1. L

    Formulas breaking when adding new rows to table?

    Can someone please help me understand why my formulas are breaking when I add a new row to this table? Thanks in advance, Lorne
  2. D

    Breaking a link

    I need helping breaking a link. I have a file that is supposedly linked to another employees personal file on their computer and when I go into Edit Links and click break link and I get the pop up to break the link but then nothing seems to happen and the link still appears to be there. Any...
  3. T

    Breaking down ranges into individual rows.

    This is a simpler version of something that is much bigger, how do I break down data in excel from this format to this format? ID TagID 400 1:5 483 E21.3:E21.5 ID TagID 400 1 400 2 400 3 400 4 400 5 483 E21.3 483 E21.4 483 E21.5
  4. B

    Date Comparisons With Time Limits

    Hey all, I did a search but the 'If' function is able to encompass so much I wasn't successful in finding what I'm looking to do - forgive me if I just missed it (or I'm not looking for the right function to efficiently show what I need - a real possibility!) I have a list of projects that I...
  5. L

    How to delete a macro after certains days

    Hi all, I have a macro whhich splits the master file into small files (named as breaking files).. how do i write a code to delete macro after 01/22/2019 within exiting code for breaking into small files? Thanks a lot for your help!
  6. S

    Data links

    Hi All, I have been having a strange issue with my excel workbooks, where they seem to somehow acquire links to other workbooks or data sources that were open in the same instance of excel, but which were never actually linked by me. I have tried breaking links, but I do not even see these...
  7. P

    Other people get #REF! error when I send them files with links - is there a way to prevent this without breaking links each time?

    Hi, This problem just started when I joined a new company so I am guessing there must be a setting that I can adjust. Other people get #REF ! errors when they open files that have links when I send them via email. Is there a way to fix this without breaking all the links each time I send...
  8. T

    Groups (of rows) breaking within Table Format when sorting

    I'm using excel to create a project tracking log for our team. We realized that there could be a project that produces or requires multiple sub-projects or sub-tasks. We figured we would use the group functionality to keep these together. The problem is that when you group, the "parent"...
  9. S

    break links selected cells VBA

    Hi there, in my workbook I have in sheet1 in selected cells links to a file called M11 PMO.xlsx. In sheet2 I also have selected cells (as in P6, P9, P12 and so on) with links to the same file. These are just links no formula in them. I could go to Data edit links, but that would valuerise...

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