1. A

    VBA Selenium - Copy part of element text and paste in another field

    Hi all , I am trying to copy part of an element text and paste it in another element ,in its search box. The element contains a a policy number that i need to check in another system and it looks like this 60.22.9591 / RANDOM VENDOR NAME I need to get the numbers before the "/" and remove the...
  2. E

    Extract table from HTML code (Chrome)

    Hi Excel gurus, is it possible to extract/copy a table within a html source code from within a chrome browser? I am trying to figure out a way of copying the contents of a table: <table class="data-table"> TABLE CONTENTS HERE </tbody></table> the idea is to fetch the data within this tag...
  3. Jaafar Tribak

    Getting the list of all Enums in TypeLibs via code (Like the Object Browser)

    Hi all, This is a similar concept to the topic of this thread. Only this time, instead of retrieving Properties and Methods of Objects, the code now retrieves the names and values of all the native ENUM constants contained in typelibs. No extrenal libraries required. the functions in the code...
  4. C

    Textbox to Textbox, Hyperlinks to desired browser, Reset CommandButton, Open another Sheet while UserForm is open

    Hello All, As the title says (i am not sure if this kind of title is allowed, kinda desperate for help), I have a few queries about my current worksheet. Below is my code for my checkboxes and comboboxes captions to appear on my TextBox3. Shoutout to @DanteAmor for these codes. What I want to...
  5. P

    Import data from excel and update in browser

    I have two columns in an excel file A - contains the web link B - contains the data to be updated in opened browser as per A. While opening in the web browser (1 as per image) there is drop down option comes at a particular section (2 as per image) > select an option > it will open up...
  6. D

    Excel (2007) Web Query data -- how to stop annoying script errors in the built-in browser?

    When I click the Data...From Web option in Excel 2007, it launches an internal "browser" that I'm supposed to use to navigate to the site that I want to grab data from. The problem is that this built-in browser uses as its default "home" page, and it generates several (sometimes 5+)...
  7. W

    How can I fetch a web site in VBA without using IE? I now use IE & MSXML... to do fetches.

    Chase Credit Card issued this announcement: Please update your browser.We'll stop supporting Internet Explorer® soon. Choosing another browser will also help protect your accounts and provide a better experience. Update your browser I would prefer to use Chrome ver. 77. Any advice?
  8. L with file browser

    Hi I want to improve the code below. I am thinking if it is possible to display file browser for the user to choose file from. Like when you click open in Excel, a file browser will be opened to help users to select a file. Can I do that here? Thank you very much Sub wbs_open() Dim xfile...
  9. K

    getElementbyID excell vba click on the link in a sidebar

    Hi folks. I am at a loss here and am not sure what i am doing wrong. i am trying to click on this link: "Document Browser " isn't it as simple as... (this is what i started with) Sub clickthebutton() Dim IE As New SHDocVw.InternetExplorer Dim HTMLDoc As MSHTML.HTMLDocument Dim HTMLInput...
  10. G

    How to show if open in browser or Excel application?

    I'm looking for a way to show if a file is open in a browser or if it is open in the excel application. Or alternatively, a way of ensuring the file opens in the application. My reasoning is that the file is a compiler and has macros which can only be run through the app and my colleagues...
  11. R

    VBA automate IE actions

    Hello, I found this VBA from automatetheweb and I found it very useful to my daily work. I want to automate the search we daily do with VAT numbers from the EU vies validation page. So the VBA is suppose to go to the website, then insert A2 in...
  12. L

    XlBorderWeight enumeration

    Hi I wanted to assign value to this line Workbooks(1).Worksheets(1).Cells(xrow, xcol).Borders.Weight = So I used Object Browser, and typed Borders then clicked on weight and I read the following: Property Weight As Variant Property Weight As Variant that is all! nothing else. I had...
  13. G

    VBA Help System

    Hi, I have clicked on the SaveAs method word in some code in the Visual Basic Editor and would like to see all of the associated File Format types. After pressing F1 I expected to get context sensitive help but instead a new web browser for Visual Studio 2012 opened which doesn't seem to be...
  14. C

    Error: "custom properties linked to cells" - Excel online

    Hi, I have uploaded a template to be used within the organization on an online sharepoint and get the following error when trying to open the file in the browser: We're sorry. We can't open the workbook in the browser because it uses these unsupported features: • Custom properties linked to...
  15. J

    Requested Help with changing default Web browser for Macro web site scraping

    I have done many google searches for trying to change macro web site scraping code from using Internet Explorer as the default web browser to an alternative web browser for scraping data. Unfortunately, all I have found is changing the web browser for hyperlinks in an excel cell. Is there a way...
  16. L

    Selection.Address in vba

    Hi Why Selection.Address is acceptable syntax. I checked using object browser, that Application.Selection is a property of type "Object". I tried to search for Object, could not find any entery in object browser. My question, What is Selection and how can I find what its functions and...
  17. C

    Question about the Excel object model

    Hi everyone I am trying to learn about the Excel object model and i am bit confused the following code line: Excel.Application.Selection.CurrentRegion.Select In the object browser i can see that application is an child class and a property of Excel. I can also see the selection is a property...
  18. I

    Apply formula to cell opens browser tree

    Hi, In cell K33 i have pasted the following code. =SUM('INCOME (1)'!G32 -'EXPENSES (1)'!K32)-MILEAGE!C32 When i then hit enter *** opposed to see the code apply itself & return a value the browser tree opens and advises me to update value income 1 Whats happening ? Thanks
  19. A

    Why does this Googlesheets workbook take so long to update? I've got a tonne of VLOOKUP references - and maybe the conditional formatting isn't as efficient as it could be (it was the only way I could figure it out). Everything does what it needs to do...
  20. S

    Compile Error: Can't find project or library

    Hi guys, I m new to VBA but have some basic of C programming n JavaScript. I encounter the above error. Below are the coding which I had written. Please assist. Thanks. Sub Address() Dim IE As InternetExplorer 'start a new browser instance Set IE = New InternetExplorer...

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