1. A

    Copy from Sheet1 to Sheet2

    Hello Excel Experts. The columns in Sheet1, B6: B14, F6: F14, J6: J14, B22: B30, etc are centre code and the corresponding columns C6: C14, G6: G14, H6: H14, C22: C30, etc are number of bundles I would like to copy and paste in Sheet2 from cell B4, Q4, AE4, AQ4 etc.respectively. If number of...
  2. M

    Reference Cell not Updating

    Hello, I am trying to setup a spread sheet where 1 cell (A1) equalsa cell in another spreadsheet. In theformula bar it looks like =[Book1]Sheet1!$B$1. This works perfectly well, however when the value in Book1 at B1 needsto be updated we copy the column, insert the copied column over top of...
  3. J

    Hosting a Macro in a single workbook and using it on other workbooks

    Hello, I have a general question on what the best approach is for accomplishing what I want to do. I have searched for awhile on Google and haven't found much. I currently have a fairly large macro that I have saved in a workbook (lets call it Book1). I want to put some code in this macro...
  4. M

    Extracting data from an other workbook using formula and a refering cell

    Hi all I've been looking on this forum, but can’t seem to find exactly what i'mlooking for... So, my question: Say you have a number of workbooks: Book1, Book2, Bookxx and Overview I need to extract data from Book1 and Book2 (and the others) into Overview. Now, I know a formula for Overview...
  5. M

    VBScript - Activating an Excel Window Already Opened?

    I am trying to write a VBScript (.vbs file) that will allow me to activate the current Excel window opened which is just the default "Book1" window after clicking "Blank Workbook" after opening Excel 2016 running on my Windows 10 PC, and activate that Window by bringing it on top (like as if I...
  6. A

    VLOOKUP against a date range and document name based on name and publication date of a book to return the version number of the book

    Hi all. I'm having a problem trying to code this correctly and i'm looking for some assistance. I'm looking for a user to input a book title along with a date, in order to automatically show the correct version they should be using. For example: <tbody> Search Criteria Book Date User Input...
  7. W

    Matching different Columns to get data.

    I need some help, i have been scouring for an answer on this one and i have hit a wall. Here is my question, buckle up and hopes i can explain it right. I have 2 work books. One contains job titles that come from a database in its own format - Call it book1. The second workbook has my master...
  8. D

    vba excel - closing ActiveWorkbook while ThisWorkbook is invisible

    I'm running Excel 2016. I have xlsm file that hides the application window when its userforms are running. If I attempt to close another Excel workbook (Book1) that has no macros, the Excel window for the xlsm appears visible and becomes the active workbook, and Book1 still remains open. I've...
  9. L

    Excel changes Sheet1! to Book1!

    Hi I am using vlookup() and the table where to look for is in another sheet. I highlighted all the table including labels and named it Mytable1, so my vlookup function looked like this: Vlookup(A2,Sheet2!Mytable1,2,false) But to my surprised excel changed Sheet2 to the name of the file, Book1...
  10. S

    Macro to Create a New Book and Rename

    I have a written macro that works but one little issue. It is setup to create a new excel worksheet (BOOK1) and then rename (BOOK1) to current date. Although, the user of the macro has decided that he/she wants to run it several times while its still open. In doing that the next time it tries to...
  11. Z

    When opening an excel sheet it also open Book1. I would like to stop this somehow

    Hi, I am working in 2016 excel. When I open the sheet up it also opens Book1. Would like to stop this. My personal book is in C:\Users\frank\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART Windows 10 I can do to stop this thanks
  12. V

    Workbook open not working

    The below code is not working..can any one guide..
  13. G

    Excel opens without a blank workbook (Book1) upon launch

    Hello, I have a small problem with Excel that I can't seem to figure out. I'm using Windows 7 and Office 365. I've searched online for answers and can't seem to come up with anything to solve this problem. Normally, when you launch Excel, you should see a blank workbook named Book1. When I...

    unwanted book1 file keeps opening

    hello, haven't posted in a while. In excel 2007, whenever I open a file; I get a book1.xlsx file opened up for no particular reason. This has become very annoying and I don't that I did this with any settings that I might have unknowingly changed. is there anyway to solve this? hope I was...

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