1. A

    TImeline Template suddenly has errors but didn't the day before

    Perhaps you can help me solve this issue. I created a timeline using Excel template called "Timelines with milestones (yellow)" please view below Everything went smoothly, bounds were adjusted, data was entered and it worked intuitively. I even gave a presentation to my boss and showed him...
  2. D

    Axis Bounds

    Is there a way to automatically update axis bounds when new data is added to the chart? Thank you. David
  3. L

    Data Model Dates Do Not Allow PivotChart Axis Bounds and Units

    Hi, Apologies if this is the incorrect forum. I'm trying to add bounds and units to the category axis of a pivotchart populated with a series of dates. The Format Axis dialogue recognises that the Axis Type is a date but no Bounds or Units boxes are shown. This only seems to occur if the dates...
  4. A

    Charts and changing axis bounds on multiple tabs at once

    I am trying to change x axis bounds to 220 thru 260 across multiple tabs at once.
  5. F

    Labels not showing for out of bounds data in radar chart

    Hi all I work for a small call centre, and part of my role is to manage the score cards. I have modified them using radar graphs, to visually show how close to each target the agent is. I have set the bounds from 0% to 200%. However, if an agent manages to do more than double the target (it...
  6. K

    Access / Combo Box / Bound

    I am going nuts, I am building a table [Issues]. I have another table [Root Causes]. [Root Causes] has 4 fields, a [ID], [Level 1], [Level 2], [Level 3]. In my [Issue] table, I am wanting to create a field [Root Cause] field to be a drop down box to select from table [Root Causes]. In...
  7. L

    Label cell if between values for list ISSUE!

    Hello excel enthusiasts, I'm sure there is a way to do it, but I can't figure out the simplest way short of a really long really nested if function. I have a list (900 lines long) and then I have another list which corresponds to scores. Here is an example: 100 - A 90 - B 80 - C 70 - D 60...

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