1. E

    Reverse Ctrl + Open bracket?

    Hi all, Weird question, but i love the ctrl + open bracket trick to take you to where the formula is happening, but is there a way to get back to the original cell? It can get tedious to have to trudge through several sheets or rows, especially if you are working with large file. Thanks so much!
  2. B

    Calculating sales number brackets in a table

    Hello, I'm working on trying to auto-fill a sales table I have by inserting either formulas into certain cells or creating a VBA macro. I'm comfortable working with both so either method to solve this problem would be great. I've recreated the table below since I didn't see a way to attach my...
  3. S

    VLookup - retrieve number of bracket

    Hello, How should I act when I want to retrieve number of bracket where value I'm looking for is? Let me visualize my problem: <tbody> Bracket ID Value I'm looking for Bracket Number Bracket Content <formula> 101 A 99 88 100 98 103 <formula> 102 B 87 55 33 58 101 <formula> 103 C 102...
  4. U

    Simple VBA: Delete data in bracket

    VBA: In all excel book sheets, delete data in the bracket after the period character that appears without gaps. For example: ".(5,6)" will become "." For example: ".(4,3,7,10)" will become "."
  5. F

    Finding vlaues between time sets

    Hi there. I need tot get the value that is between a set of times. need to get the times that fall in the time bracket 8:15 to 9:20 from the (start time) Also it must only reflect the time (Break times) longer than 35min within the time parameters of 8:15 to 9:2 The second is the time bracket...
  6. A

    Extract text in square brackets

    Hi everyone i have data in column I with square brackets e.g. Cell I2 is [W12345678] Project Plan. I have to extract the data in the bracket to column H, then Cell H2 is W12345678, and I2 is Project Plan. the length of bracket text is various and there are various number of rows. Last row...
  7. K

    Calculating percentage amount of a gross

    I am trying to write an excel formula to find the percentage amount from a gross amount where they's a band of different percentages. Find examples below of what I'm looking for: Bracket Group Percentage Bracket 1 0 - 8,555.50 0% Bracket 2 8,555.51 - 10,000 15% Bracket 3 10,000 - 83,333 20%...
  8. S

    advanced find and replace [split one row into 2 rows]

    Hello, I currently use find and replace in my macro, but I am needing to replace one kit# with the two components. The second item would be 2x the qty of the original kit qty. Id need to replace "bracket-kit" with "bracket," and add a second line for "bolts." The bracket line can simply...
  9. S

    Trying to create an automated tournament bracket.

    I'm not new to excel but I've never used it to create a bracket before. I'm trying to create a double elimination bracket with placers to 8th place. I have been using data validation the past few years to give myself a drop down list but I would love it if when a winner is chosen then the...
  10. S

    What code could I use for this one?

    :confused: I'm new to excel coding. Have combined some codes for my Quotation file to work. Now, my boss thought of adding an option for when I click the BRACKET COST button, the item cost would change into the amount that i will link from a worksheet within this workbook. here's a part of what...
  11. H

    Macro to copy same cells form all files in a folder

    Need macro to copy these specific cells to new file. Every file in the folder has same sheets. Sheet name: "16 Man Bracket" Cells that need to be copied from "16 Man Bracket" are: AX20 thru AX25 Sheet name: "32 Man Bracket" Cells that need to be copied from "32 Man Bracket" are: BJ26 thru BJ31...
  12. N

    Extracting text from cell

    Hello guys, I have large xls file wherein one cell has 100+ words... Out of that specific cell (J1,J2,j3...) I want to extract content which is in "[ ]" square brackets. The problem is that there is sometimes one pair of brackets in the cells, but sometimes is also 3-4 pairs of brackets... I...
  13. S

    Delimiting by 2 different characters?

    Hi all, Im trying to format some data in excel that looks like this in A2: 05/06 00:00:00 AZT4512SD AA 000000 (ABC DEF) ZZ123456 1.1.1 0000 123 (ABC) A 1234 123456 from 1 cell into 1 for each "field" of data seperately (B2 = 05/06 C2 =00:00:00 etc) Now normally i would delimit by space -...
  14. M

    Using Proper case with Brackets/Parentheses

    Hi I'm using Change Event code to convert strings to Proper Case (using vbProperCase), which works fine changing "client name" to "Client Name". However, where there is a string such as "client name (location)", it just converts to "Client Name (location)" - i.e. it doesn't change the first...
  15. S

    Separating commas and parenthesis

    Hello, I'm trying to separate text that have commas in between. I've got a column that contains commas and a few cells in those columns have commas and bracket. The problem occurs when there are more than two values WITHIN in the bracket that are separated by commas. How can parse the text in...
  16. T

    column/s to the left of row header

    I'm looking at an old Excel 2003 file (emailed a year ago by a friend), which has 2 small columns to the left of the row headings (so they are not cell/data columns). In the first column (with the heading "1"), there's a bracket covering data rows, and in the second column (with the heading "2")...

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