1. M

    Running VBA causes a working, successful function to throw a #VALUE error

    Hello all, I'm getting a #VALUE error when running a new macro. This error is killing my entire model. The function is successful outside of running the macro - so I am very confused why it breaks only when running the macro... could this be an iterating problem? Formula: =+IF(INDEX('Reversion...
  2. J

    Broken system.. Need help.

    need help for those who are willing to help me .. thanks in advance
  3. cnestg8r

    Broken link to MrExcel LX companion files

    Link from mobi version doesn't work.
  4. R

    Microsoft Excel365 ActiveX controls not working

    Hi All, I'm trying to replace some ugly grey buttons in a document with ActiveX buttons. If I add a button, put some code behind it, exit Design mode and click on the button, rather than executing code a smaller copy of the button appears above and to the left of the button. If I then save the...
  5. T

    Average Days Open Each month, PowerPivot

    I'm looking at calculating how many days a ticket has been open and the average days all the tickets have been open for that month and group. I have a date table that is not connected a ticket table <tbody> Ticket Group Created CloseDate Broken Screen West 8/24/2017 4/26/2018 Broken Mouse...
  6. shg

    Broken Post needs a title fix
  7. R

    Counting Formula

    I have a spreadsheet located on Google Drive. I need a formula in column "GT" that will count the number of days in each row that have either an "X" or "RDO". When that number hits 14 or more consecutively, the name in the "Name" column will turn red. It must also reset itself when the streak...
  8. C

    Need HELP with code auto move whole row to new worksheet based on data

    hi i could really use some help. i have two work sheets outstanding and and i want to be able to automatically hide an entire row based on the text "closed" from my outstanding worksheet and move it to completed. i know this cant be done with a function or formula and my knowledge of code is...
  9. A

    VBA that worked in Excel 2003 which doesn't in Excel 2016

    Hi all, I've been trying to fix this one myself with a little research and trial and error, but I've drawn a blank. I inherited some VBA that used to unprotect a worksheet, refresh some pivot tables, got to the pivot table in the current sheet, colour a range (to show that the worksheet was...
  10. K

    Broken VLookup

    I have a spreadsheet where the data is on 2 tabs and the vlookup has been broken. The person in this position before me didn't bother to fix it and now I'm having trouble doing so. Is anyone willing to help out? I think an INDEX MATCH is better in this case and I've been trying to do one but...
  11. A

    I Keep getting an error for a simple syntax

    I am using the following formula in a cell and when I input Y into C3 I am getting #Name ? instead of "this is broken" What am I doing wrong? =IF(C3=Y,"This is broken", "") If I change the formula to: =IF(C3=15,"This is broken", "") and put 15 in C3, the cell with the formula reads...
  12. T

    Need to know about locking excel file so that Password can't be broken by VBA

    I have very basic knowledge on Excel. I am using Excel 2010. I password lock excel sheet from Review=> Protect Sheet. But i find in Google that it can be broken easily by putting a code in Alt+F11 window. Is there any way to stop entering code in Alt+F11 window? Or any other way to stop...
  13. S

    Moving Column Data to another sheet using VBA

    Hello, I am moving data with VBA from 1 sheet to another and for the most part it works great. All the data is moved and is where i need it to be. The problem with one of the columns is that somehow the format is changed and the change causes my other reference to break. Below is the VBA i am...
  14. T

    SUMIFS function has suddenly stopped working in one cell

    Please help if you can... I setup a spreadsheet for reports last year that contains quite a few SUMIFS calculations. I have several tabs on the spreadsheet that each have these calculations and the majority all work fine. However, in every tab I have one of these SUMIFS calculations in cell...
  15. C

    Excel 2013 Workbooks Breaking

    I'd consider myself to have advanced visual basic knowledge and capabilities, however a project I've been working on for a month or so is in risk of being thrown away as my workbook is having issues every time I run a procedure that places formulas into cells. I run into a problem where if I...
  16. E

    How to detect dead hyperlinks

    Hello everybody, Does anybody know if there is an UDf or a VBA-code to check if all the hyperlinks (webadresses) are still active? I've seen some freeware, but at work we're not allowed to install anything, not even add-ins/ons.... so in cell A1 i have for example: Google and in cell b1 i...
  17. T

    Broken Hyperlinks between PC and Mac

    Hey y'all - I'm working on various reports, a part of which is a spreadsheet with hyperlinks to pdf docs. Here lately, on a report that comes from a user with a PC, none of the hyperlinks work on my Mac (running Excel for Mac 2011). I hand the disc to someone else in the office with a PC, and...
  18. T

    How to create a gap in a line chart for empty data when the data series is populated with an array?

    Hi, If this has been answered elsewhere please feel to provide link to the thread. I have been searching for a while but haven't been able to find an appropriate answer. Problem I'm trying to create a line chart using "Scatter with Straight Lines" that will create a gap in the line if Y...
  19. S

    Plotting charts; Object Variable or with Block not set... but it worked 2 min ago...

    Hi, I've written a vba code to graph a large number of graphs for me with two data series on each graph. To test my theory on it working I broke it down into parts and ran each seperately as I went so I wouldnt have to sift through the whole thing to find an issue when I was finally finished...
  20. M

    Undo Not Working

    Hi, In one of my workbooks the undo function has stopped working. Additionally I can not copy and then insert rows/columns. The workbook has no event macros, or any other code to speak of. These functions work correctly in other workbooks. Does any know of a possible cause/solution? I am...

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