboard The user will enter some information on the Coversheet, then copy and paste some table information into both the...
  15. C

    Bulk Discount Pricing

    Hi all, I’m currently working on a generic pricing template, where the End user is able to specify the unit cost of an item, the number of units that qualify for a bulk purchase discount and the discount rate at each of these bulk purchase intervals. Example This is an example of the table...
  16. L

    Grouping BOM Components by Unique Column

    I'm looking for a way to group BOM components for an electronics BOM. Currently my program outputs a CSV table like this for example: <tbody> Component Part Number C1 11111111 C2 11111111 R1 22222222 R2 22222222 R3 33333333 U1 44444444 U2 44444444 </tbody> I would like the...
  17. K

    Convert a flat bom to an indented bom

    I'm trying to create a multilevel bom from a flat bom. The flat bom would look similar to the attached with the output indented bom also on the attached. I want to find the assemblies in columns where each part are used and create a waterfalling bom.
  18. J

    Summarising Multiple BOM Tables into one - best solution?

    G'day folks, So I am looking for multiple/best solution(s) to summarise/consolidate multiple tables into one. These tables are Bill of Materials (BOM's), on each worksheet will be a table summarising the materials required for each product assembly. The tables are made up of Part Numbers...
  19. V

    VBA - Recursive Find

    Hi, I adapted that code from the Excel help example for the Find function and from a guy from a forum somewhere. I want to transform that kind of BOM to a multi level BOM. 'This is from a guy looking for the same thing on another forum. FG1|SA1|1 FG2|SA2|1 FG1|CO1|4 SA1|SA3|2 SA1|CO2|3...
  20. R

    SORT as per BOM structure

    Dear All, I have a huge data base is the format as per 1st table i.e. Current dat. I want it in the format as per table 2 i.e. Desired data. You may be having Idea about Bill of Material (BOM). I want to sort the data as per Desired sequence. Logics of BOM in desired sequence: 1. Level 1...

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