1. R

    Button to copy value from one cell to another

    Greetings, Hoping someone can help with a script to make a Button (form control) copy the value from cell D4 and write it into the cell which is referenced as an absolute in cell E4. I'm not sure if I'm using the right button btw. Any help appreciated :-)
  2. L

    How to combine values from 2 columns

    I everyone! i have a problem, I want to create a single column from the combination of 2 others from diferent tables... these columns have a null value or a numerical value, like this: COLUMN_TABLE1--COLUMN_TABLE2 ----- WANTED COLUMN_FROM_ANY_TABLE...
  3. B

    how to find every cell that has a dependent

    I love the "Trace Dependents" function in Excel but it has a significant limitation. I have to click on every single cell individually to see if it has a dependent. Is there a way to select an entire range of cells and see which of them has one? I don't even need to know what the dependents...
  4. C

    Power query keep formatting after refresh

    I'm using PQ to get data from an external source. I'd like to change formatting for those records that are retrieved, but the formatting seems to disappear if I refresh. What are the recommended methods to keep the formatting during a refresh. BTW, I do have the checkbox checked that says...
  5. B

    Compare Two Sheet for Changes and Highlighted them

    Hi, I have two sheets, one is old and 2nd is a new version after some changes. I want to compare both sheets and want to highlight changes also if i can get old value and new values as well. could anyone help me please here . i dont prefer any 3rd party paid tool BTW.

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