broken links

  1. j3andc

    Linking to other files in Excel 365 ProPlus

    I am new to office 365 and have recently started having problems when I re-open a file that I have previously linked to. If I open the linked file while the file with the formulas is open, the link gets "broken" and has to be recreated. This is wasted time and I cant afford that. Is anyone...
  2. S

    Find Broken Links in Excel 2013

    Hi, I have about 650 Links on a spreadsheet in Excel 2013 and I cannot for the life of me, figure out how to use VBA (apologize upfront) to check the links to see which ones are broken aka "not found" and then fix them. Seeking assistance on this. Thank you in advance.
  3. L

    Series Issue Within Charts Once Links Are Broken

    I have posted this on the Home - Microsoft Community site but I thought I would post this other places just to see if anyone is familiar with this issue.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> I have a very peculiar issue with series in charts that have been converted to values once links are broken. I cannot...
  4. R

    Broken Link

    I have a spreadsheet that shows a link to another spreadsheet (error when I open it) in a directory where the file doesn't exist. I could normally solve this problem myself, but there are no named ranges references the linked file and I can't locate any formulas referencing it either. I have...
  5. L

    How to fix a broken link is post I replied to

    There are a couple of threads in which I posted a reply last year and for reference left links to a site. Now those links are dead as the navigation of that site has changed. I can't edit the replies as the board is not permitting me to edit past replies Is there someone here who can help me...
  6. M

    HELP! Cannot Play Podcasts on this site

    I am using a iMac G5 with Operating system OS Tiger 10.4.11 I cannot click on anything to play the podcasts on this site for example Am I missing a step? or two? or three? :confused:
  7. W

    inter-sheet linking with shifting cells for auto-updates

    Hi all, I have been trying to figure out how to do something specific which I've come very close to, but not yet achieved. For my data, I am trying to have one sheet link to the prior sheet and the most recent month's data, plus the 5 months before for that for comparative purposes. Thus...
  8. E

    Broken Link to User Defined Formula In Add-In

    Hi, I have a problem that I cannot find a way to get around as follows: I am using a link to a user defined formula from a 3rd pary add-in. I am using the file on two computers (home and office), one running on windows 7 and the other is XP. The file uses a full path formula, i.e. C:/Program...
  9. M

    Repairing broken links after moving files.

    Hello all. Just a general question, I am almost sure this is possible but can't remember. Is there a way for excel to automatically reassign links when a linked file (the file with the original data) is moved from one folder to another? I have several files that have a huge amount of links that...
  10. B

    Issue with re-establishing Link's

    Hello. I have a document in excel 2003 that is linked to aproximately 45 other individual files that represent store data. This links have worked previously, but now I am getting a message stating that one or more links could not be updated. I have done the following so far : 1. Deleted my new...
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