1. M

    Macro to increment cells using buttons

    Hello everyone I'm trying to solve a basic problem using form controls (Buttons) and macros but don't have a very good idea about how to exactly go on about it. Could you please help me out? Problem Description: A B and C are 3 buttons which increment the value of A, B or C by 1...
  2. S

    Macro Assistance with a Drop Down Listy

    Hello - I would like to develop a "Jump to" macro button that jumps to the appropriate section of the worksheet to display the data. The corresponding data are listed in column A of the worksheet in different cells (ranging from cell A6 to cell A347). I have tried code from other forums but...
  3. K

    run time error'9':subscription out of range

    i wanted to disable radio buttons through vba code using this code: Worksheets("Sheet4").OptionButtons("Option Button 18").Enabled = False but when try to run it says "run time error'9' :subscription out of range". How can i make it work. those radio buttons are in normal worksheet not in...
  4. G

    Screen Refresh

    On one worksheet I have a group of buttons (not actually grouped, but just adjacent). When I click one of the buttons is unhides another worksheet and hides the first worksheet. The buttons show as an image on the second worksheet and the real buttons on the second worksheet are not visible...
  5. S

    A convenient way to batch rename ( not caption ) multiple command buttons on Userform ?

    Hi, I am creating an Userform with several command buttons on it. Is there a way to batch rename them as : cbButton1 cbButton2 cbButton3 cbButton4 cbButton5 … ? Note: I hope to give new names to them. not to change their captions. The way I am using now, is simply click on them 1-by-1, and...
  6. gheyman

    Using Toggle/Option Buttons

    I put two option buttons on a form and I am trying to figure out how to use them. Where is the Value stored when one of the Options are selected? I want to use these buttons in an If statement. Option246 Option248 I tired to test it: Private Sub Frame244_Click() If Option246.Value = "1" Then...
  7. K

    Buttons on works Books

    Good Afternoon, I am trying to make some changes to an old work book. It has some buttons that are slightly different to anything I have come across before. I am used to buttons that have a macro assigned to them, however these buttons are all triggered by cmd_Click events on the work sheets...
  8. TAPS_MikeDion

    Can you change a button group lock options to True/False with 1 command?

    Just wondering if I can shorten my code a tad by changing grouped buttons with 1 command instead of two. For example: If you have a group of two radio buttons (for this example I'll call the group "NewEmp") and you want to lock or unlock them, do you have to use two commands (i.e...
  9. C

    VBA saving tab in new workbook but button linked to old

    I have a report that allows users to make individual files for their reps. However there are a couple of macro assigned buttons on the tabs that are used to make new files. The code teavels with the transfer because I have it in the sheet area and not in a module. However the button...
  10. A

    Looking to make custom Ribbon buttons

    Any really for idiots guide to making custom Ribbon buttons? I'd like one that toggles between "Center Across Selection" on and off. Another that toggles through Plain, Underline, Single Accounting Underline to ideally replace the underline button. Is this possible? I downloaded the...
  11. I

    Custom MsgBox. Buttons

    Evening, I’m looking for a msgbox but with buttons as 1 & 2. Is there a way to do this without it being a userform. Thanks
  12. K

    How do I assign different subs to user buttons?

  13. W

    VBA Running Slow

    Hi All, **Newbie VBA/Macro user*** - I use forums and Youtube to learn how to code but in there somewhere are probably some bad habits. I have a form button on a project i'm working on which has now gone a bit slow to calculate. The button picks a random number between 1 and 10 in the...
  14. D

    Disappearing Buttons

    I have created some buttons via Form Control and assigned macros to them. I just noticed that many of them literally disappeared. I closed Excel and then reopened the file, and now the buttons show up. I am glad they are working again, but any idea why they would disappear to begin with?
  15. A

    excel buttons 1,2

    hi guys, i would like to make two buttons, one at B1 and the second at C1. if you press B1 button must show number 1 at A1 or if you press C1 button should show 2 at A1. The second issue is that i would like to have these buttons in columns because am interesting to have data in A1:A30. thanks...
  16. K

    Toggle Buttons to select multiple sheets for printing

    Hi All. I created a user form with multiple toggle buttons. Each buttons represents a sheet in the spread sheet. I would like to be able to only print the pages of the buttons that the user selected. At first I tried to use the respective click button subs to select the sheets. It only select...
  17. J

    Saving a copy of just one worksheet + remove buttons

    Hi, I have a workbook which I use savecopyas often and with a file size of around 6MB, it's using up space fast. Source workbook contains many sheets/macros/formulas And I only need to save 1 sheet (Main) to a new workbook and remove buttons + turn sheet to values if possible. Note the sheet...
  18. A

    eliminating command button from userform with empty relative cells

    Hi there! I have some problem and I will wonder if you help me on this. I have a calendar with 12 command buttons with name month_1, month_2 , ... ,month_12 and almost 365 command buttons with name day_1_1, day_1_2, ... ,day_12_29 and also 365 cells in a separate worksheet relative to this...
  19. F

    Step through a Macro

    I just bought the latest version of Excel and I use to be able to step through my macros with F8. It no longer works. Also My control buttons don't work. Has it changed?
  20. B

    VBA Open Website and Click Buttons

    Trying to open a website that has a table, navigate to the download button(s) and export the table to Excel, using Chrome. I can open the website, but that's as far as I could ever get.

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