1. P

    Formula for adding weight based on a greater than scenario

    The printing company I work for is running into a lot of manual entry on excel to figure out shipping weights for freight and customer cost. A quick example would be: Book Quantity = 150 Book Weight (per unit) = .75lbs A carton for the books weighs 1lb each. A carton can fit a finite amount...
  2. H

    Excel online Training or Books

    I am looking for good Excel online training or Books on : 1) Budgets & forecasts 2) Financial Modelling It would be appreciated if someone could provide me with recommendations
  3. N

    Where should i start to learn Excel

    hey i want to learn excel in order to analyze data where should i start? post some vids or books recommendations a begginer
  4. D

    Excel Library

    So after several years of doing the impossible with Excel. I started a new job recently where my primary function will revolve around pulling in data (of all types) and turning it into something usable. So I've collected a small library of resource material. My question is what ( Books...
  5. M

    Books or information on Microsoft Excel

    Are there any books written, good websites, or authors on how to learn Excel by using sports analogies, or examples ? (NFL Football ) ? I have seen numerous threads, but never any in depth books. Thank you very much for any help received.
  6. M

    Filtering Data and Sum the Values in the Adjacent Column

    Hello Folks, i am preparing the sales report of books. I want to filter a book name in column C and want to add the number of books sold. the result should be in next sheet column C book name and column D total sold quantity. Please see the example below. <tbody> C D Book A 1 Book B 3...
  7. A

    Extracting description of books from goodreads

    Goodreads does not have an api for this :( . I need to extract description of books from for my big list of books. Any help please.
  8. S

    Macro to open workbooks then update, then close

    Hi. Hope someone can help me with the following small problem. We've got a workbook, links to three other workbooks, but the data wont refresh through the links. When we open the three workbooks manually, then hit refrest all, the data does update. My friend has had a good search for a...
  9. S

    Merge rows from two CSV files

    I'm trying to figure out a way to accomplish the following: I have a file ("books.csv") generated by an application (ComicRack) which lists books, one per line, unordered, approx. 4,000, as follows: Series;Title;Number;Volume;Year. A new version of this file is produced on an ad hoc basis (when...
  10. W

    Writing Excel VBA Code for MIN and SUMIF Fuctions used together

    Hullo, I am Wetaka of Uganda, East Africa. I Have started learning and using Excel VBA and I find your videos very Educative. In my Data entry sheet invetory management i have been using the following formula and I would like write Excel VBA Code How do we write the VBA code for the Formula...
  11. H

    Power Pivot & Power Query Books and Webinars

    It would be appreciated if someone can recommend some good books on Power Query, Power Pivot as well as good tutorials, webinars or online training. I would like to learn about these topics as these are new to me
  12. P


    I am creating a library database system which contains a table called "loan". The loan table contains the book id, borrower, and date/time. How would I create a query to show me the books that were loaned between yesterday's 5pm and today's 9am?
  13. M

    Looping and advancing

    Hi all, I know there has to be an easier more efficient way to do this... In column B I have random numbers, sorted into "books" of 10. I'm looking to sort each of the "books" ascending, but each book by itself. I recorded some code, but REALLY don't want to have to hardcode and edit each...
  14. B

    Helpfull Books on how to create Macros for excel

    I have looked every where for a helpful book to show me the correct way to create macros in excel but haven't found any yet. Can someone please let me know where to find these types of books or even an online class. thanks again for all your help.
  15. E

    Formula Question

    Hi, I need help with a formula please! I have an excel sheet with multiple tabs. So on sheet 1 I have all master data and on sheet 2, I break out a section of the data. In the example below, we are looking at the master data and on sheet two, I need to pull all books that have at least one...
  16. I

    Searching for VBA video course with examples to learn VBA in short time

    Dears Members, I am a VBA beginner. I will be thankful if any one can help me to find a video VBA course with practical examples in order to learn VBA in short time. As I have tried to read a VBA books with example but I found it difficult to learn from books. Appreciate receiving your...
  17. J

    Linking data from two work books

    Hello to all, I have a two work books that are link to one new work Sheet ... This new work book has the days of the week (mon to Fri) What I need to do is point the data to the different days on the new work sheet Can some one help thanks
  18. T

    is they a way to index match more than once?

    Hi Everyone, I'm try to make a list based on a name selected I'm getting stuck so please help if you can Column A has names in it Repeated lots of time with column be having interests, <tbody> A B C D E F G H I 1 nAME Interests Sub Chosen Name Unique List G is what i'm...
  19. S

    Formula For Populating Cell With Contents of Another Cell But Based on Result of Different Cell

    Hello All: Hoping you can help me with this problem: Date Vendor Purpose Amount Auto Books Dues Entertainment Ground Transportation Office I need to populate the fields after Amount with the contents of the Amount cell based on the Purpose field, for example 10/20 XYZ Books 50.00...
  20. N

    Intercompany reconciliation

    Below is an inter-company analysis I am working on. It shows that the books of Company A has a $10 receivable from Company B. However, on Company B books, there is a payable to Company A in the amount of $9. I need to include an analysis showing A receivable compared to B payable, and then...

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