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    Using a button to copy and paste a cell range onto another sheet

    Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my question. I would like to have a 'Submit' button that when clicked will copy and paste the value of cells AJ8:AJ42 from a sheet titled 'Activity Sim Hours table' onto a different sheet titled 'Config hours'. I'm struggling with getting the cells...
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    Create code for button

    Hi there I need to create a button, called "Submeter", which will be in a sheet called "Comp.proc.norm.NLT 107 98 ". I need to come up with a code for that button that does the following things: *Creates a PDF of the worksheet and saves it in a selected location, for now it could be a folder...
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    How to use a drop down list to add values to a different sheet?

    I am trying to create a personal budget management spreadsheet. Ideally it would be like this: On the first worksheet I would make a table, on column A I would list the various expenses (for example rent, electricity, transport etc) and on line 1 the months of the year, leaving A1...
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    Posting rows to new sheet macro

    Hello, I was wondering if it were possible to create a macro that when a button is pushed, data is taken from one sheet and copied into another. I have 7 people in the office that all need to contribute data to an excel sheet. Generally I do this by asking each member to send me their...

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