button event

  1. L

    Button to import data from another workbook

    Hello helpful people! I am trying to import specific cell data from Workbook1 to Workbook2. This needs to be an on-demand action so a button would be best to simplify matters. The button should be on Workbook2 as Workbook1 will change every time. I have never written code nor even looked at...
  2. S

    Trying to Get a button to auto populate cells in a budget calendar I created

    I'm still new to VBA, Took a long break and started studying C++, so now I'm all confused as to how to get this done in VBA. So here is an image of the file. I have my bills located on the same sheet Starting at B76:D100, B76,C76, and D76 are titles Date, Item, Amount The Date is a formula.. As...
  3. S

    Have MsgBox show other button than Yes No Cancel

    So currently my code has vbQuestion & vbYesNoCancel. I am trying to figure out if I can replace Yes No Cancel with my own options. Preferably (not necessarily) without editing code too much. If Dir(FPath & "\" & FName & FExt) <> "" Then wAns = MsgBox("The file already exists. Do You...
  4. M

    Detect Button Press Event on an Excel Sheet MultiPage Form (NOT a VBA UserForm MultiPage)

    I am struggling to figure out how to detect a button press event on a MultiPage form that resides directly on an Excel sheet. The form is not generated using VBA, it is built directly on the sheet using Developer > Insert > ActiveX Controls > More Controls > Microsoft Forms 2.0 MultiPage...
  5. M

    Macro - Adding Copied Data to BOTTOM of a Table

    Hey Friends, I have a table on 'Sheet1' in my workbook. On 'Sheet 2' I have some formulas happening to determine what needs to be added to the table on 'Sheet 1'. When it's determined what needs to be added to the table, I need that data to be appended to the BOTTOM of the table on 'Sheet1'...
  6. K

    Edit Macro to have button "Unglow" when another button is selected.

    I have the following Macro which adds a glow to a shape when clicked. Sub IsoscelesTriangle2_Click() ' ' IsoscelesTriangle2_Click Macro Dim Shp As Shape Set Shp = ActiveSheet.Shapes(Application.Caller) With Shp.Glow .Color = RGB(0, 255, 0) .Radius = IIf(.Radius...
  7. E

    How to Determine Range of A Generic Button Call, Then Delete The Row

    So I have a spreadsheet driven by some data-entry cells and macros, whereby information from the input forms is added to a table... As part of this process, I want to create a standard button (form control) that can later be clicked to delete the associated row (i.e. the table entry)... Here's...
  8. B

    Macros | Multiple data entry and transfer data from sheet to sheet | Mimic database action

    Hi everyone I'd like to ask if it is possible to mimic actions similar to a database but only within the same workbook. If it is possible, I'd like to get a structure code for macros so that I can follow and imitate =) Here's my specs: Here is Sheet 1 <tbody> Column A Column B Column C...
  9. B

    VBA Quick Entry Button-Assigned Macro

    Hi I am creating a spreadsheet that factory operators use to record engineering issues in our factory. There are some that occur on a regula basis and I would like to be able to assign these to individual buttons to save time. Currently the operators can choose the entry values from validation...
  10. K

    Code for a button to add sheet duplicated from existing sheet and auto-name from sequential list?

    Seems complex, but can a single button code; 1) add a new sheet (preferably at the front of the worksheet list), 2) the new sheet will be a duplicate of an existing sheet, 3) the new sheet will be auto-named based on the next sequential cell from a list on a master-data sheet in the same...
  11. M

    My code wont work from button

    i wasnt sure how to explain this the header I have a simple peice of code that clears a few cells. I went back and added another row and therefore updated the code. Now when click the button all my other cells clear as supposed to but my new one doesnt.. but if i run the moduile within the VBA...
  12. M

    Method/code to determine which button was clicked

    I have an Excel 2003 workbook that has many buttons on different worksheets within it and I was wondering if there is a way to tell which button was clicked?
  13. K

    Drill Down Pivot Table Data From Button

    I am looking to add a button to a worksheet which, on clicking, will display the data details from a referenced pivot table. I know that you can display this data when double clicking on the desired total in the pivot table itself, but I have to face reality and deal with many computer...
  14. N

    Can we know which button was pressed on the excel sheet when the buttons are created during run time???

    I have created a button name "Add Power Source" on excel sheet that adds a table and a button(named "Add Row") to the sheet.Whenever the user clicks the "add power source" button a table and a "Add new row " button is created .This "Add new row" button is used to add rows to the table. Now...

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