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    VBA to select a range from active cell to a border

    Hi, I am looking for VBA code that can select a range from the currently active cell down to the next border. There are random blank cells in the column, which prevents me from being able to 'select all' to the next blank cell. There are multiple tables, which vary in size and are arranged...
  2. J

    Adding border around pie chart pieces using VBA

    I have written some code to create and format pie charts, but I can't find how to add a border around each piece of pie. Excel generates the pie chart with only a default interior colour, and no border to each piece. As one piece needs to be white a border is critical to see it against the white...
  3. J

    Make it 'Pop!', How to?

    Hi all! I am currently working on an Excel file that could be considered a work of art. I am sure we have all found ourselves in a position where you look at your work and say, "Hey!, who said these spreadsheets can't be fashionable!?" Having said that, I would like to create a visual effect...
  4. AT--o

    Borders.LineStyle = ?options?

    Hi Excel 2007 For Application.ThisCell.Borders.LineStyle = What are my = options?
  5. L

    VBA Code to clear cell borders

    I'm sure there's a quicker way and also not sure what is wrong with my code but I need the code to loop through a workbook, making changes only to the worksheets listed in the array. The change needed is to clear all borders in cells F62:F165 with the exception of the right border. My code...

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