1. G

    vba to shrink to fit text in a text box

    Hi I have a text box that is a fixed height and width, and has 2 lines of text. The text itself is from a cell and is variable, text lengths could be anything from 7 to 40 characters. I need the text to fit either on one line or 2, but for the text to fill the lines depending on how many...
  2. B

    Combo box

    Hi I created a combo box in the form to select the record and export to excel (I created a button). Please advise how to make the combo box with one blank at the top of the list so that I select the blank, then all record can be exported to excel. Regards
  3. A

    SMS with App

    Hello All I want to open an application with any code in attached and want to send these number one by one through that application! That application is bushbullet, which linked with my mobile msg box! for more understanding! When I hit button in sheet that call...
  4. S

    Pls help how to Add multiple rows with same value of combobox through userform

    I have created a userform Which have a combobox and a text box, save button. Now when i select a value say"ABCD" in combo box, i will mention say number as "5". Now when i click on save button, then 5 rows of value "ABCD" should be created in excel cells in the column i specify. And next time i...
  5. T

    List Box and Bookmarks

    Is it possible to create a list box that when an item is selected will take you to a place on that sheet and how? Thank you!
  6. O

    Using VBA in outlook form

    Hi all, I'm looking some help with referencing a combo box in a outlook form. I have a total of 4 pages/tabs, the first is where the user will select from a combo box and depending on which option is selected this will navigate the user to the correct page. I've never used vba in a outlook form...
  7. S

    Access Macro to Show All in Query in Form

    Currently, my form has a combo box, and it is only showing that in which is selected in the combo box. How can I have it show all items item an item is selected in the combo box? Macro? If so, how would I write that please?
  8. willow1985

    VBA code to select an item from an Active X combo box

    Hello, I am looking for the VBA code that would select from a combo box the item that says "ALL". It is cell reference A21 on a seperate sheet called "List" I hope someone can help me. Thank you Carla
  9. B

    Opening a Message based on file name

    Hi Gang, I have a excel sheet that opens with a message box. The sheet is a template and is used to create other sheets with different variables. My question is this how do I have this box open whilst the sheets name is "Auto Blank feed sheet" and not open when the sheet has a different name...
  10. R

    Concatenate column into textbox on input form - VBA

    hello All.... I have an excel input form where the user enters a WORKORDER NUMBER (WONUM) and Asset assigned. Most of the time there will be multiple assets per wonum, each of these assets are a separate entry. What I'm trying to accompish: I want a text box that will list these assets in a...
  11. D

    Drop down list that can be expanded with new entries

    I need a drop down list of organisations for a cell. I have set it to allow list in the data validation settings but I am not sure of the code to go in the source box. The list is currently on a sheet called CSCs and is a table called tblOrganisation. If you need the table limits, it goes from...
  12. S

    Setup a List Box to Work with a Subform in Access

    How would you setup a list box to filter in your subform using two different items in the list box?
  13. D

    Trying to put a counter into a form

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a form to pop up when I click on a specific cell which i'm able to count within. I can code for the form to pop up when i click on a certain cell but it is what to do within the form and coding that. I would like there to be a box with numbers in. Next to that i...
  14. G

    Code changing color of text stored in ActiveX Text Box

    Hi, I am having an ActiveX Text Box control in my worksheet which is linked to a cell data. I want to change the color of the font of the text box based on certain condition. What is the VBA Code for this task? I am trying with the following but not working...
  15. S

    Walkthrough on How to Create a Combo Box with a subform query

    Does anyone have a walkthrough on how to create a combo box with a subform query that is placed into a form please? Trying to get the combo box to search two different fields in the form but it isn't working for me and I guess I need to start from scratch on this one?
  16. T

    Linking a check box to a column in a table

    I have a check box on a worksheet that I would link to a field in a column. The issue that it is a table and I would like to be able to have the linked field always be the new line in the table. is this possible? Thank you.
  17. D

    Deselect value in inputbox

    Hi, Is there a way of deselecting the value that is in my input box when it opens? If so I'd like the prompt to be after the value. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dan
  18. gheyman

    Combo Box with only unique values

    I have a combo box on a form. It is based off a query SELECT [qry_vluVendorAddress].[VendorName], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[VendorID], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[CityName], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[MailState], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[CountryCode] FROM qry_vluVendorAddress ORDER BY [VendorName]...
  19. G

    VBA Help - Auto Hide Row

    Hello, I have looked around and could not find any VBA that would work for what I am trying to do, which seemed like it should be simpler than it is turning out to be. I want to automatically hide and unhide some rows based on the following: I have a summary sheet (in "Sheet 1") that summarizes...
  20. S

    Access Annoyance: ComboBox Ordeal

    Okay, I create a combo box in my form, to work with a query below. It is supposed to search for two columns in the query. It works at first. Then, I change the combo box to sort ascending and then it goes bonkers.. When I click on a name/area (my two fields) it will find the name but a...

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